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Kickstarter to fund the molds necessary to make a plastic miniatures starter set for Dream Pod 9's Heavy Gear Blitz - Tabletop Wargame.
1,015 backers pledged CA$ 150,406 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Dream Pod 9 6-time creator on

      Just a quick update comments post. We arrived back from Gen Con on Tuesday afternoon and have been busy answering the hundreds of emails we received while away. Gen Con was a lot of fun, and we made several announcements during the show, as Gen Con is the most important show of the year for gaming companies. We ran a lot of demo games and got a lot of new players into the game, plus about 30 backers were able to pickup their backers reward packages at the booth. Posts can be found on the Dream Pod 9 Facebook page about future Kickstarter projects and several with photos of the Dream Pod 9 booth, the quick start rulebook, pre-release two player starter box, army boxes, and our friendly staff. If you missed them, here is a link to go check them all out.

      Now its back to work preparing for the 6 skids of 1'x1'x1' boxes containing all plastic miniature sprues arrive at our offices next Monday or Tuesday. Then we'll go crazy packing and start shipping the backer reward packages starting with Wave 1 and the Heavy Gear Universe backers (except those going to the UK or Europe, which will go in Wave 4). The we'll do a big update when they arrived with photos of the tons of boxes and our packing setup at the office. Thank you all for your patience with our first Kickstarter, your backer packages will be shipping soon.

    2. Jordan Louis on

      Personally, as a backer for around $300 worth of product, I am quite fine with this.

      Comparisons with the magnificently disastrous Robotech campaign are flawed from the start, as DP9 has actually maintained open communications with all of us and provided honest, clear, and transparent updates at every step of the way. From what I have heard, and I have heard a lot, the Palladium folks have done no such thing.

      In my mind, and in the evidence before me, there is no reason to believe that they are selling some sprues at GenCon simply to mess with their backers or to shortchange us in any way, because of their openness up to this point. If they can pick up some of the sprues while they're in the area and make some money on them without having them all shipped to Canada first, then freaking great! I'm happy for them! I understand that they have to receive the sprues in Montreal to get started packaging and mailing the starter sets out to people. I also understand that this is an opportunity for them to get the word and product out to people who otherwise might not know about Heavy Gear Blitz.

      I'm sorry that I don't quite understand some of the emotionally-based points of view expressed in the comments here that discount the evidence at hand. I don't understand the dire and desperate need of some people to be unhappy, and I don't understand why some people feel the need to continually attempt to assassinate the character of a group of people who have consistently done the right thing time and time again throughout this Kickstarter.

      But you are entitled to your opinion and your emotion.

      I am, likewise, entitled to be very happy with how things are coming, and to express my approval of and agreement with the actions taken by Dream Pod 9 to date.

      Cheers all! Can't wait to get the goodness!

    3. Mark Johnson

      I'm one of the devil's advocates in this scenario. In an ideal world we would have backer rewards before others can see or get the product at GenCon.

      That said, we will be receiving a lot more than those at GenCon for significantly less, depending at least on our pledge level.

      I also agree with others that GenCon is an opportunity that can't be missed, and while yes it is disappointing that non-backers may get (some) products earlier, it also means that DP9 and HG can get a strong presence both at those attending the show, as well as media promotion. Going forward I don't think you would want to miss this. It is also an opportunity to expand the gamer base beyond the Kickstarter backers and existing product owners.

      Interestingly the CAV II Kickstarter is almost over, but somehow I feel a lot more enticed by HG than CAV although I've yet to play both, and have received the previous CAV KS minis.

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      deleted on

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    5. Rolando Mejia FBS4243 on

      @Khell, you understand they are unable to send the products to anyone outside Illinois before about a week after GenCon?

      Because the products are not yet complete.

      They don't have them in their offices yet... they will arrive at about a week after GenCon.

      They will have some packs at GenCon only... as many as the company making the miniatures send them before finishing the complete order.

      The company making the miniatures is sending a kind of forward order to help them show and sell something at GenCon besides the test models already painted.

    6. Robert Nash-Dawe on

      I'm not going to bother continuing with this discussion. You've obviously made up your mind and you desperately want to be upset. Have at it, hoss.

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      deleted on

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    8. Missing avatar

      John D Prins on

      It's worth pointing out that DP9 won't have the bulk of the miniatures until after GenCon is over. Wave One is probably in the region of 500-550 core sets. Not much of that could have shipped before GenCon anyways. If 10-20% of wave one gets shipped a week and a half before the rest of wave one, it's not really wave one.

    9. Robert Nash-Dawe on

      @Khell: Did you pledge money to your meal just hoping that it would get made? Was there a chance that when you put money towards that meal, you would see neither your food nor the money? That's an awful analogy.

    10. Missing avatar

      deleted on

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    11. Joshua Tumbry on

      @khell its not pre-order its a help put an item into production service. And the point of production is to sell. so it makes sense to sell during the largest con to the largest market there is.

    12. Missing avatar

      deleted on

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    13. Jon Jones on

      Good luck with GenCon!!

    14. William Janak on

      They think those can hold back the might of Grizzles? Fools! This is great to hear that we will soon be getting our mighty war machines soon.

    15. Pedwidge on

      I agree with DP9's decision to sell starter sets at GenCon. It would be a bad move to miss this marketing opportunity at the biggest gaming convention of the year. DP9 has been open and honest during this whole KS and it was great to see all the behind the scenes progress. Getting each starter at roughly $25 USD each, that's with shipping included, plus a rulebook is reward enough for me.

    16. Robert Nash-Dawe on

      Not a pre-order service. Get over it.

    17. Rolando Mejia FBS4243 on

      I'm happy with them selling the packages at GenCon, it means more people to play the game and more hipe. Aloso more cash for them to keep the line going. As a kickstarter backer I'm more invested in Dream Pod 9 now, I'm like a kind of investor, wanting them to make lots of cash and grow as a company. In that way the game will grow and have new material sooner.

      That is the reason I backed their kickstarter. Fir them to succeed, they did, with some delays, but a success non the less. Now I'm backing them (by not getting upset by not having my toy mechas sooner than a few guys and girls) so they make tons of cash and lots of people get some nasty little plastic mechas to play with along and grew the community.

      I do nothing with a lot of nice plastic minis if I can play it with no one...

      Also, to remind some of the folks about the delays, at least a few of the delays where due to increased pressure from us the fans to make better looking models. They had the good sense of showing the 3D renders before committing them for production and we made some good sensed and good natured arguments for them to make the models better... they did, that costed at least a few weeks of delay. And I'm happy it was delayed that way because now we will have very good models for the price.

      All in all, have fun guys at DP9 and best of luck at GenCon!

    18. Missing avatar

      deleted on

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    19. Bad_Syntax

      wow, deja vu.

    20. Missing avatar

      Anthony Gritti on

      Is it too late to request GenCon pickup?

    21. CharlesDM

      Congratulations on having product ready for GenCon, and have a great convention! I look forward to seeing Heavy Gear starter sets in stores. You've handled the curveballs thrown your way well, and I'll be in for another $1K on any future Heavy Gear Kickstarter.

    22. Brett on

      I'm cool with it if you disagree and want to cheer & bolster them in their attempts to achieve mediocrity. I was hoping to cheer them into the ranks of the excellent, and I'm currently disappointed in their inability to hit any of the targets laid out for this project.

      I've had $400 tied up for over a year now, would have like to see them hit any of their stated goals, this is just the last bit of fail. I'm not raving and angry, just disappointed and unwilling to give them more money until I think I can trust them to succeed at a reasonable rate.

    23. Missing avatar

      woodchuck on

      I hope you guys sell all of the stuff you bring to Gencon. **** I hope you have a huge backlog of orders too.

    24. Robert Nash-Dawe on

      Why is it so important to be first? Is that really why you backed this? DP9 has been totally up front with everything they've done. We've always been aware that delays can and will happen. We're also getting everything at a reduced price, and like other s have already said, to NOT have this stuff available in some quantity at Gencon would be ridiculous. And Brett, if you're not happy, feel free to send me whatever you pledged for. I'll even cover the shipping.

    25. Christopher Ings on

      Wow. Every time. It never ceases to amaze me how Kickstarter backers want to feel special. It's that important that they be the first kid on their block to get whatever cool thing it is they helped back? Put my vote in the column for I don't really care if you sell at Gen Con. Due to the funding I helped provide, these minis are now a thing. I can now get said thing. Obviously we all come here for different reasons, but 'being first' is of extremely dubious value and strikes me as being :hipster: 'I was supporting it _before_ it was cool' :/hipster:. ...Unless your goal was to collect and resell for profit, to take advantage of artificially created scarcity. In which case I simply grin, and indicate you will still have quite a window, the limited GenCon sales shouldn't eat into your profits too much, and you should have a few weeks at least between when your rewards arrive (mid August) and when these armies and items begin arriving through retail distribution networks. After dealing with at least ten miniatures related kickstarter projects (Yes, including RRT) The patterns have begun to establish themselves.

    26. Missing avatar

      anon on

      Two really big points:
      1. The people buying at Gen Con are paying more than the Kickstarter backers paid.
      2. Bringing some pre-release stock to Gen Con and selling it provides a lot better feedback on the proposed after Kickstarter pricing than going to Gen Con and telling people that it'll be shipping to backers the week after and saying "Did you want to place a pre-order?"

      So I don't begrudge Dp9 doing this, and I look forward to getting my boxes in the mail soon. :)

    27. Brett on

      I think I'll be sitting the next one out. This one has been a fairly large disappointment. I'll need to see that DP9 has actually learned some things and progressed before I'll invest in another of their projects.

      Having other people able to get their stuff before us is just the last little failure. So far this is very late, over budget, compromised quality, and missing contents. I guess managing to send us everything in one go to close it off could be considered a successful aspect.

      Overall not too happy with the results of my investment in this company.

    28. Alberto Camargo on

      Well, Robert, as I apparently am forbidded from posting negative stuff on your forum (I get warnings and deleted posts), I will say it here, and everywhere else: selling stuff at GenCon before even starting to send their stuff to backers is a dick move. It's the same that Palladium tried to pull with RRT, and is as much of a dick move here as it was there. You shouldn't want to do things like Palladium does, because they fail at life. But with this and you new forum policy, it looks like you're doubling down on it. So good luck with that.

    29. Bad_Syntax

      Wow, that almost looks like my whole order!

    30. Missing avatar

      zorper on

      Would have preferred to get my stuff first, but I understand reality. Been buying Heavy Gear for 20+ years, and a healthy Dream Pod 9 is more important than a few week's mini's. Maybe some of my friends will come back with a set or two and we'll have some more local players.

    31. Missing avatar

      John D Prins on

      Realistically, GenCon is too important to not have the plastics there for sale.

      Not saying I'm HAPPY about another week (or two) of waiting, or even that backers might get their rewards at GenCon (before Wave 1) - not to mention non KS backers getting their grubby mitts on stuff before me, but yeah, it would be a really bad business decision to not push/hype the product at GenCon, never mind 'covering costs'.

    32. Dream Pod 9 6-time creator on

      @ Kieran. Keep an eye on our Facebook page ( next week once Gen Con starts on August 4th, 2016 we'll be announcing the next project there. :-)

    33. Kieran Billings on

      Doesn't bother me getting it later than others. In a year's time I won't even remember that happened.
      I backed this to get stuff cheaper than others not earlier but can understand others not being too happy about it. Glad to see things getting close to shipping for you guys.
      So whats the next project :)

    34. Dream Pod 9 6-time creator on

      @ Jared. We are very sorry and apologize for the delay. We never knew it was going to take so long to get the plastic injection molds manufactured. The mold manufacturing company in China had all the 3D Model Solidwork parts sprue files at the end December 2015. But only started work on the molds in late February 2016 and then what we though would take a few weeks to get the plastic test pops and molds approved. Took months of back and forth with them fixing the mold and sending us new test pops to approve again. Then the extra unplanned for time that it took Models LLC to get the molds cleaned up and into production, busted our plans to have the Backer Reward Packages shipped before Gen Con. This Kickstarter has been a big learning experience for us. We are planning another one, but won't launch it until all the 3D Models are done and we have solid quotes from the mold manufacture on costs and expected production and delivery dates.

      The Core Starter Set is an amazing deal at $115 CAD ($85 USD) for the Four Armies, Full Color Rulebook, and Backer Patch, the retail price of just a single Army is $59.99 USD and the Rulebook $19.99 USD. But we understand thats not a good consolation, for not have your Backer Rewards in hand right now.

    35. ldjessee on

      I am looking forward to seeing what they look like at GenCon.
      I didn't back this Kickstarter to get mine first, just to get it and to make sure it happened. That without my support (and thousands like me), that person at GenCon would have never had the opportunity to buy injection molded Heavy Gear miniatures.
      That is enough for me.

    36. m. jared swenson on

      Yeah I'm going to have to be honest here. You guys have been pretty great with keeping us updated, and I really appreciate it, but the fact that some guy who wasn't even part of the kickstarter, supporting you from the beginning, is going to be getting some of these before I do. Frankly that sort of pisses me off. I unfortunately don't have an answer for you as to where you guys would get the money for a booth and travel, but to me I feel devalued as a kickstarter backer to be getting my stuff after some non-backers. I have seen other companies pull this off and I find them equally shoddy. I am still looking forward to receiving my backing in due time, but I will keep this in mind next time you guys decide to kickstart something. I may just wait for the convention to get it instead of backing it.