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Kickstarter to fund the molds necessary to make a plastic miniatures starter set for Dream Pod 9's Heavy Gear Blitz - Tabletop Wargame.
1,015 backers pledged CA$ 150,406 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Pedwidge on

      The models look great. It looks like you hit the right balance of detail and easy assembly with the mounts. I'm looking forward to seeing the CEF test sprues.

    2. Joe Wright on

      Man those fresh looking. Can't wait for the other gears to pop out!

    3. Bad_Syntax

      Great! Thanks DP9! I just wasn't sure by the looks of it.
      Can't wait to get my lot!

    4. Joseph Figueroa on

      ah this must be what gear plastic heaven looks like :) This is such an awesome update!

    5. wouter

      These Caprice mounts look great!
      I can only 'like' the direction this KS is taking.

    6. Missing avatar

      Derek Glassman on

      The army boxes seem like a great entry at 60$, I'm going to test the waters with my local warmachine group. Considering the price of a box of infantry for warmachine, or the battle box (MSRP at least, not the near universal 30% discount online), it shouldn't be a hard sell to get people on board to give it a try. Plus, I get to point out that it's real plastic, not that dogshit restic crap that Privateer Press has been using up until very, very recently.

    7. ldjessee on

      Super awesome!!

    8. ldjessee on

      Super awesome!!

    9. Dream Pod 9 6-time creator on

      @Khell. I think 6 would do, the Ammon for the main body, an Acco for the head, 2 Apheks (1 for each arm), 2 Meggidos (1 for each leg). :P

    10. Dream Pod 9 6-time creator on

      @Bad_Syntax. We are using the hard styrene plastic that most high grade model kits are made of, which you can glue together with model cement or super glue. This is what our players asked for and what we promised during the Kickerstarter.

    11. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    12. Mark Johnson

      I believe these are rigid plastic, which would be great.

      I just received my CAV stuff this week too. Seems a little more rigid than my previous Bones gear. To be honest I'm not sure what I'll do with my CAV gear yet. More interested in this KS.

    13. Bad_Syntax

      Is the plastic that cheap-o bendy stuff, or the stuff you get with plastic models?

      The cheap-o bendy stuff is crap (I just got a bunch of similar stuff for Reaper CAV) compared to the harder plastic (like that with Robotech RPG Tactics or any plastic model).

      Oh well tho, guess it was still cheap :)