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Kickstarter to fund the molds necessary to make a plastic miniatures starter set for Dream Pod 9's Heavy Gear Blitz - Tabletop Wargame.
1,015 backers pledged CA$ 150,406 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Robert Nash-Dawe on

      Dang, that HT is bigger than I thought. Looking forward to seeing more.

    2. David McLeod on

      @Everyone: Getting these images from China is really motivating my cleaning and preparation of the workshop in Montreal to receive them. When those boxes arrive I want to be ready to start packing them the same day, right after we take some pics with them of course.

    3. Larry Stanton on

      It's sharing of this type of information, providing the details of the processes, letting us get down in the weeds with you, that separate your Kickstarter from so many others (looking at you, Palladium).

      This is the kind of interaction that re-invigorates my interest and makes me a happy backer. Thanks, DP9!

    4. Alberto Camargo on

      Nice update. That kind of stuff is always interesting to see :)

    5. ldjessee on

      Very cool update! Thanks for sharing!

    6. Pedwidge on

      that is cool. thanks for the update

    7. SacredRoach

      @Alex, LOL, +1 for your comment.

      Also, this is exactly what I like seeing. The manufacturing process. I will also look forward to seeing the piles of plastic sprues, the boxes being made, and pallets of stuff waiting to be assembled.

    8. Alex Clarke on

      Liked - because your not Palladium Books and your update isnt 1290 words containing 0 information!