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Kickstarter to fund the molds necessary to make a plastic miniatures starter set for Dream Pod 9's Heavy Gear Blitz - Tabletop Wargame.
1,015 backers pledged CA$ 150,406 to help bring this project to life.

Post Kickstarter Update #42: Caprice Mounts Part Sprues Preview

Posted by Dream Pod 9 (Creator)

Today we have a preview of the Caprice Mounts parts sprues all shown to scale with a ruler in cm at the bottom. The image shows the Acco Mount parts sprue at the top, followed by the Mounts A parts sprue that includes the bodies and weapons for the Meggido, Aphek, Kadesh and Bashan Mounts. Under that is the Mounts B parts sprue that includes the legs, hip part, and jumpjets for the Meggido, Aphek, Kadesh, Bashan, and Ammon Mounts. At the bottom is the Ammon A parts sprue with the Ammon's body and weapons.

Caprice Mount Part Sprues with ruler in cm at bottom.
Caprice Mount Part Sprues with ruler in cm at bottom.

As we get the other model parts sprues finalized we'll show more update previews. Once all the parts sprues are completed and approved by the mold manufacturing company, we'll be able to know when the approximate date they will be completed and when we'll be able to start popping plastic. We hope that will be in late 1st quarter 2016 and we'll be able to start shipping Backer Reward Packages soon after that.

Thank you all for your patience and amazing support.

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    1. Peter on

      Really looking forward to finding this package in my mail...

    2. Missing avatar

      John D Prins on

      @Calibors, parts count/layout is part of design/decisions. As it turns out, it's a HUGE factor and good on DP9 for taking the time to make sure it's done right. If all the minis turned out like the original resin PRDF Coyotes (4 legs with 4 pieces each) this KS would be a nightmare. Plastics assembly shouldn't be the same level of effort as upper end resin kits.

    3. Dream Pod 9 6-time creator on

      @Morgan. Those 4 parts are the jump jets, seen for the back, that are used on the Meggido and Kadesh models.

    4. Morgan Vening

      On the Mounts B sprue (third one), anyone know what those bottom four bits are, two to either side of the hip mount? The legs on the top left are obvious. And the components on the top right and middle right seem to be covers for the legs for the heavy mount legs. Just can't figure out what those tapered duck head looking bits are for.

    5. Bill Briggs on

      Now . . . I just need to measure the light legs so I can 3d print more of them to use as the basis for heavy legs . . ..

    6. Bill Briggs on

      Exactly. Looks much, much simpler than anything RRT put out. A high part count on a large model with multi-pose, multi-choice capacity is understandable. A high part count on a small model with a static pose and no choices . . . less so.

    7. Morgan Vening

      Clarifying, "While it looks like the leg components won't allow for simplistic switching from light to heavy legs"

    8. Morgan Vening

      @Calibors, Agreed. While the Meggido (the most complex) looks to have a similar parts count to some RRT miniatures, most of those are fairly large pieces, a half inch or more to a side. And appear to be designed to minimize difficulty of assembly. As John Prins pointed out, the Acco appears to be 5+ Weaps. Aphek adding a waist mount, Bashan adding a scorpion weapon mount, and it only being the bigger three that have to deal with the more complicated leg mounts.

      While it looks like the leg components won't make for simplistic switching, it seems clear that making interchangeable Aphek/Bashans at the least, and maybe Kadesh/Meggidos and maybe K/M/Ammon's is going to be child's play. The latter two options will depend on the little wingbits.

    9. Calibors on

      Parts count wasn't a problem in RTT it was the design and decisions :) looking good and def going to be using these ikkle guys in a few games

    10. Missing avatar

      John D Prins on

      This really gives me added confidence about this project. Layout and parts counts are where RTT fell apart. The Acco appears to be 7 parts total (4 legs, torso, rocket, gun) and the channel attachment points look easy to clean/separate.

    11. Pedwidge on

      Very cool. Well thought out layout and the models look rather easy to build. I'm looking forward to seeing more previews, especially the CEF.

    12. Michael D'Auben on

      Woohoo! Caprice Mounts! The sprues are looking good. I'm really looking forward to putting some of these together.