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Kickstarter to fund the molds necessary to make a plastic miniatures starter set for Dream Pod 9's Heavy Gear Blitz - Tabletop Wargame.
1,015 backers pledged CA$ 150,406 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Joe Wright on

      Correction: Separate hands lol

    2. Joe Wright on

      Amen; desperate hands make me a sad panda...

    3. Dream Pod 9 6-time creator on

      @Philip and Marcus. For the hands as separate parts that's just not possible, right now a Hunter hand is just 2.9mm across, if we told everyone they had to glue all the hands on, most would not be happy with having to glue such small parts.

      As the model parts are going to be in styrene plastic it will be easy for you to cut off a hand or lower arm at an elbow and glue it in another position to make more custom arm poses. We want to have one part arms and legs for easy assembly, but it does limit the poses we can do without losing details on surfaces with draft needed for the parts not to get stuck in the mold. We are trying our best to reach a good compromise. For some of the more dramatic poses with the gun held in both hands across the torso, its just not possible the open hands will just be so thin they won't come out good in plastic. We'll do some of those special pose arms in pewter and make them available in the future on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store for those who want them.

    4. Missing avatar

      Phil D on

      Just spotted your response from 5 days ago - thats great news about the parts being seperate, the image in the update wasn't clear (perhaps a colour coded version that shows the seperate parts would be in order?) - ball /spherical sockets are the way to go where possible as they give huge pose-ability :) It amazes me that the likes of GW still do "flat to flat" arms on their plastic miniatures.

      Also - and this is a big ask - but can hands be kept seperate from arms (also using a shallow ball/socket if possible) - this would allow you to do all the cool "autocannon held in two hands" and "throwing a grenade" hands on the sprue with the same clean pose-ability, and the more options like this you can squeeze onto a sprue, the longer lived and more flexible the product becomes.

    5. Marcus Lee on

      I wish the bended arm and leg of Black Mamba to be more bended.

    6. Joe Wright on

      @dream pod: I have no doubt you will, I'm just all excited now :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Patrick Schultheis on

      Like the use of Solidworks. The collision detection for assemblies should keep from having hard objects mesh into each other like a soft(living) object would. That was one of my problems with Robotech was the minis were sculpted with hard parts like guns conveniently sculpted through other hard parts to get a pose.

    8. Dream Pod 9 6-time creator on

      We'll get more images up in the next update.

    9. Joe Wright on

      Only one request: MOAR pics!! :)

    10. Joshua Tumbry on

      i am not a fan of the mamba sculpt the joints seem cartoony

    11. Austin Wang on

      Thanks for the update! Next time, can you show the more dynamic poses possible rather than scare us with very stiff and bland poses. Does this moulding technology prevent any pose with the gun held with both hands across the chest?

    12. Dream Pod 9 6-time creator on

      @ Alberto. The MHT-95 plastic parts sprues should turnout nice, each part shown is just a single part and we are getting them produced in the United States with a company that pays attention to these details. They are not being made in China where you have less quality control, due to the distance and language.

    13. Alberto Camargo on

      Mamba Looks waaaay too thin and spindly right now, particularly on the legs. It might be a posing problem, though, and not a problem of the actual model.
      The hovertank, though... I'm assuming the shown render's green and color sections show were it is supposed to be cut to fit on the sprue. If that's so... the body and the turret won't be a problem, but the three guns are bisected right down the middle, lenghtwise. I can tell you how well that worked with the RRT minis. That is, not well at all. A giant seam right down the whole gun (and down the middle of the mouth) is... let's just say less than ideal.

    14. Dream Pod 9 6-time creator on

      @ Mark. Not sure what you mean, the post gets wider as it goes into the underside of the hull. The peg at the bottom is the right size to fit into one of the existing black plastic flight bases that we use for some of our other miniatures.

    15. Mark A. Siefert

      So, is the "flight' stem on the hovertank integral?

    16. Joe Wright on

      Thanks for the swift response! That makes me feel a lot better!

    17. Dream Pod 9 6-time creator on

      The Black Mamba shown has 10 separate parts (head, torso, engine, left arm, right arm, hips, left leg , right leg, medium autocannon, and light rocket pack).The head has a ball socket under to connect to the round peg on the torso. The arms also have ball sockets to connect to round pegs on the torso. The underside of the torso has a ball and peg part to connect to the hips, if you cut off the peg it turns the connection in to a ball and socket.

      @ John. The position of the torso is good, the old metal torso was a bit wider in the front and had a part that hung down lower under the front, but we had to level off that underside detail so that the part would not get stuck in the front pull of the mold. Its all a compromise of trying to keep the original look as much as possible and what works in the mold.

    18. Scarlet

      In addition to the comments on the Mamba (which I agree with), I think the railgun on the MHT needs to be slightly lower relative to the turret. Like the breach of the gun seems to be way up on the roof of the turret.

    19. Joe Wright on

      Not excited about the mamba; it seems to lack the 'bulk' on the model compared to the renders shown initially. Also, not a fan of the head not being separate, I think having the ability to turn the head adds a lot to a models pose.

    20. Missing avatar

      Phil D on

      Is the Mamba's head a separate piece? It looks moulded on facing straight forward on the render - pose-able heads allow for a huge range of dynamic poses, so I really hope that its going to be a separate piece.

    21. Missing avatar

      John D Prins on

      The Black Mamba's torso looks like it needs to move forward on the waist. In the above it looks like the torso is recessed compared to the waist armor. Also, the Mamba's head detail was problematic in metal, so it's not surprising it needs changes in plastic. I think you guys would be forgiven making the sensor bit a separate piece so you can get more detail in there. Still, the amount of detail retained in the renders is good! If there's a bit much ballistic cloth, that's what files are for, plastic's easy to remove.

    22. William Stilwell on

      Those look good, can't wait to see the sprue layout.