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Kickstarter to fund the molds necessary to make a plastic miniatures starter set for Dream Pod 9's Heavy Gear Blitz - Tabletop Wargame.
1,015 backers pledged CA$ 150,406 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Brandon Keith Fero on

      After their failed invasion of Terra Nova, what the 'Novans referred to as 'the War of the Alliance', the Earth's Eighth Fleet returned crippled and battered to their bases on the hub world of Caprice. Generals and dignitaries alike all agreed that the ferocity of the 'Novan defenses was coupled with the ingenious use of the cheap but reliable Heavy Gears. Scientists, technicians and engineers immediately began taking apart and re-engineering parts of Gears that had been taken during the war, and they were finally able to employ a humanoid armored combat vehicle that was dubbed 'the Frame'.

      The original F6-16 Frame was the prototype on which all other Frames would follow, and it is almost always assigned to a human pilot, although recent indoctrination of sub-specialized GREL pilots have begun to fill the ranks with this frighteningly fast war machine. The Frame itself is also employed by front-line commanders for command-and-control, and as an electronic warfare platform.

    2. David McLeod on

      The only Frame known to be piloted by human officers in the CEF.