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From Damon Runyon to Snooki, from diphthong to thong, it's been quite a journey for the NY accent. Take the ride with "If These Knishes Could Talk."


Whatta week! A segment on NY1 followed by NPR's Brian Lehrer Show and then NBC News 4 New York! Knishes and I were also featured in the July 18th edition of the New York Daily News and the July 20th WPIX News; the film was also recently featured in a News 12 Brooklyn segment, in an article in the Jewish Daily Forward, and in Amit magazine.


Good news!!! Thanks to many generous folks, I have reached my fundraising goal—however, Kickstarter still accepts pledges until the August 31st deadline. Your donation will go toward funding an editor, a shooter and a researcher, all of whom I've worked with in intervals but haven't been able to afford to pay with consistency. Thanks again!


I'm glad you asked! My film is all about the New York accent—what it is, how it's evolved and if it's disappearing as the city changes. I've been lucky enough to film low-level mobsters and highfaluttin' writers, actors and directors, including Pete Hamill, Amy Heckerling and James McBride. My goal is to find the accent where it lives and celebrate it through the characters who give it its voice.


They say you never forget your first, and for me that means my first knish. It was at the Staten Island Zoo when I was about five. My father bought it for me, and it was love at first bite. But it was also symbolic: a New York/Jewish food introduced to me by my Irish father in an Italian borough. That's about as New York as it gets, at least for this foodie. Plus, Knishes is a great word, it makes you smile.


If Leo Gorcey were still alive, he might say something like, "Help Tootsie with this here flick by shelling out a few simoleons and some good wishes, would'ja?" Loosely translated, it means help me reach my fundraising goal and tell the story of the New York accent by donating as little as $5 or as much as you'd like—and I've added some incentives to sweeten the pot!

The money will go a long way toward helping me complete the film—I'll be able to buy a Panasonic HVX200 camera that I've had my eye on so I'll have the ability to shoot at will, and most importantly, I'll be able to pay my crack crew of shooters and editors. They love the project, but they want to get paid in cash rather than tuna sandwiches. Can you blame them?

Thanks so much for reading my spiel, and if you can throw in a few dollars it would do my heart good. Or as Leo would say, "I depreciate it!"

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