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An Indie strategy/rogue-like about life, legacy & love from the creator of Highgrounds. Lovingly dubbed "The 5-Minute Civilization."
An Indie strategy/rogue-like about life, legacy & love from the creator of Highgrounds. Lovingly dubbed "The 5-Minute Civilization."
2,355 backers pledged $46,190 to help bring this project to life.

Hero Generations is Live on iOS! Steam Coupons are live! And other launch details.

Posted by Scott Brodie (Creator)

Hero Generations on iOS is now Live on the App Store! It's been a lot of work to get here, but we're excited to finally be able to play Hero Generations on iPad & iPhone. If you grab it, it would be a big help to get some positive ratings on our store page.


Hero Generations: ReGen is out on Steam tomorrow (August 19th)!

The PC/Mac/Linux version of the new game, Hero Generations: ReGen drops tomorrow, August 19th. Here is all the info you need to know:

  • Thank You Coupon: You're 67% off coupon should now be dropping into your Steam inventory if you had the original Hero Generations in your account. The game will retail for $14.99 like HG1, so the cost with the coupon for the new game would be $4.94. You can go login now to be sure you get your discount come launch tomorrow. An Important note: Valve's coupon system has an error that is causing the expiration date on the coupon to read as the release day. This is not the case, and the expiration is actually 1-year from when the coupon lands in your inventory. Valve will definitely do right by everyone, so in the unlikely event there is an issue, they are ready with a quick fix. Here is a thread to bookmark with more info on the expiration date bug:
  • Linux Backers: we have a short list of the original KS backers who said they only had a Linux system. Since we were unable to deliver Linux for HG1, we'll be sending out free steam codes for the Linux version. If you feel you fit this profile and don't receive a Linux code, please message me ASAP.
  • Supporting 10 Languages: All of you that helped us translate the game were amazing! We ended up with full translations for Spanish, German, Russian, French, Chinese, Portuguese (Brazilian and EU), Dutch, and Hungarian!

ReGen Videos: Walkthrough, Launch Trailer, and More!

To help communicate everything that is new and improved in Hero Generations: ReGen, I recorded a developer walkthrough of the final build. I talk about the big design changes, and play through 4 generations

Kate made an awesome new trailer for Launch:

 And finally, popular YouTuber WeaselZone released the first of his ReGen Let's Play Videos today: 

 It's happening! Thanks everyone, and help us spread the word!

Heart Shaped Games Team

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    1. Scott Brodie Creator on

      @Dustin yes we had to move fast with Valve to get coupons out that would stack with the Launch discount, but they stack in-series instead of upfront. If the price differences is a problem a new set of coupons should start dropping after our Launch discount ends that will be a 67% coupon that does not stack with future sales.

      Sorry about the confusion, I obviously wish this all could have gone more smoothly.


    2. Dustin Pate on

      @Scott - Just got my coupon for 57% today and it does not stack with the 10% launch discount. Total is coming out to $5.80. Don't want to be the ass that complains about $0.86, but that's 20% of a coffee! ;)

    3. Roger Yates

      Please disregard my previous comment. I had been accessing Steam from my Android phone most of the day, where the coupon never arrived, and when I got home didn't find it on my desktop client, either. However, I followed the link to the thread in the Steam Community and saw that exiting and reloading the client might help. Obviously, it did, and I was able to purchase the game successfully.

      Thanks for your posts pointing me in the right direction!

    4. Scott Brodie Creator on

      Hi Roger - did you redeem your Steam key for the first game? The coupons were sent based upon who owned the game in their Steam library. If you did, try restarting Steam and seeing if it drops. Otherwise, message me through the KS system and I'll see what I can do about generating a 1-off coupon for you.


    5. Roger Yates

      I've not yet received a coupon at all--not even the original, faux-expired one (that I could tell, I checked multiple times today). Keen on picking up the new version of the game and wondering if I'm the only unlucky one so far.

      Thanks for your help.

    6. Scott Brodie Creator on

      Coupons should work now - a new coupon has been re-issued, and will stack with the 10% off launch discount. The game is now live and available here, spread the word!

    7. Scott Brodie Creator on

      Sorry, this is the thread about the wrong coupon expiration date I mention in my last comment: Valve will make everything good, so be patient if you see an issue after 11am PST.

    8. Scott Brodie Creator on

      Hi Andrew - You'll be able to use your coupon! See this thread, there is a display bug on the expiration date. And if that isn't the case and you don't see a discount at checkout for some reason, wait, and Valve will be applying a fix quickly (they are tracking with me). Thread with more info, which i'll keep updated:

    9. Andrew on

      My Steam coupon claims (Valid until 8/19/2016, 11:00:00 AM), but that is when the game comes out, so it sounds like the coupon expires before I get a chance to use it...

    10. AngoraFish on

      Well done, look forward to giving the updated version a spin when it goes live!

    11. Scott Brodie Creator on

      Exciting new - We're featured in New Games We Love on both the Role Playing (#3) and Strategy (#4) game pages!

    12. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      So, no recanting on the decision to make us pay for patches and updates despite so many other projects and devs granting similar things for free; and the ones that didn't being remembered only for their very questionable and consumer unfriendly greed?
      Well ok, it's your PR move and self inflicted goot shooting.

    13. Scott Brodie Creator on

      @AlexVSharp no, the Linux codes will go out tomorrow soon after the game is officially on Steam (around 10-11am PST)

    14. Scott Brodie Creator on

      @David Thanks for the bug report. We are aware some lower end devices have trouble running the game. We may end up preventing some devices from playing, and iPad2 is on that bubble. We're going to do a pass and investigate if there are fixes we can do first. If you don't have a newer device to use the game on, and don't want to wait, I'd be happy to try and investigate getting you a refund.

    15. AlexVSharp on

      That's cool. Have the Linux codes already been sent out?

    16. Missing avatar

      David White

      The app crashes on my ipad 2 when I try to start a game.

    17. Scott Brodie Creator on

      @link You are correct and the localizer keys should be coming your way soon!

    18. link270 on

      For those of us that helped with the translations, will there still be free versions of the app sent out to us? Or did I misunderstand or miss something? :) thanks!

    19. Scott Brodie Creator on

      Oh, and Android is coming soon - we just had to stagger the releases a bit to make our launch a little less insane to manage. I'll have details on that version soon.