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An Indie strategy/rogue-like about life, legacy & love from the creator of Highgrounds. Lovingly dubbed "The 5-Minute Civilization."
An Indie strategy/rogue-like about life, legacy & love from the creator of Highgrounds. Lovingly dubbed "The 5-Minute Civilization."
2,355 backers pledged $46,190 to help bring this project to life.

67% Discount on ReGen, Translation Kickoff, and More!

Posted by Scott Brodie (Creator)

Here are some important details on your 67% discount for HG: ReGen, and how you can help us bring our game to other languages.

67% Off Hero Generations: ReGen For All Backers

Thanks to some help from our contacts at Steam, I’m excited to finally be able to share that everyone who owns Hero Generations 1 will receive a 67% off coupon for Hero Generations:ReGen when it launches in the 2nd week of August! Details below.

Details: If you have Hero Generations in your Steam library (via a purchase or key code), Steam will automatically award a 67% off coupon for Hero Generations: ReGen to your account, on or before it’s launch day. When you add ReGen to your cart through steam, the coupon will automatically be applied at checkout.

Important: In order for Valve to know which accounts to award coupons to, you will need to have redeemed your Steam keys we handed out. If you haven’t already done so, and want to receive the ReGen discount, be sure to visit your account soon, grab your key, and redeem it on Steam. Coupons cannot be awarded for purchases of HG1 after ReGen launches. This discount is redeemable on Steam only, and not on mobile platforms.

Thank you to everyone who gave us feedback on how other games have handled these type of “loyalty” rewards. If we haven’t said it enough, we are extremely grateful for your support over the last few years, and we’re excited to make it easier for you to play our next game!

Call for Fan Translators for Hero Generations: ReGen

Do you know another language, and want to help non-english readers play HG: ReGen? We’re looking for fans to help us translate the text in Hero Generations: ReGen to a variety of languages. Any and all levels of contribution are welcomed - from translating all text, to simply helping edit and proofread other’s translations when you have time. We have a google spreadsheet setup where you view and comment on the translations in progress:

View the Localization Google Sheet:

To Edit: Contact Kate who is coordinating at with your name and the language(s) you want to help with and she will give you access to edit the sheet above, along with further directions.

Rewards: For your time, we’ll give Translators that contribute meaningful changes the following rewards: 

  • Free iOS or Android version of Hero Generations: ReGen 
  • Free Steam copy of Hero Generations: ReGen 
  • Free Steam copy of HG1: Collector’s Edition (includes Soundtrack and Art Book PDF) 
  • Credit in the game as a translator

Thanks in advance your help!

Scott Brodie Heart Shaped Games


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    1. Scott Brodie Creator on

      Hi Gavran! ReGen is DRM Free, just like Hero Generations (no added locking mechanisms on the game files, and the build will run if not connected to Steam). We use Steam for distribution because it has an easy update solution, among other benefits as as dev.

      Unfortunately, I won't have an immediate solution for you if you don't want to install Steam to get access to the game. We've opted, at least at launch, to not use the Humble Widget for game sales -- we're shipping on so many platforms already that we have to reduce the set of things we support to be able to ship on time.

      Regarding Linux backers, we have a small list of folks who messaged us saying they did not have another machine to play HG1 on beyond Linux. For that group, we plan to give a free Linux copy of the game (via Steam). Gavran (and anyone else that fits this description), please send me a direct message through the Kickstarter system as a reminder and I'll add you to that list.

    2. Missing avatar


      Oh, and preferably with the same courtesy discount as Steam backers, please...
      Thank you for your attention, and possibly someday for a playable game.

    3. Missing avatar


      A question from a Linux backer who does not do Steam: I backed a Linux DRM-free game, and we all know how the first part turned out.
      Is there any plan to correct that on the second try, without reneging on the other promise?
      Best regards.

    4. Scott Brodie Creator on

      @rachaar I'm happy to hear the notes were helpful! Like I said there, I definitely know I could have done a better job communicating everything. Thanks for bringing up your concerns, and I'm glad I could help clarify a bit.

    5. rachaar

      Thanks for the response, Scott. You actually have outlined more things that I didn't fully understand before. I appreciate it and wish ReGen well. And yeah... it probably will be more fun to play on mobile. :) Thank you.

    6. Scott Brodie Creator on

      Thanks Rob and link!

    7. AngoraFish on

      Sweet. Looking forward to the new version! I'm a big fan of the original.

    8. link270 on

      @Scott thanks for the nice explanation! I can fully understand some people's confusion on the subject, but I think they are completely missing the point.

      I backed this game on Kickstarter because I thought it looked interesting and enjoyable and I wanted to see it come to life. So I backed it, it didn't cost me much, and I was more than happy to give some support. I played it thought the early stages and watched it grow and that to me is what I paid for, the experience of being able to watch something develop and come to life because, in part, to my contributions. That is why I love Kickstarter! It's not about me and what I get as much as it's about what the creators are bringing to the world through my support. I love free things just as much as the next guy, but I would gladly pay an extra $5, $10, $20 or however much I feel is worth it to help support an idea that has the potential to become reality and, in this case, to become even more polished and better.

      I really enjoyed HG1, but I truly feel that it will be a much much better experience on a mobile platform. One I can pick up and play for a bit and stop when needed, to pick up again a little later. It's a perfect match for a mobile game, yet still with an amazing amount of depth and quality.

      Don't let these guys bug you, it happens way too often on Kickstarter where people who back think it's some sort of store where you buy something that's already there and they don't truly realize the actual purpose of this type of funding.

      Weather I get it for free or pay for it I am super excited to play this game on a mobile platform, and I really hope it does as well as it deserves to do, so we can see future endeavors from you all come to life!

      Just my random thoughts.
      Thanks again!

    9. Scott Brodie Creator on

      I appreciate the feedback as always. Clearly something about my communication on what ReGen is and why it's worth your time and money hasn't been clear. A few things I just want to mention on the topic that may help you understand:

      1. It's primarily a release on new platforms - created from the ground up for mobile. I can't point to many other games that give away their game to all their existing customers when they are released on new platforms. My recent focus on the additional Steam release has probably muddied that primary reason for ReGen existing.

      2. For PC owners of HG1, that don't care for mobile, I think you should value ReGen like a major expansion or paid DLC offered by other strategy games. With this 67% off Discount, that's roughly $4-5. ReGen plays like a brand new game, and it's far from "just" DLC, but $4-5 for more of a game you enjoy is a steal, and not uncommon across Steam.

      3. I can't reiterate enough that ReGen is far far far from a patch to Hero Generations. It's 9 months of unpaid, self-funded development by 4 people. It is not drawing from any Kickstarter funds. I think the biggest error I've made is not doing enough to show off everything that is new and different about the game, and how all of the things we've built could not have been done in the existing game engine. I plan to remedy that with a Let's Play video soon to show off the new UI, new quests, new events system, leaderboards, achievements, high-res art, end game, 900 square random overworld, dynamic camera, etc.

      Also, to address the comments that everything should be free, I'd like to point out that I spent over 6 months post launch releasing numerous free updates, including 3 major themed content expansions. If you didn't play the game much beyond launch, I can understand your perspective. I think HG1 is a tremendously fun and worthwhile game on it's own.

      My success is directly tied to all of you in our player community. The only intention here is to continue to be able to make great games you'll love. You definitely don't have to buy ReGen if it doesn't sound worth it to you. For those of you that do, we can't thank you enough because it allows us to make a living while making innovative new games, which is what the original Kickstarter was all about.


    10. rachaar

      Sorry, but I have to agree. This leaves a really bad taste in my mouth. The game is much too recent to be asking for more money for a remastered version already. :( I've read the creator's explanations and while I understand the rationale, I don't agree with it.

    11. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      So you guys are still charging us money for an update and patched version then.
      Stands to reason, I mean that's precisely what other KS games like Dead State, Wasteland 2, Divinity Original Sin, Shadowrun Dragonfall, Consortium, Dreamfall Chapters, Dex etc. all did when they updated their game engine and/or applied huge overhaul patches...

      Oh wait, no they didn't at all; because that's just ridiculous and as you'd expect they were just natural updates to the existing game without trying to milk more money on a repurchase of the same thing.

      Meh, Might accidently pick this one up in a future bundle or something I suppose.