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An Indie strategy/rogue-like about life, legacy & love from the creator of Highgrounds. Lovingly dubbed "The 5-Minute Civilization."
An Indie strategy/rogue-like about life, legacy & love from the creator of Highgrounds. Lovingly dubbed "The 5-Minute Civilization."
2,355 backers pledged $46,190 to help bring this project to life.

Hero Generations: ReGen News! Platforms, Release Windows, and More.

Posted by Scott Brodie (Creator)

Development for Hero Generations: ReGen is humming along. The game is roughly past code complete, and we're now working towards getting all of the new and existing game content in place. Now that the game is further along in development, I'm excited to say we have more release details to share!

  • Release Date: We've set a tentative release timeline of August 2016! Mark your calendars.
  • Launch Platforms: In addition to the already announced iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android versions, the game will be released on Steam for MAC, PC, and (yes!) Linux platforms!
  • Steam Page is Live! We have just revealed our new Steam store page, where you can view our new trailer, and add the game to your Steam wishlist
  • Beta Testers: We're looking for beta testers, across all platforms! If you're interested, please email us at and let us know which devices/operating systems you have. If you're selected, will send a follow-up email in a few weeks with details on how you can get access to the beta build and send us feedback.
  • Translation: Many of you have expressed interest in helping us translate the game text into other languages. We're seriously considering this if time allows, and we're going to try crowd-sourcing the translation with help from the HG community. Stay tuned for another call for volunteers in a future update.

Finally, as part of finishing up the game, we're starting to add some never before seen items, buildings, quests, and characters. Here's a sneak peek at what's coming. Can you guess what they'll do?

Highly Advanced AIs are coming
Highly Advanced AIs are coming

As always, thank you for your support. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for development updates. We appreciate your help spreading the word about the new game!

All the best, 

Heart Shaped Games Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Leon Moor on

      So seeing as Scott Brodie decided not to warn new customers that he's about to make his product obsolete in 2 months I went on the Steam discussion page for this game and posted the following:

      >The developer is going to release a "remake" of this 12 month old game in a couple of months called "Hero Generations: Regen" which will not be free to existing owners. So wait a bit and play some of the other games in your account until that comes out.

      A few hours later Scott Brodie deleted the post and banned me from the forums claiming the above post is "obnoxious and inflammatory."
      No Scott Brodie, YOU are obnoxious. You're a typical obnoxious mobile developer.

    2. AngoraFish on

      I really enjoyed the first game, got more than my money's worth in play time in, and look forward to paying for the new version. Kickstarter offers an opportunity for me to help bring games such as this into existance and I'm really pleased to hear that there are enough legs in this to keep this one humming along.

    3. Munt de Fems on

      Scott wrote: "(It also let's us make good on our original goal of making a Linux version)"
      I beg to differ: your original goal was making a Linux version AND deliver it bot on Steam plus as a standalone download. If you only release this new game/remake/whatever on Steam you won't make it good.

    4. Missing avatar

      Leon Moor on

      Just because you're switching engines doesn't mean you're making a new game. You could keep the same appid on Steam and just upload the new version with a new engine and it would go out as an update to everyone who currently owns it. You can still sell the mobile version as a new port.
      You're implying that there's so much new in the game that it's almost a sequel. But you keep calling it a "remake" too. You talk about "redesigned, re-tuned and enhanced" features not brand new ones. Tell us what makes this version so new that it's worth buying again.
      If it's not worth buying again then take the old version off sale so people don't accidentally get ripped off and ask them to wait for the new one. I've seen other developers do this. You don't even mention the new version on the existing game's Steam page.

    5. Dumbell Dave on

      sorry man I made that comment before I had my coffee...

    6. Alban Zekthi on

      I had a long reply but it got eaten up by time and distractions :( But yeah, I wanted to say that the escalation was definitely unnecessary. When last I asked about any sort of discount for backers (whether 1% or 100%), Scott said it was still in the planning stages, and obviously, that planning is still ongoing and will be until right before release. Of course, it would be really difficult to manage it on iOS and Android's app markets, but Steam makes it stupidly easy (so much so that I keep getting some spam coupons in my inventory now and then).

      And as far as releasing it as an update on the same Steam or Humble listing, it's not so black and white. On the one hand, Scott's right, it's a brand-new code base with brand-new file structures (including save data) and some brand-new content that isn't available in the original. It looks, plays, feels, and downright *smells* like a brand-new product, and it deserves to have that chance as a title standing on its own. I can sympathize with wanting to throw out the old code and just start brand-new with a fresh release.

      On the other hand, it's still the same core gameplay with the same core features and same core art style. A lot of what backers and other gamers requested for (some of the gameplay improvements, UI overhauls, etc.) is being added to a product that they need to pay for again when this sort of feedback is usually addressed in a free post-launch update. We, as gamers, get annoyed when a GOTY version of a game comes to PC after going through a lot of crap on consoles, what with post-launch DLC and free updates, because the PC release started out perfect with these things included. I would assume some people see this as the same thing, except rather than console to PC, it's PC to PC.

      Not to mention, having the old review scores off of the game's back is an extremely shady practice that other indie devs have done a lot of lately. Steam even encourages *not* doing this with its recent overhaul of the review sections of game listings, where recent reviews after post-launch updates are pushed to the top. And lastly, adding new Steam features (like achievements or leaderboards) in a game which has already released isn't something new, either, so there shouldn't be any issue with that.

      What matters most at the core of all of this, though, is that I'm happy for Hero Generations getting this chance to become even bigger and better and reach more people. Regardless of what happens, I applaud how far this has come.

    7. Scott Brodie Creator on

      To quote the seer Ron Burgundy: "Boy, that escalated quickly." :) I'm happy to answer your questions, but please try and keep it civil.

      A few quick responses:
      -RE: discounts for existing backers: we haven't gotten that far in our release planning, but we're open to the idea. Much of it is based upon what the Platforms allow us to do. We obviously appreciate all of the support you gave to make the first game happen. Stay tuned.

      -RE: turning off update emails. Kickstarter has notification settings that let you turn off updates per project. I feel like we've been cautious to only communicate about important info, but I'll take the feedback and make sure these updates are worth your time.

      -Other stuff:

      There seems to be a misunderstanding about what ReGen is, so let me address that. We're self-funding a mobile version of the game. We are making the mobile version because we think that would be awesome, and because we received MANY requests from our KS backers. So that's why we're sending updates to you all about it, and asking you all first about Beta testing.

      To make the mobile version, we had to rewrite the game in a new engine called Unity. Since we have to rewrite the game, we figured we would also use it as an opportunity to make the game better where we could, fix some things that were not possible to do in our old engine, and try out some new ideas that we didn't have time/budget/tech for before.

      A benefit of Unity is that it allowed us to export to PC, Mac, and Linux as well (that's mainly what this update was about). We're happy about this because we still want players without mobile devices to get to play the new game. (It also let's us make good on our original goal of making a Linux version)

      Though there is shared core content, the game is new and different (and better) in many ways, both code wise and gameplay wise. It wasn't feasible to share save data, add achievements, leaderboards, and many other features on the original flash code and HG steam entry. So it exists as a seperate product on Steam. (And yes, that means the reviews for the old version will not be present to confuse users about what the ReGen version contains - that seems like a good thing?)

      So that's the motivation and the reason things are how they are at this point. Hopefully that makes sense, but shout if you have other feedback. The last thing I think we're trying to be is an evil money hungry megacorp :)

    8. Dumbell Dave on

      This is very annoying getting spam from an old kick start I backed a long time ago.. I thought the game was getting an update but nooo hes just spamming his old backers to buy his new game. FUCK THAT how do I opt out of emails from this mother fucker?

    9. Missing avatar

      Leon Moor on

      He wants paying customers to volunteer their time for a translation. But he is going to charge us for his time to bring his shoddy old game up to the market's standards.
      Maybe he's just trying to get a fresh Steam store page so he can escape the "Mixed" review score.

    10. Missing avatar

      Leon Moor on

      No we're not getting it for free. He's telling us we can add it to our wishlist which implies we're going to have to buy it on release. It's really pathetic that a game which only came out 12 months ago is getting a "remake." Most games are still getting free updates or patches 12 months after release, not a cash grab "remake." If there's so much room for improvement after only 12 months from release then it should be a patch.
      He's still selling the original on Steam. People who buy it now are going to be pissed when the "remake" comes out in a few months.

    11. Takwin on

      So are backers going to get this for free? I backed this game and thought it was really empty and needed so much more filling out and polish to be enjoyable. Now, it is getting that, and the people that actually made it happen should definitely get this for free!

    12. Alban Zekthi on

      I watched a couple of the streams, and it's looking really good. New trailer isn't too bad either :) Still wondering if us Kickstarter backers or people who purchased the original game will get a free copy of the game, an exclusive discount, or something else along those lines. Regardless of that, though, I'm excited nonetheless for the remake and what it'll bring to the game. Good luck through the rest!

    13. Erin Abraham on

      I'm pretty excited about this because I've felt every time I've played this that it was better suited to my iPad than my laptop.