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An Indie strategy/rogue-like about life, legacy & love from the creator of Highgrounds. Lovingly dubbed "The 5-Minute Civilization."
An Indie strategy/rogue-like about life, legacy & love from the creator of Highgrounds. Lovingly dubbed "The 5-Minute Civilization."
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Announcing Hero Generations: ReGen - Coming to Mobile!

Posted by Scott Brodie (Creator)

We're super excited to reveal our new game, Hero Generations: ReGen! Hero Generations: ReGen was created because of the overwhelming demand we’ve received for a phone and tablet version of Hero Generations. But this isn't just a port. We're also taking a lot of the ideas and feedback we've received from fans of the original game, and integrating them into one kick-ass, definitive remake of HG. 

We'll be revealing all of the great new features over the course of the next few months, but here are just a few of the big things we have planned: 

  • A single giant overworld map, navigable with our new dynamic camera (no more long transitions between worlds).
  • Thanks to our new Unity engine, you'll see higher resolution artwork, all new special effects, and a faster frame rate.
  • Overhauled user interface rebuilt for mobile touchscreens.
  • Online Leaderboards.
  • And of course tons of new items, traits, quests, buildings and more to keep the game endlessly replayable.

For those of you who still love playing the game on PC, stay tuned. We'll have you covered!

Your support was crucial to the success of the original Hero Generations, and we'd love to have you join us for the ride as we make Hero Generations: ReGen. For a sneak peek at the new game, check out our twitch channel today at 3:00pm EST (we'll also be doing regular development streams). And as always, you can follow us on twitter.

Thank you again for all of your support, and we hope you're as excited about Hero Generations: ReGen as we are!

All the best,

Heart Shaped Games Team

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    1. James Hussey on

      Now hook me up with a console (PS4) release and you'll cover all the bases.

    2. Jasmine Choinski

      Great news! ^_^

    3. Scott Brodie Creator on

      Thanks for all the questions about various platform/device support. We're not ready to share all of our plans there just yet but you're all being heard loud and clear :)

    4. Scott Brodie Creator on

      Hi All, here is a link to the recording of my dev stream earlier today, which walks through our early build and shows off the early set of features:

    5. Missing avatar

      António C on

      I'm very happy you've switched to Unity.

      I hope there can be a Linux version soon and one for Android too. Regarding Android, has you know, the devices hardware is very different from Apple products, so take special care about the performance issues that might pop up :)

      I'm saying this because Shadow Run is a great game, but Harebrained Schemes had several challenges to make it work due to Android environment constraints.

      That being said, although I don't own an iOS device, I think you should target iPhones 1st.

      Best of luck

    6. Jordan Drexel on

      OMG! I can't wait to have the game on my mobile devices!

    7. Missing avatar

      Sami on

      Does the mobile version cost extra for backers? Mind you, I haven't played the game yet since the Linux version turned out to be a bust.

    8. Rob Crowther

      If you're switching to Unity does this mean we might finally get Hero Generations on Linux?

    9. Nathan Morse

      Can't wait!!

    10. Scott Brodie Creator on

      Thanks Alban :) Specifics on platforms, pricing, etc. are going to be announced in the future, but our goal is to get the game out on as many phones/tablets as we can.

    11. Alban Zekthi on

      Ooo, very excited indeed! I'm already running out of space on my phone, now this comes up. :P

      I do hope some of these features will make it to the PC version, and those of us who already owned the PC version or at least backed the project here on KS will have some way to get the mobile version free or at a discount. (I really wish Steam would go into the mobile market...)

      Regardless of all of that, though, I can't wait for this :D Will this be on both Android and iOS?