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An Indie strategy/rogue-like about life, legacy & love from the creator of Highgrounds. Lovingly dubbed "The 5-Minute Civilization."
An Indie strategy/rogue-like about life, legacy & love from the creator of Highgrounds. Lovingly dubbed "The 5-Minute Civilization."
2,355 backers pledged $46,190 to help bring this project to life.

Halloween Game Update is live for Hero Generations!

Posted by Scott Brodie (Creator)
Halloween Wallpaper available on our Steam Community Hub!
Halloween Wallpaper available on our Steam Community Hub!

Hi Backers,

We've just released our 2nd free game update (v1.21) for Hero Generations in time for Halloween! This "Scare Pack" brings a host of Halloween themed game content and a significant number of community requested bug fixes (Station issues, new resolution support, and more). The update will download automatically if you're playing on Steam, or you can download the new version from your Humble Bundle account. We hope you enjoy it! Here are all of the changes you'll find:

Major Change List

  • Swamp towns can become haunted! Haunted towns become "Ghost Towns" and have ghost/skeleton mates. You'll have to figure out which buildings and items can help you unhaunt them.
  • Swamp boss can haunt towns.
  • Introducing world events! Volcanoes now appear in your current world on certain strikes of the obelisk clock. Can only have 1 volcano in a given world. Volcanoes will replace forest or sand nodes.
  • Bone item. Attracts boss monsters when held, and also adds +1 to damage.
  • Scimitar item. Weapon with bonus attack in Desert areas.
  • All side view scenes have polished stone backing art in place of the existing white background.
  • City view has a new roll-over UI that shows it's tribute type and cultural traits that Mate's will have. (hover over city title bar to view)
  • Volcano world is made visible from the start of the game on mini-map to give players a clear long term incentive to explore the overworld.
  • For a limited time, all of our Steam store banner images changed to be Halloween themed.
  • 3 Halloween wallpapers added to the Artwork section on our Community Hub

Bug Fixes & Other Changes

  • New sideview stone backing art can be toggled off when "special effects" setting is set to off.
  • Added support for 1680x1050 resolution.
  • 1600x900 and 1680x1050 resolutions have better sidebar art!
  • Fixed crash when starting new game in 800x640 mode.
  • Fixed bug where station tickets associated with already linked stations could linger.
  • Station tickets associated with a connected station now get destroyed properly. (This should also help fix or reduce any instances of your held items getting replaced by tickets)
  • Fixed bug where pop-up "Enter" button at bottom of screen would stay up when moving from a town next to a border passage into the next world.
  • Fixed a few instances of bugs that would cause buildings to disappear when leaving then returning to a world.
  • Now save minor "in-turn" changes like dropping and picking up items to help with syncing saved data in many edge case situations.
Haunted towns need your help in the Swamp world!
Haunted towns need your help in the Swamp world!

NOTE: Some of the game features and bug fixes will not retroactively update on existing saves, but some will. Start a new game if a part of this update does not seem to be present.

Thanks again for your amazing support of our game. If you appreciate theses updates it would mean a lot to our small company to get a positive review on our Steam game store page!

-Scott Brodie, Founder & Lead Designer, Heart Shaped Games


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    1. Scott Brodie Creator on

      @Shigaki there is no new key needed - if you redeemed your game originally, you should just need to download the update. On Steam, the update should download automatically (will say v1.21 in the left hand corner of the main menu). On humble, you can go to your game library, find Hero Generations, then download the latest version (overwrite your current location so that the game will keep your saved game files that are in that same folder).

      If you never redeemed the game before now, an email / KS message was sent in April with instructions on how to get the game. If you need help with that, message me via the button on our KS page and i'll be happy to help.

    2. Shigaki on

      Hello Scott!

      I have tried to download the new scary Hero Generations but my humble bundle says it is over.
      Is there a new key??

      Thanks!!!! Keep rocking!