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An Indie strategy/rogue-like about life, legacy & love from the creator of Highgrounds. Lovingly dubbed "The 5-Minute Civilization."
An Indie strategy/rogue-like about life, legacy & love from the creator of Highgrounds. Lovingly dubbed "The 5-Minute Civilization."
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Launch Update: 24 hours later

Posted by Scott Brodie (Creator)

I wanted to send a quick post out to answer some of the common questions many of you have had, and to let you know how our first day went on Steam, OUYA, Humble Store, and The short answer is: pretty darn good!

The long answer: for Steam, we pushed the launch button at 10 AM PST, and after an initial feeling out period, Hero Generations started showing up at the top of the "Popular New Releases" list, and eventually in the Main Capsule! As far as we can tell, we're still there, and will stay there over the weekend.

Sorry GTA V - we took your seat.
Sorry GTA V - we took your seat.

 We were also featured prominently on the OUYA launcher and Humble Store main page. The most surprising part of all of this is that we have yet to receive a meaning piece of major press about our launch, beyond the nice profile done by There are only two things I can think of that explain it: we have perhaps made a game people think is interesting, and your amazing word of mouth support. I'm hopeful we eventually get noticed by press, but I'm also very happy with what we have achieved together already. You all are truly awesome.  

Launch FAQ

Here are some answers to your questions that have been asked in messages, and that I'm sure many of you also have.

1. Where are the OUYA keys? They were delivered yesterday afternoon, and should now be available in the same place as your Steam key (At the top of your "claim" page).

2. Will there be Full Screen support? Technical issues with my engine prevented me from supporting a full screen mode. The game does support windowed mode up through 1920x1080 resolutions, which you can toggle from the settings menu. We are investigating what it will take to support true full screen mode, because it has been heavily requested.

3. I pledged for the Collector's Edition, but my Steam key only gives me the base game in my library? Kickstarter backer collector's edition content (the soundtrack and PDF Art Book) are stored in your humble account. At the top of the download page, you will see buttons/tabs that let you change what you are downloading. For the Soundtrack, choose "Music", and for the art book, choose "eBooks". Your steam key is the regular game, but that is because your rewards are just stored elsewhere.

4. I found a bug, where can I send it? For minor issues, posting on Kickstarter or emailing is fine. For bigger bugs, Patrick has written a simple guide on how you can find and send us your save files for investigation:

5. My game won't load after coming back to the game. First, send us your save files so we can investigate. Then feel free to delete your save files in your game directory (anything .xml), and the game should run as normal.

If you have any other questions you want answered, respond here and I'll try to address them ASAP. Thanks again for your support - now back to preparing our first game update :)

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    1. Scott Brodie Creator on

      @Yourtime during the campaign, to get the same content, it would have been the $30 reward, or haivng pledged $15 for the soundtrack then giving $5 for the art book add on. The important thing to note though is that backers also received alpha & beta early access, credits in the game, an extra OUYA key, and their name in the hero name generator. Stand-alone collector's edition / regular purchasers do not receive that.

    2. Yourtime on

      at which pledge level would you have gotten the collector's edition

    3. Scott Brodie Creator on

      The save game fix build is now live, restart steam to get v1.15. (The Update will come to Humble Store / OUYA later today). Announcement & Change list here:

      This may not have addressed every issue, so if you are still experiencing problems after using the new "Clear Data" settings feature, please let me know and I'll investigate right away.

    4. Scott Brodie Creator on

      @StranaMente amazing. I'm feverishly fixing bugs, but at a quick glance it seems they really liked it to.

    5. StranaMente on

      Well, that was fast: Jesse Cox posted this today! :D

    6. Scott Brodie Creator on

      @StranaMente awesome, thanks for sharing that, I would have never found that on my one. (for everyone) do let me know if you see a mention somewhere that you think I may not have seen.

    7. Jordan Drexel on

      I want PCGamer to do an article on the game!

    8. StranaMente on

      Great news! Btw you were also mentioned on TotalBiscuit podcast here… on the new releases segment!