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$6,155 pledged of $25,000 goal

Script Locked

Just like any quest, Heart-Beat has encountered a variety of truly exciting checkpoints as we move toward July and the start of production. As of today, we have officially locked the script for IN SEARCHING!

Locking this script is a feat of triumph, commitment, and passion, as well as a culmination of years of life and writing, months and days of editing, and lots and lots of feedback. From today onward, the locations at which we’ll be filming in our 25 days of production are set and locked in place. This allows us to solidify our production plan and budget since we know exactly where we’ll be and when. More importantly, locking this script has transformed IN SEARCHING from a simple story into grand saga of growth and actualization. It truly is a fantastic piece of work on both an artistic and realistic level. The Heart-Beat team is ecstatic with the idea of bringing this script to life for you, the viewer. 

Progress on the screenplay accelerated last September, when Jake handed his draft off to Joe Prestine. Joe met Jake at Emerson when he was trying to find someone to produce his short film scripts. They didn’t work together during college, but it was in the cards to reconnect for IN SEARCHING. Joe is a night-owl, like Jake, and the story gradually improved after many hours on the phone and drafts being passed back-and-forth. Without a doubt, the work that Joe put into the screenplay is a major factor in how comfortable we feel heading into production. 

The characters of IN SEARCHING are going to resonate with audiences. With four lead roles (Jon, Michelle, Cole, and Erik) comes four dynamic arcs. Each character wants to reach the next stage of their lives, but first they have to find a way to get out of their current situations. For our Producer, Russell, these are people that “I know as well as some of my best friends. I care about them and love them, and they move me as they grow throughout this story.” 

The world of IN SEARCHING is an epic in its own right, and the potential is endless. Jake draws inspiration from many classics (REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE, AMERICAN GRAFFITI, DAZED & CONFUSED, etc.) and has drawn from the tropes of the coming-of-age genre and synthesized those past examples to create a refreshing and compelling angle on what it means to grow up. 

For Jake, “IN SEARCHING is something I’ve been with living with for years and there are moments that are in my head so clearly composed. I know it will all take on another level when other artists like the actors finally get to embody each moment.” A screenplay is a living document – designed to be revised at each stage of the production. We are ecstatic to bring IN SEARCHING to the screen for you, and hope that you can help us do that, as well. 

Thank you for being a part of this amazing quest! 

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