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$6,155 pledged of $25,000 goal
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$6,155 pledged of $25,000 goal

Dreams and Reality

“The dream of Heart Beat has always been to make short films, each better than the last so that we could eventually bring ourselves to a point were we could make a feature.” J.L Topkis, Producer/Writer/Director

This week marks the official start of our Kickstarter campaign for Heart-Beat Productions’ IN SEARCHING. We have finally launched! With the help of Kickstarter, its community, fellow filmmakers and artists, family and friends, and our long time supporters, the dream of creating our first feature length film is becoming a reality.

With only a few months to go until the principal photography of IN SEARCHING begins— July can’t come soon enough— Heart-Beat Productions is riled up. Our talent has been cast, and we are currently locking down the perfect locations to bring our film to life. After nine years of producing independent cinema, we are ready to embark on feature length film. As pre-production comes to a close, we reflect on our history that has brought us to this point....

IN SEARCHING was conceived in Park City, Utah over five years ago. Heart-Beat Productions produced a short film by the same title with a similar concept during the winter 2008. Six months later, while at Emerson College, Jake was learning about Italian Neo Realistic cinema - and of the ambiance of Boston’s city streets at night. Being a night crawler of sorts, Jake prowled Boston’s streets for inspiration when he saw a group of young bikers perched alongside the town’s government center building.

“I was wondering, ‘What is their plan? [...] Did they all have a conversation, and agree on where they were going? Were they going anywhere?” says Jake. He took a picture of the teens on the steps for future reference.

Jake continues, “I was laying awake in bed in the middle of the night. I wanted to make a neo-realistic film that revolved around the romantic imagery of bikers at night. And then I remembered the plot of the IN SEARCHING short film, and married the idea to that.” The drama of the short film lent itself to the ambiance of Boston at night. “[Boston] felt vacant late at night - like a dream, or a small town.” And what better small town to shoot the film than our very own Park City, Utah!

We are ready to make a film that expresses the fears and anxieties of growing older, and the liberation of committing to a path.

Our path is to create quality films that inspire our audiences. IN SEARCHING is coming together, and we plan to keep you up to date with our inner-workings of pre-production. Stay connected with us to learn more about what we are up to at InSearchingMovie.com.

Each contribution brings us closer to our goal and closer to achieve something great. Thank you for joining us on our journey!

Heart-Beat Productions

"Jake took this picture to remind him of Boston's ambivalence and the young bikers that inspired the feature film IN SEARCHING."

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