After an April Fools joke went viral online, we've decided to make our joke become real. We've had hundreds of messages, e mails and calls from people looking to purchase this product. The demand is so overwhelming and with no current way to make the product and based on a recommendation from a potential customer we have decided to crowd fund this project.

We are blown away with the interest, especially when we saw it get mentioned on Youtube's top star, PewDiePie's vlog. 

  Check it out here!   

As of 4/16/19 our post has reached 5.8 million people and had 638K engagements. That's only on Facebook, it's also resulted in daily calls, email, and messages. If you'd like to help us make this a thing, please donate whatever you can.

We've been in the motorcycle industry and e-commerce since 2004 and are completely capable of getting the product and fulfilling orders. What we need the help with is creating  the website deign to make ordering simple/lower the product price and streamlining the actual printing of the individual's face. 

We've been stunned by the interest so far.  With our business background in this specific industry, this is a real possibility and hope you can help us make this a reality.

Risks and challenges

The real challenge is being able to successfully print individual's faces on helmets quickly, accurately and at scale. We're hoping that a large enough initial investment will allow us to succeed in that and get this product to market.

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