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Hayes Valley Farm: A Freeway Food Forest & Education Center's video poster

Help us create a community hub to encourage San Francisco residents to transform a freeway into a food forest and a sustainable city. Read more

San Francisco, CA Food
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This project was successfully funded on November 14, 2010.

Help us create a community hub to encourage San Francisco residents to transform a freeway into a food forest and a sustainable city.

San Francisco, CA Food
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About this project

We've met our initial Goal, but it's not over

Yay, we did it together! $20,600 was the minimum we needed to thrive next year. Every extra bit counts, so keep the donations coming, we can use them to give even MORE back to the community.

ALL donations are 501(c)3 tax-deductible via our fiscal sponsor organization San Francisco Parks Trust.

Why Support Us? Where will my $25 go?

If you're interested in knowing what $25 is, or how it helps, think of it this way.
1. $25 allows us to bring two kids for the day to the farm, show them the magic and glory of sowing seeds, growing food, and enjoying healthy organic veggies and fruits. Many of these kids don't know where a potato comes from, have trouble identifying the difference between broccoli and tomatoes, and need help to learn how to nourish themselves.

2. $25 also allows us to open our doors on our volunteer work days where we pay a volunteer coordinator $20/hour to help facilitate between 50-100 volunteers twice a week. It's a lot of work, but someones gotta do it! This effort is the core of our farms work, inspiring, encouraging and educating others to grow their own. This is how we've brought in over 16,000 hours to date, the most efficient labor force (cost wise) you'll ever find.

3. $25 allow us to afford materials and supplies. We can buy another pitchfork, shovel, two pairs of clippers, 2 hay bales, 1/2 load of woodchips OR 1 week of seeds for $25. It's a big urban farm which takes a lot of MANUAL effort. Because we're relying on ZERO usage of fossil fuels for our work, it comes from the human heart, the most renewable resource on the planet.

What we have done

In just eight months our community has volunteered over 16,000 hours, we have removed 800 cubic yards of organic material & 88,000 pounds of cardboard from the landfill and transformed it into fertile soil. Many people say they know more people in the neighborhood after ONE visit to the farm, than they had met in the previous five years. Let's keep it going!

What we are doing

We want to become a community and agricultural hub, which serves to empower San Francisco residents to connect with one another, grow their own food, and learn about sustainable ecological systems.

Your support will

1. Create a robust education program by offering classes & courses on sustainable agriculture to kids, youth and adults
2. Create paid internships to help train our future generations in green careers
3. Create a successful, sustainable farm with our fruit tree orchard, plant nursery & composting efforts.
4. Help us host community events, which entertain, engage and enlighten our community members about how to have a positive impact on the earth.
5. Help us afford seeds, plants, tools, irrigation & other supplies to create an abundant food forest and install community gardens.

What the $20,600 for? and Why that amount?

This year, we've managed to use much of the original $50,000 seed grant we received from the city. Despite attracting over 15,000 of community input, we still need to pay some people to help organize and coordinate the whole project. This also includes materials, supplies, and payments for our educators and other contractors.

We want to raise the following to really THRIVE tomorrow!

1. $6,600 - Materials and Supplies including irrigation ($2100), Giant Worm Composting Unit & Soil Maker ($1000), Tools ($1300), Seeds, Plants, Fruit Trees ($1200), Misc. Materials ($1000).

2. $14,000 - Ongoing Programs

$5000 - Youth Education Program - Educator Stipend, scholarships for kids visits, and classroom materials.

$5000 - Education and Production Program - Every Thursday and Sunday we open the gates to inspire, encourage and educate others about growing food. Our coordinators often facilitate 50-100 volunteers each day, we need to afford to pay them the $20/hour to do this.

$4000 - Internships - 4-8 Paid Internships so we can attract and retain a diverse set of interns to help build the future of the farm.

Gift Information

*** All gifts can be shared with / donated to someone you pick in lieu of your ability to receive them given your location ***

1. Seed Balls Photo

2. Limited Edition B-shirts - These are HOT lookin' shirts! American Apparel, hand-printed, super soft cotton, limited edition(only 123 will ever be made), many sizes avail. (retail value $45)
3. Charter Membership is in three tiers, Seedholder ($50 & $100 gift), Tree Keeper ($250), Food Forester ($1000 & 1500).
All Memberships Include
A. Sneak Preview - First dibs on our quarterly plant and tree sales
B. Education Discount - off workshops / courses (15% Seedholder, 20% Tree Keeper, 30% Food Forester)
C. Local Biz Discounts - Discounts to local businesses around San Francisco
D. Materials Discount - Special Discount on Veggie Starts, Seeds, Soil, and Fruit Trees
E. Community - Access to an amazing community of solution-oriented changemakers!


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    Pledge $5 or more

    16 backers

    Much gratitude and a mention on our website as founding supporter!

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    Pledge $18 or more

    21 backers

    SEED BALL SAMPLER - A mini planet Earth in the palm of your hand. Seedballs contain everything you need to grow. Toss it & wait for the rains. Rains come, seeballs sprouts. You will receive a combination of seedballs containing either veggies, wildflowers or poppies.

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    Pledge $25 or more

    84 backers

    Your very own Hayes Valley Farm - All-Star Seed Packet, complete with seeds grown and saved from the farm, as well as other perennial, native and edible varieties. Grow your own or gift to a friend. Oh!, and a cool HVF sticker to boot!

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    Pledge $50 or more

    33 backers

    Charter Membership(Seedholder, see bottom left side of page for details) + All-Star Seed Packet (read above) + Set of eight (8) special edition postcards featuring memorable photos of the first year of the farms development.

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    Pledge $100 or more

    53 backers

    Charter Membership (Seedholder) + All-Star Seed Packet (read above) + Limited Edition Bee-tastic B-shirt, (see left side of page for preview link)

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    Pledge $250 or more

    9 backers

    Garden In A Box - Including Charter Membership (Tree Keeper) + Choice of ONE fruit tree from our 14 verified San Francisco super-productive varieties + a tray of 50 vegetable starts + All-Star Seed Packet (read above) + Seed Ball Truffles + HowTo Care Instructions. Perfect for those looking to jump start their gardens.

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    Pledge $1,000 or more

    2 backers Limited (18 left of 20)

    Charter Membership (Food Forester) + You and one guest will meet the Farmers & Founders, get a personal tour of the farm. Next you'll enjoy a gourmet farm to table dinner prepared by an amazing local chef while enjoying the company of the founders and other community donors. All this while sitting outside under the stars in the middle of our farm in San Francisco.

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    Pledge $1,500 or more

    3 backers Limited (10 left of 13)

    Your Very Own Mini Hayes Valley Farm - You'll be given a toolbox to succeed. Including, Charter Membership (Food Forester), We will come out to you, ask great questions, assess your needs and potential of your space, draw up an exquisite personalized design for your very own food forest and then transform your space. With over 23 years of whole systems design experience, this is a tasty opportunity that will last a lifetime! Includes starter supplies from Garden In A Box (above, $250 value). *** Offer includes labor but does not include all supplies/materials beyond Garden in a Box, Limited to Bay Area Residents Only, unless you're willing to fly us out! ***

Funding period

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