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Hayes' Public House - Craft Ales Inspired by Heritage's video poster

Small local brewery offering Irish, Scottish & English style ales. Built on heritage we look to house a classic pub themed taproom. Read more

Buffalo, MN Food
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This project was successfully funded on October 27, 2012.

Small local brewery offering Irish, Scottish & English style ales. Built on heritage we look to house a classic pub themed taproom.

Buffalo, MN Food
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At Hayes' Public House our mission is to give all our customers the best experience through our knowledge of fine crafted ales.  Hayes' Public House represents a cross-section of the community where people can come and enjoy our hand crafted Irish, Scottish & English style ales and most importantly be comfortable being who they are.  Hayes' Public House will be located in the heart of the historic downtown of Buffalo just a hop, skip, and jump away from Buffalo Lake. 
Hayes' will start out as a small 2 BBL brewery offering our classic Irish, Scottish & English style ales on tap as well as 1/2 gallon growlers for patrons in a hurry to get home and enjoy.  Customers will then be allowed to bring growlers back for refills.  All this will be housed in our Irish themed tap room. Customers and patrons can come relax, enjoy a fresh pint like our flagship beer Hayes' Irish Stout, and listen to some traditional Irish music.  The City of Buffalo has been amazing and has welcomed us with open arms since the start.  I look forward to working with them more and more every day.  The downtown of Buffalo is going to be going through a major facelift which will house new customer friendly sidewalks, fountains, an amazing farmer's market area that brings customers from all over, a new driver friendly and pedestrian friendly road which will allow for more daily traffic to the downtown, and new facelifts to the public lake front showcasing the beautiful lakefront.   
How can you be a part of Hayes' Public House? 
At Hayes' Public House we have a saying that we live by written in Gaelic also known as Irish, "Ni Neart Go Cur Le Cheile.  When translated it means, "No Strength Without Unity".  This is an amazing opportunity to gain funding and in return be able to give something back to those of you that not only support the dream but have realistically, become part of the dream.  We have some pretty cool rewards that we are offering to our pledgers.  Your pledge will go towards equipment, buildout, and other expenses.  Nevertheless, I can assure you that your pledge is greatly appreciated, will not go unnoticed, and will definitely be put to good use. 
Our Flagships:
Bare Knuckle Bitter - 3.9%
This is our take on a pub classic.  A nice light-bodied session beer that gives a slight and subtle fruitiness on the nose along with fresh cracked grain.  This has a nice balance of hops and barley.  A little fruity up front but nice malty finish. 
Green Kilt IPA - 6.5%
Green Kilt IPA is our take on a traditional English style IPA.  We use all British ingrediants from our grain to our hops.  Notes of citrus along with some subtle earthy notes balance this IPA out.  A nice combination of Fuggle hops and Goldings hops make this IPA really stand out.  This ale will get you hopped up from start to end.   
O' Ruaidhri Irish Ale - 5.5%
Call it a Red, call it an Irish ale, we don't care as long as you drink it and enjoy it!  This ale has a subtle roasty finish to it along with big notes of caramel and a nice malty kick.  Slight hue of red and brown make this ale appealing to the eye.  The name O' Ruaidhri is set in its traditional Gaelic spelling and pronounced O'Rory, which we know today as "Rogers".  This ale was named after a great friend that has been with Hayes' Public House since the start and has joined alongside myself to bring this dream to life. 
Hayes' Irish Stout - 4.3%
Bold roast flavors bring this classic ale to life.  Notes of chocolate, caramel, and fresh roasted coffee are easy on the nose.  This stout is smooth, creamy, with a nice bitter finish.  We age our stout with a toasted oak chip that has been infused with our favorite Minnesota known whiskey, 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey.  This gives a nice oak barrel taste and smoothness to the character of Hayes' Irish Stout 
As we progress into the future we will start to introduce limited and seasonal selections such as a Heather Ale, Scotch Ale, or a nice Pale Ale which is perfect for those summer months .  In the meantime Hayes' will work with local restaurants and a local meat market to bring in small quantities of food for food pairings and other tasting events. This will allow us not only to build a relationship with the local small businesses but give our customers the best experience we can. We will use this opportunity of starting small, growing a respectable reputation in the community and surrounding areas to further grow and expand the dream but to also make sure we can serve all you Hayes' Public House supporters to the best of our abilities.  Thank you all again for the support! Stay tuned, big things are coming your way!


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