Haven Brothers: Legacy of the American Diner

by Jeff Toste

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    1. Michael Duffy on

      Well I just found out about it on Friday. More promotion, may need more time.

    2. Jeff Toste Creator on

      Did what we could for promotion--but we have next to no budget--hence the KickStarter "Catch-22." Can't get funded by KickStarter without greater promotion, can't get greater promotion without KickStarter. Unfortunately once you start a campaign with KickStarter, that's it. They don't allow you to extend your deadline.

    3. Michael Duffy on

      I just friended you on FB. I have a radio show and would love to have you on this Saturday for a final push. I posted it on my One O'Clock Radio page as well as Pawtucket Music Mafia. Lots of folks that went to hear music in Providence over the past 4 decades.