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Scandals... payoffs... coverups… if you love politics, you'll hate this game.
178 backers pledged $8,748 to help bring this project to life.


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POLITICAL SATIRE (see disclaimer below)

Presidential Election: The Board Game is a highly competitive 2 player board game that requires you to out outsmart and outmaneuver your opponent to win the ultimate prize.

Not a big fan of politics? Great, neither are we!

Regardless of which candidate you're pulling for in the election (or if you're not a fan of either!) this game gives us a great chance to sit back and laugh.


Help us reach our goal and ALL backers who get the game will get the special Conspiracy Add-On... 

You'll run your presidential campaign as one of these 10 candidates, each with their own backstory and special power...

Limited time Trump and Hillary cards for Kickstarter backers only, details below.

Stand-Up Vote Counter Scoreboard. Whoever has more votes on election day wins (Popular vote... wow, what a concept!)

$100,000,000 in Million Dollar Bills. Use your cash to buy ads, payoff your opponents supporters and get yourself out of trouble.

U.S Flag Campaign Trail Marker.  Every round of play equals one week of the presidential election.

News, Debate and Campaign Cards. Includes scandal cards, media cards, payoff cards, coverup cards and more (keep scrolling for examples)...

Also Includes: Cheat Sheets, Ad Markers, Instruction Manual, and Custom Dice

Kickstarter "Cease and Desist" Bonus Cards...

 2 limited edition candidate cards for our valued Kickstarter backers; yours free when you pledge your support and get the game today. Hillary and Trump cards will never be printed again (I think we've all had enough of these guys anyway!)





You’ll build your campaign for presidency as you travel down the campaign trail, competing in a fierce campaign battle every stop of the way. The closer you get to election day, the more the stakes increase.

To win the game you’ll not only need to build a solid campaign, but you’re going to have to play a little dirty. It’s going to take some strategy, but you’ll have plenty of opportunities to spoil your opponent’s plans and play them like a fiddle.

Scandals and Coverups...

Need a boost in the polls? Play a Scandal card and you’ll reap huge benefits. But beware: your scandal can be exposed by your opponent playing an Expose a Scandal card, costing you dearly. That is, unless you play a Coverup card first...

Winning in the Media...

You and your opponent will fight tooth and nail to gain exposure by manipulating the media at every turn. There are 3 media types, each of which helps you gain favor with voters in different ways...

Supporters and Payoffs...

To get a desk in the oval office you’re going to need some good people behind you (in front of you, and beside you).

Meet the people you’ll try to get in your pocket

So you got a strong supporter to join your campaign? Don’t break out the scotch and confetti just yet. If there’s one thing we know about politics it’s that everyone’s got a price. If your opponent plays a Payoff card they can bribe your supporter, stealing them over to the dark side.


Fundraising and Advertising…

You’ll need lots of loot to take over Capitol Hill. Money buys many things, but in a presidential election few are more important than advertising.  For every ad campaign you purchase you’ll gain votes in the polls. More importantly though, your political propaganda will widen your reach, enabling you to collect from your constituents time and time again.

But you’ve got to be smart with your money. As you approach election day ad prices increase and you never know when you’ll need a little cash to get yourself out of hot water.

Aligning on the Issues…

Throughout the game there are 5 recurring issues that appear on different components, each with a corresponding symbol and color...

Every week (round) you’ll have the opportunity to gain votes by matching up on the issues...

In this example, player 1 has 3 matching foreign policy issues and player 2 has 4 matching healthcare issues.

As the game goes on you’ll build up your campaign, improving your ability to get aligned on the issues. In the board game world we call this an “engine building” mechanic. In the political world they call this a “miracle”.

Interactive Debates...

As you build your campaign and accumulate votes, you and your opponent will also compete in 3 head-to-head debates. Debates include challenges that test your ability to spin and/or embellish a story, intimidate your opponent and pull completely useless knowledge out of your butt.

Not buying your opponent's answers? Fact check them!

Don’t know anything about politics? No problem, neither do our real candidates!




So, you’ve got another friend who wants to throw their hat in the ring? Well then, let’s make it a party!

When you add the 3rd Party expansion you’ll not only add another seat at the table, but you’ll add a new dimension to the game… Vice Presidential candidates! Your first order of duty will be to choose your running mate. Together you’ll build an unstoppable campaign, leaving your adversaries flat-footed as a Vietnam draft dodger.




Let’s face it, this year’s presidential election bites.

We’re a great country filled with great people, yet we can’t seem to elect a leader that the people like, let alone want to follow.  Kinda crazy we get 31 delicious flavor options at Baskin Robbins, but only 2 lousy choices for President of the United States.

We created Presidential Election: The Board Game to shine some sarcastic light a sputtering system that has been backwards for far too long. While the game is 100% satirical in nature, I think we can all agree that the scandals, payoffs and coverups bear an all-too-familiar resemblance to the current political landscape.

It's gone beyond troubling, and flat out reached the point of silliness.  By supporting this campaign you’re not only going to get a great game, but in a small way you’re sending a message. Sure, we may not have all the answers, but we at least need to start asking the right questions.

We invite you to join us. Instead of collectively throwing in the towel on our current presidential election, let’s just make it into a game. After all, in times like these, what else can we do but laugh?

Anyway, (end rant) thank you VERY much for backing the campaign. We appreciate your support!





Shipping and Handling

Shipping costs stink almost as much as taxes do. The good news is, unlike the government, we’re going to help split the bill.

If you live in the U.S. of A. you’ll only pay a measly $5 for shipping and handling. Better yet, all expansions ship for free.  Learn more here.

Live outside the states? Click here and choose your reward to view international shipping rates.

VIP Supporters

Those brave souls whose generous support has made this dream a reality.  VIP's enjoy plenty of cushy perks, including free games for perpetuity.  

  • Jim and Allison Leitz
  • Marcia Gudal
  • Drew Leitz
  • Vanessa Bush
  • Victoria Leitz and Joe Hickey
  • Cody and Shannon Sperber
  • Ben Geisman
  • Ivan Roth
  • Trish Balas
  • Mark Graskemper
  • David Lee

Game Credits

Creator & Concept: Matt Leitz
Creator & Graphics: Lyndsey Merryman
Art & Illustrations: Marc Lopez
Contributors: Will Haupt, Derek Zimmermann
Video: Promoshin
Voice: TK Kellman

Official Unofficial Disclaimer

This game, including any and all details described herein, should be considered political satire. As such, the 1st amendment grants us the right to poke fun at our government in a semi-sarcastic manner. :-)


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Risks and challenges

Challenges include: keeping our country safe while hiding matters of national security and trying to solve immigration by building a wall. Oh wait... that's the OTHER presidential election.

The biggest challenge with this, or any project, is to deliver your rewards by the goal date. The good news is this isn't our first rodeo, and we learned a lot of lessons on our first go-round. We're working with a reputable printer and as you can see, the art work is already finished.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

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    • Candidate Cards
    • Supporter Cards
    • Scandal Cards
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    • Media Cards
    • Debate Cards
    • News Cards
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    • 3rd Player Board
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    • 5 Super PAC Cards
    • 15 Media Cards
    • Scandal, Payoff, Coverup
    • Cheat Sheet
    • Instructions
    • Fundraising Die
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