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A card game where players do challenges with the help of complete strangers for points!
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Chickenshit is a drinking card game where players do challenges for points with the help of complete strangers.  

This game is different from most card games in that it's designed to be played at bars, clubs, house parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, underground bare-knuckle boxing matches... anywhere you're bold enough to play.  

It revolutionizes the experience of being out drinking with friends, and most people who play it say it's literally the most fun they've ever had going out.  

Chickenshit has extreme replayability because the environment, as well as the people involved, are always changing. You don't even have to drink to play, we just prefer to drink while playing, well... any game.

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Players take turns drawing cards and completing the challenges on them within the time limit for points. Cards can range from anything like, "Get a stranger to twerk," to "Propose to someone and get them to say yes."

You can only ask people you don't know, and each player can only go up to the same person once.  

Each card is worth a different amount of points based on how hard the challenge is to complete. If you complete a challenge, you get to keep the card, and the player with the most points after the last card has been drawn wins!

Try out different game modes like Blitzkrieg where you rush against your friends to get as many challenges done as possible, or Legendary Mode where you have to keep the fact that you're playing a secret.  

You and your friends can even just take turns drawing challenge cards at your own pace, or root bystanders on to draw a card and try to complete a challenge themselves.

We realized that many people find going out to sit at a bar, club or lounge a rather boring experience, and even those that do enjoy going out are often looking for new ways to have fun and be social. We also noticed that there really aren't that many great drinking games that can be played out in places where people intentionally go to drink and socialize, which seemed ridiculous.  

The Chickenshit game cards are pretty tame and lighthearted in nature. They're designed for everyone (even your grandma) to enjoy.

Initially, we created the game just for ourselves and our friends in order to make going out way more fun, but every night, tons of people we'd encounter while playing would come back up to us and ask if they could join our game. And thus, Chickenshit was born.  

Risks and challenges

The game has already been completely designed, play-tested, finalized and is currently scheduled to go into production so there are no risks or challenges involved. We just wanted to give the Kickstarter community who have been incredibly supportive of the project a chance to be the first to get the game when Chickenshit hits the market this summer. Thank you to all of you innovators and early adopters out there for supporting us!

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