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HASH Magazine: Our First Print Issue's video poster

HASH is a digital publication spotlighting an eclectic sect of musicians with photos, profiles, reviews and tactile design. Read more

Brooklyn, NY Publishing
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This project was successfully funded on November 7, 2012.

HASH is a digital publication spotlighting an eclectic sect of musicians with photos, profiles, reviews and tactile design.

Brooklyn, NY Publishing
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About this project

Meet HASH: We Serve Music.

HASH Magazine is a quarterly digital publication based in Brooklyn, NY prioritizing a thorough mix of both up-and-coming and under-covered musicians.

Our bottom line is sharing worthwhile music as a worthwhile experience, which we render with attention to design, in-depth profiles and reviews, and lush full-page photo spreads; we also include a playlist with each issue, for better muzak while you read.

This zine has come to fruition at the hands of passionate people who love music and care about their respective crafts. If you're looking for new and diverse shapes of music, and a presentation that's as unique as it is thorough and done with care, then this is the magazine for you.

That's Nice, But Where Do I Come In? 

The goal here is to raise enough support to offset printings costs for our upcoming Fall 2012 issue (expected to launch in November).
Why? Well, bold reader, while we do relish new, interactive media, we think that putting a physical copy into strangers' hands—running a good-ol'-fashioned street team operation—will create a wider awareness for HASH. Then we'll consider getting proper brands on board to take HASH from Labor of Love to Fledgling Business.

And, oh yeah: that whole new media bit from a few sentences ago? Real. We've already got a HASH demo for iPad that compiles highlights from our first handful of issues—we just need a financial bump to push it into the app store (and turn heads, natch.) $900 of this campaign will go toward those publishing costs.

Issue 2 For iPad
Issue 2 For iPad

**Your generous pledge will make HASH's print edition a reality, impact the zine's overall identity, and allow us to initiate our plan to become sustainable within the first six months of 2013.**

Why Us:

• We trademarked HASH Magazine back in 2011, and became an LLC earlier this year.
• That app we mentioned above already won for Mag+'s app design contest, in the Music & Movies category

• We've already listed NYC's shops and local hangouts (venues, record shops, book stores, cafes) where we'll personally spread the printed edition of our next issue.
• We've launched six digital issues: five full issues, one year-end issue.
• We encourage open minds and ears, and that readers support the artists within our pages.

Who ARE You People?

Your co-founding culprits are Monica (Creative Director/Graphic Designer) and Sean (Editor & Writer in Chief): concert junkies and borderline (okay, all-around) music obsessives. It occurred to us one day in 2010 to put our heads together and collaborate on a product we knew we'd be enthusiastic enough to give our nights and weekends to.

Work began early in 2011. We launched the first issue of HASH that spring, with local Brooklyn soul-psychers The Stepkids as our cover stars.

The rest of 2011 saw us honing an editorial direction and developing the HASH brand, seeking compelling stories and eclectic sounds, and making each issue more robust than the last. We grabbed Alabama singer-songwriter Willem Maker for an extended look into his brilliant trilogy of albums; ventured to Montreal to tour Kid Koala's home studio; and jumped between New York artists (rapper MaG, singer-songwriter Alec Gross) and the other side of the Atlantic (Alice Russell, Lianne La Havas) before leaping back again, to Brooklyn's Kelli Scarr, who led our first extended feature, focusing on Women to Watch. Of course, this is only scratching the surface. Visit us at to see what we’ve been doing for the past year!

We're excited about the brand we've built. Now we need your help in beefing it up to go and fend for itself in the wilderness!


  • How will my pledge be used?
  • Simply to fund our print-edition for the Fall Issue, publish our app, produce the SWAG listed above at right, and cover all shipping for those who've pledged. We've calculated to cover the bare minimum of production costs.
  • How big are the physical issues going to be?
  • The zines will be a handy 5.5" x 8.5", roughly 60 pages of flushed, full-color music coverage.
  • Is HASH's app already available?
  • Soon!
  • Can I get the print issue anywhere? What about in the future?
  • Not at the moment, but we've included it as a compensation for the $25 pledge.
  • How many will be printed?
  • 1,000.
  • When will Issue #6 be available?
  • Online in November, 2012. Printed immediately afterward and shipped to you, according to your pledge (est. by mid-late December)
  • What about future issues?
  • Can't you just enjoy the present for a minute? It's cool, neither can we. As outlined above, the plan is to generate enough buzz in the final months of 2012 so that by the time our late winter/early spring issue arrives in 2013 HASH can continue this digital-and-print model, and compensate our amazing contributors.
  • I’m an artist/in a group, can we donate for future coverage?
  • Maybe...
  • Can I contribute to HASH?
  • We'd love to hear from you. Get in touch:
  • Will there be street teams anywhere beside NYC? I want to help, but I don’t live there. Can I be a part of the street team?
  • If this is you, reach out to us and we'll figure something out: PS -- You're awesome.

Risks and challenges

As the prime movers of HASH we have a proven track record of seeing our content and collaborators come together to meet a quarterly launch deadline. We've yet to print or process any of the memorabilia planned with this kickstarter, so the possibility of production quality not being what we expect or envisioned (both for the sake of our donors / readers, and for representing the brand) certainly might postpone our estimates for production time.

But getting the fall issue into print is, for us, a voyage into the unknown only to a small extent: we’ve launched six issues thus far, and plan to simply turn our next issue into a handy zine. As far as getting that print edition together, we have already lined up what we feel is a reliable printer who will do justice to the lush, vibrant aesthetic defined by HASH’s digital edition—though obviously we've yet to trust this printer with so substantial a run of full on/color, front-and-back print books. In the event (which we consider unlikely but not impossible) the print editions of the issue aren't to our visual standards, we will take all necessary steps to ensure that HASH’s premium on quality is upheld, even if it means a longer waiting time for those donors expecting our next issue in the mail.

Our ultimate goal is to build a self sustainable business with this magazine. We think it will reach a wide group of people. This is important since our presence will factor greatly in our ad sales for each quarter; and also because paying our contributors is a big priority. Couple that with printing costs, and we're looking at a large sum of money to generate each quarter.

Finding a way to make ends meet with an on-going print issue will no doubt be a big hurdle to overcome. With that being said, we've already tossed around ideas for having sponsored issues. Since theoretically HASH can reach so many people, we are confident that it can and will be a great vehicle for sponsoring brands whose identity and aims are ones with which we can faithfully align. In any event, if this print issue does not garner the kind of attention we're looking for from ads/sponsors, we will continue to push forward, making a quality digital magazine that's ripe with great music and content.

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