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A story of a bartender in over his head, a crime drama with the spicy flavor of an old-school western...fresh and gritty

Film Title: Hart’s Place
Genre: Drama/Crime/20th Century Western
Film Running Time: 22 minutes

Tagline: “The down payment was small, the consequences were grand.”

Synopsis: Hart, an ill-fated bartender, along with his amateur companions get in over their heads when a vicious cartel fails to receive their investment. A hired hand is sent as a delegate to administer revenge in a sinister way.

We are raising money to help fund the production stage of making the short film "Hart's Place" written and soon to be directed by Eric Nation. All money donated will go to cover location costs, set design and feeding our awesome and talented cast and crew. We don't want these guys to go hungry and we want the world to see our movie.  Please donate whatever you can give. We offer rewards for some donation denominations, so don't forget to check those out!

The Story: The film begins by introducing Hart, the owner of a once bustling tavern now in ruin. Hart has consistently shown a habit of procrastination as shown by the tickets that line the windshield of his inoperable station wagon. Bombarded with never-ending problems - some just from bad luck, others by his own irresponsibility - he has made one mistake too many. His latest comes from his role as “ring leader” of patrons turned partners in crime.

After the cartel fails to receive their investment, Hart is pressured into assembling his crew of everyday men; Arnie, Roth and Manny for a night that will change their lives. His comrades know nothing of the reason for the planned meeting and wait for Hart to explain, but he is distracted by a “bum” outside the tavern who taunts him with phone calls from across the street.

Abruptly, Hired Hand shows up to meet the “crew” and confirms Arnie’s suspicions that Hart has once again made a mistake.  They find out that Hired Hand, a sick and weird hit man/bounty hunter, was sent by the cartel to administer punishment to Hart and his “crew.”  While forcing them to play a game of poker for what they presume is to save their lives, Hired Hand torments the men with the gruesome story of how he has tracked down the money.

Hart attempts to talk his way out of the situation, but fails tragically. Hired Hand refuses to accept any bargains on behalf of his boss who wants bloodshed over repayment. Continously distracted by the bum and forced to accept reality, Hart is in over his head and the consequences for his actions are much larger than he could have imagined.


Writer & Director: Eric Nation
Production Manager & 1st AD: Stacey Nation

Director of Photography: Patrick Kehoe

Camera Assistant: Casey Nation

Gaffer: Eric Thomas

Best Boy: Jason Vo

Grip Electric 1: Patrick Lavad

Grip Electric 2: Josef Wilke

Production Sound Mixer: Demetri Malevitsis

Boom: Andre Kirkman

Production Design/ Props Master: Mandy Kehoe

Script Supervisor: Indy Cho

Creative Consultant: William Pacult

Key Makeup Artist: Elisha Seaton

Makeup Assist: Kelly Brauntinney

Production Assistant: Jon Helgren

Production Assistant: Sebastian Lisic

Cast Lineup:

Hart: Bill Johns
Hired Hand: Craig Packard
Arnie: Brandon Cline
Manny: David Reyes
Roth: Dave Shecter

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The biggest challenge of this project is finding a dedicated cast and crew to assist with the production stages. Without a great crew, no project can succeed. We feel we have already overcome this by selecting people who are reliable & talented, thus creating a solid foundation on which to make this movie.


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