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CPU Wars is a trump card game created by geeks for geeks. The purpose of the game is to win by choosing the best CPU spec.

CPU Wars Volume 1.0 has now been produced thanks to all the amazing people that backed this project. For all the latest news, updates and to get your own deck, go to

Less than a day to go. Two more things!

Exclusively for kickstarter backers you will receive two more things:
1) Access to an invite only Facebook group, where you will be able to interact and shape CPU Wars, take part in giveaways, promotions and everything else I come up with.
2) Access to a password protected blog that will be documenting the CPU Wars journey. It's called "A Guy in a Bunny Suit" and it will be documenting everything about CPU Wars from tomorrow onwards (including pictures of proofs, the production facility etc.)
Thank you guys!

New backer reward! Even more exclusive decks.
To make every deck even more exclusive to kickstarter backers, every deck received will feature a hand-written number (x out of total) along with a stamp in the inside of the tuck box flap. All numbers will be recorded so I can guarantee its authenticity. My way of saying thank you for all the support!

$10k Passed! One week to go!
WOW! We passed $10k!!!! Thank you everyone for your support! Keeping to the set out goals, every backer will also receive an awesome set of badges. One with the CPU Wars logo, and another with the helmet. Picture of a prototype will be uploaded soon.

Important Update for Higher PledgesI've decided to make a big change to the higher pledges. Anyone that pledges $150 or $600 (including current backers) will now get 5 decks instead of 1! I want you to be able to share the joy of CPU Wars with your friends and this is my thank you to you.

I've also created an image to show what $600 gets you. So by pledging $600 you get 5 decks, one CPU (in an awesome antistatic box) and a mention in the Credits card of the deck. This card looks like this:

So thousands of people will know how awesome you are and that you helped this project become a reality.

WOOOHOOO! $7.5K Everything Looks Good Tucked In - Achieved!You guys are amazing! We've exceeded the $7.5k goal and doubled the funding in just 10 days. As a thank you EVERY deck will come with a tuck box. Next goal is $10k and the reward is amazing badges, one with the CPU Wars logo and one with the helmet. The prototype of the tuck box is now ready!


The support from everyone so far has been amazing. We are steadily reaching our next goal of $7.5k. Based on the amazing support I've received so far I have decided to add a new bonus for ALL BACKERS old and new. No matter how much you pledge you will be included in an exclusive Early Backer Newsletter/Group. Through that you will get early access to new versions, special discounts and more importantly the ability to shape the future of CPU Wars, by taking part in feedback rounds and prototype discussions.

WOOHOO!! First Achievement Reached!
This is amazing, after less than a day we have reached the 2nd goal of $5k. Every deck will now come with 4 high quality vinyl stickers. So if you are getting the party pack you will also get 20 stickers to share with your friends. And we're not stopping here, next goal is $7.5k for tuck boxes! Tuck boxes are printed cardboard boxes to keep your cards safe and tidy if you are not using the anti-static bag. Here's what the stickers will look like:

!!!!WOW 100% Funded in less than 4 days!!!! 
I want to thank each and every one of you for making this a reality. I never thought we would be able to reach the goal so quickly. You are all awesome!

Now we are not stopping here! Continue pledging and unlock great rewards (see further down the page).

First up $5,000. Stickers are everywhere! Every deck will come with 4 high quality vinyl stickers featuring the CPU Wars helmet and logo. They are hard-wearing so you can stick them to your laptop, your phone or anywhere else.

Plus, if you want more than 5 decks or have gone for the higher pledges and want additional decks, please add $10 for every extra deck (e.g. $70 gets you 7 decks, $170 gets you 7 decks and the other goodies)

What's CPU Wars?CPU Wars is a trump card game created with tech geeks in mind. It's the most fun you can have with CPU specs.

What is this game?The deck is made up of 30 cards, each featuring one CPU from the last 40 years and a list of specs. For Volume 1.0 I chose 30 CPUs that I believe had the greatest impact on the desktop history. The game is ideally played by 2 or 3 people (but it can be played by up to 6). The deck is split between the players and then each player takes a turn and picks a category that they think has the best value. I have chosen the most important specs that could be numerically represented, such as maximum speed achieved and maximum number of transistors. It's lots of fun, it has a bit of strategy and can be played during a break or over a coffee.

Why CPUs?
I started learning programming at the age of 10 at the beginning of the 90s, using an 8086 PC and BASIC. From the first day I was fascinated by CPUs and learning everything about them. During my Computer Engineering degree I got a chance to program in assembly language and fell even deeper in love with these small chips. I think that every geek has been at some point in love with one of their CPUs.

What does it look like?

After a lot of revisions we've created an awesome deck that lets the CPUs shine.

You can't go to war without a helmet and if you are into making chips, then you need a cleanroom helmet.

Every CPU has been photographed in a clean and antistatic environment.

Limited Edition packaging for Kickstarter!

The cards will be printed and packed in the UK by a company that specialises in card games.

Bunny suits are cool…

Why I need your help with this project
To get the best quality at the right price, I need to place a large order. This is the problem with printing, you need to reach a certain production level for it to become affordable. For this reason I'm reaching out to you. Everything is ready from our part to go to the printers, all we are missing is the funds to get the process started. As soon as we reach our funding goal it will only take us about a month to get the decks printed, packed and sent to you!

What you'll get
I'm doing my best to give you the best quality and rewards for your pledges. All contributors (if they want) will be listed on the CPU Wars Thank You page!

For any pledge above $15 you will get a CPU Wars Volume 1.0 deck shipped to your home address. As your pledge increases so do the rewards!
So $25 will get you two decks and $50 will get you 5 to share with your posse.
If you are feeling very generous then you have two options. For $150 you will get a deck plus one of the CPUs I used to create the game! For $600 you will get a deck, a cpu and a mention in the Credits of the game.
And don't forget that shipping to you is free, no matter where you live.

And this is not all. If we exceed our funding goal then we will keep on adding extras for every pledge. Some goals I have set and I will probably add more things to them:

$5,000. Stickers are everywhere! Every deck will come with 4 high quality vinyl stickers featuring the CPU Wars helmet and logo. They are hard-wearing so you can stick them to your laptop, your phone or anywhere else.
$7,500. Everything looks good tucked in. Every deck will also get a tuck box. This will keep the cards tidy so you won't wear out your shiny ESD bag.
$10,000. Every pledge of $15 and above, gets 2 high quality badges. One featuring the CPU Wars logo and one featuring the CPU Wars Helmet.

More informationI'll stop now or I will keep going on for ages. I hope you like my project and thanks for reading everything :) Oh, if you have any question, just ask.

P.S. Just one more thing. Why Volume 1.0 you might ask? Two reasons. First, the decimal point allows for add-ons which are already planned and will extend each deck. The main number allows me to create new decks in other computing platforms. I've already started working on some...


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    The 8-bit. Show your love for CPUs! As a thank you, your name and a url will be listed on the Thank You page of the official site

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    The 16-bit. You will be one of the first people to get one deck of CPU Wars in exclusive KickStarter packaging as soon as it’s printed. Plus a mention on the Thank You page of the official site. Includes free delivery anywhere in the world!

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    The 32-bit. People like sharing. You can get two decks in a kickstarter only offer. Same spec as the above deck, plus the mention in the thank you page. Includes free delivery anywhere in the world!

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    The Party Pack. Want to share CPU Wars with more friends? Get 5 decks at an insane price. Same spec as the above deck, plus the mention in the thank you page. Includes free delivery anywhere in the world!

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    The 64-bit. You get 5 CPU Wars decks, a mention on the site, plus one of the original CPUs* photographed to make CPU Wars! That’s right I’m giving away the collection that I spent months building. The CPU will come in an awesome antistatic box, which you can also use as a display case. *Because of the size and weight, some CPUs are not included

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    The 128-bit. The 64-bit reward (#5) above plus your name on the Credits card of the deck! So that's 5 decks, one CPU, a mention on the site and your name on the Credits card. The last card of the deck has the names of the people and companies that contributed to this project. This is your only chance to get one of the 2 spaces that are available! To see what this card looks like visit this link

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