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Help Harrison Hudson record their third full length album titled 'American Thunder'.
Help Harrison Hudson record their third full length album titled 'American Thunder'.
192 backers pledged $9,891 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      dblester on

      has anyone received the download link for the covers of run my way? i saw the other day they said they were sending them out but i never received an email.

    2. Missing avatar

      Trey Rosenkampff on

      I entered the wrong email address on the survey thingy! What do I do??

    3. James Kovacs on

      Congrats guys!

      One of my most anticipated albums this year.

    4. Kimmie on

      woo hooooo!!! WTG!!! soooooo excited!!! I know the album is gonna be a HIT!!!

    5. James Kovacs on

      Screw it guys. Let's get it to at least ten grand before the time is up!

    6. Harrison Hudson Creator on


    7. Missing avatar

      Cory Garcia on

      Can't wait to get the CD guys! Hell yeah! Keep it up! Your penis I mean ;]

    8. Harrison Hudson Creator on

      hey. let's see how far we can go over! GREED!!!!

    9. James Kovacs on

      HELL YES! It's on!

    10. Missing avatar

      Lucie Stanworth on

      Everyone should just pledge another dollar!

    11. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      It'll get made if people just keep pounding it like we have been (that's what she said?)

    12. James Kovacs on

      I agree with Mary. And it wouldn't even need to be $10. It could be $7. C'mon everybody!

    13. Missing avatar

      Lucie Stanworth on

      If it doesn't make it; I'm going to cry :'(

    14. Missing avatar

      Mary Ellen on

      If everyone who backed the project gives just $10 more dollars we could bring this home!!!! Let's do it!

    15. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      Wow, This went from like 4,000 something when I got to work to 8,154 when I got off. It's a President's Day (kinda) miracle!

    16. James Kovacs on

      Tell everyone! Only three days left guys! This is one my most desired albums this year!

    17. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      love it! i pledged, but i cant seem to download!

    18. Missing avatar

      roberto fraga on

      how do we download the updated songs?

    19. Harrison Hudson Creator on

      the enthusiast only get's the shirt. we're working on adding in a vinyl pacakge so feel check back later today.

    20. Adam Hart on

      Does the enthusiast get the vinyl? Please say yes

    21. Edward Cunningham on

      hahaah good luck getting to $9,500! Sounds good Can't Wait!