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The world's most advanced camera remote! Trigger a camera with an iOS or Android device. Long exposures, intervalometer, and bramping.
The world's most advanced camera remote! Trigger a camera with an iOS or Android device. Long exposures, intervalometer, and bramping.
3,710 backers pledged $221,739 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jaber Mohammad on

      The whole community seams to have disappeared! I cannot find the app in the iOS app store, the official website is no more ( and the support pages at are shut (
      What am I supposed to do with the device now? It is just a black cable! Anybody knows a way to get the app?

    2. Dade Williams on

      i got my cable, it barely worked then didn't work, i never got a replacement. oh well

    3. Michael Crawford on

      It's a shame that the software side of this got dropped.

    4. Gomisan on

      Such a shame that people get so worked up over a KS. I'm one of the lucky ones I guess, my cable arrived, it worked, still works and I am very happy. Sadly it looks like their business failed, and many businesses do. That shouldnt be reason for all this vitriol. You invested a small amount of money (hopefully) in a business/product idea that ran into problems and didnt pan out as expected for everyone, move on. If you need the functionality, look at the product TriggerTrap which does the same as this did, but with a better IOS interface! (and fully compatible with the TriggerTrap cable I gather)

    5. Missing avatar

      David Romanis on

      Worked - and still works - like a charm. As long as people read FAQs, know their cameras right and give it a few tests, they'll work out that it's the handiest little gadget in their arsenal. The people on here causing and abusing the developers need to get a grip, pick their toys back up and place them back in the pram.

    6. Luke Lindley on

      Never received my product, what an absolute fucking joke, no reply to emails. This has been years. Go fuck yourselves.

    7. Maciej Plewicki on

      Luckily I got my refund (wasted only postage costs), bought the TriggerTrap product and I am very happy user...

    8. Ming Chonlanotr on

      Your product don't work. :(

    9. Callum Kerr on

      Hi, still not heard back from you. I've been expecting to hear from you for months now - please contact me... it's getting beyond a joke.

    10. Missing avatar

      Gert Coetzee on

      Dear Mr Harrington. I have not visited these comments for some time, and am absolutely gutted to see that you are still alive. This means I bought into another dud start-up, apart from yours. Clearly this voodoo doll does not work. I pushed pins into the pelvic area, the heart and the brain. Such is my luck. Wishing you a terrible 2014. Yours, G Coetzee

    11. Missing avatar

      Steven Christenson on

      Regarding "Trigger Happy" and Android...

      Folks, I discovered that the TriggerTrap app on iOS will drive TriggerHappy. TriggerTrap also has an Android app. The TriggerTrap iOS app is free, so I suggest anyone unhappy with the TriggerHAPPY app, give the TriggerTRAP app a drive.

      PS. The form factor of the TriggerHappy *cable* is superior, IMHO, but it does have a few quirks.

      Hope that helps.

    12. Eric Latham on

      So, I tried giving you all the benefit of the doubt that you were actually working to fix your problems, but after months of hearing absolutely nothing, I simply emailed and asked what the deal was and finally got some answers:

      "You deserve an honest answer. Unfortunately for the time being, progress on the Android app is at a crawl due to the lack of manpower in developing the app. We do have plans to continue developing (actually totally revamping) the Android application, however for the time being, we do not have the capacity to produce significant updates for the app. We apologize for the inconvenience this causes. We hope to have the ability to revamp the app soon. "

      At that point, I'd had enough and asked for a refund. I was told:

      "Generally obtaining a refund for a donation to a Kickstarter project cannot be done, however we understand that this is a situation that may merit an exception. Your information has been forwarded on to our head-honcho, Kevin for a refund. Typically this comes in the form of a paypal payment to your email address. As Kevin is often extraordinarily busy on the job, it can take up to 3 weeks for it to arrive to you. We ask your continued patience as we submit this to be processed."

      That was on October 17th. They're no longer responding to emails, apparently.

      This is absolutely ludicrous.

    13. Ben Moore on

      Lol sometimes I just come back to look at this kickstarter campaign just for a good laugh. Epic fail.

    14. Kevin Harrington Creator on

      Hey Andrew, at this point we do not yet have an update for Android. Sadly at this time we do not have the capability of producing an update for Android, though we are working to obtain the means to do so. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    15. Missing avatar

      Andrew Hughes on

      Waking the dead - Any chance of a working Android application? Last version seems to be ten months old now - does not demonstrate any effort. Where did the 220k+ go?

    16. Kevin Harrington Creator on

      Thanks for the good vibes Marty!

    17. Martin on

      Just wanted to come and comment that I was one of the first to get mine (I paid extra to be in first batch), it works perfectly with no issues or defects. Not that it means everyone should be satisfied, but I think it is only right that people post when they have a positive experience as well.

    18. Kevin Harrington Creator on

      Hey Dr Weevil,

      Sorry about the mix-up! We've contacted you directly to confirm your shipping information. We will send you the appropriate product as soon as we can confirm this information. Thank you for your patience!

      The Trigger Happy® Team

    19. Missing avatar

      Dr Weevil on

      ie... i was supposed to get one C3 (received), AND the E3. thanks again

    20. Missing avatar

      Dr Weevil on

      I never actually opened my TriggerHappy when I got it since I didn't really have a use for it at the time. Just went to go use it and realized that 1) I only was sent one (I was supposed to get two), and 2) It's the C3 which I got for a planned future-purchase of a 7D, but not the one that I wanted first for the camera I currently own... the Canon 60D. Any chance I can get that cable (the E3)? Thanks!

    21. Kevin Harrington Creator on

      We haven't received any feedback from you personally since we sent your unit to you again on February 6th. Since we had not received any contact from you since that time, we assumed that all had been taken care of. We would be very happy to resolve any concerns or issues you may be experiencing. Please contact us at and we will address your concerns immediately. Thank you for getting in touch with us!

    22. Callum Kerr on

      Are you ever going to reply to my emails? You're either ignoring them, or I'm copying your address wrong... and I've copied thousands of other addresses without issue. YOU contact ME. If you don't, I might actually start litigation processes, seems a lot of people on here would be pretty interested in joining with me.

    23. Missing avatar

      Xavier Léauté on

      How about open sourcing the Android app? Some people might be willing to contribute.

    24. Kevin Harrington Creator on

      Sorry the updates for Android are so slow! We recently lost our lead Android developer, which (obviously) slows down updates for Android applications. We will continue to monitor reported problems with the app and hope to be able to produce an update soon. If you would like to contact someone about any problems you have specifically, you can contact us directly at

    25. Michael Crawford on

      Any updates on the Android application would be great.

    26. Kevin Harrington Creator on

      Hey Andy,
      Your refund had been submitted at the beginning of May. We've resubmitted it today for you. Hopefully there won't be any delays this time around. We offer our sincerest apologies for the wait! It should go through within the next 7 business days (via Paypal) to the email address you had provided upon backing our project.

    27. Missing avatar

      Andy on

      I sent my unit back over a month ago and still have yet to be refunded. You have the cable - refund my money. Stop coming up with excuses for your poor customer service. Just give me my money back.

    28. Kevin Harrington Creator on

      Most concerns with the product have already been addressed and resolved, but unfortunately this is a different story with the Android Application. We're working to obtain the means to resolve Android bugs. If you would like to speak with us directly about the concerns you are experiencing, we would love to hear from you and would be happy to come to a solution with you.

      We're sorry that you have had a poor experience with our product. We'd like to hear specifically what sort of problem you've encountered. We encourage any backers who have any questions, concerns or complaints (or have yet to receive their backer reward) to contact us directly at so that we can address each situation appropriately. We look forward to hearing from you, Bry.

    29. Bry on

      Here is the local Better Business Bureau info for Trigger Happy if you would like to file a complaint.…

    30. Bry on

      Hey Callum, it was shipped on Feb. 8 and once it leaves the hands of Trigger Happy, they are like a black jack dealer at shift change! OUT OF OUR HANDS! They have no record of contact (whatever that means) so it is all on your buddy! Almost 60 days in shipping, it will get there someday!

      I call BS here. I have seen a few responses from Kevin saying "It was shipped..." but yet people are not getting anything.

      I think it is about time for all us unhappy customers to approach the Better Business Bureau and end this madness.

    31. Eric Latham on

      Are you ever going to actually FIX these so they work?

    32. Kevin Harrington Creator on

      It looks like our Customer Support Team has been in touch with you today. We apologize for any delays you've experienced! Please let us know if you have any further questions by contacting us at

    33. Kevin Harrington Creator on

      Thank you for getting in touch with us about your backer reward. It had been shipped on February 8, 2013. We have no record of contact beyond February 8th, 2013. If you have any additional concerns that we can address, please contact us directly at

    34. Nathan O'Donnell on

      Can you please reply to my emails? It has been over 2 months now!

    35. Callum Kerr on

      I'm STILL waiting on you contacting me. This is getting well beyond a joke now, get your head out of your ass and do something before I do, and you know EXACTLY what I will do.

    36. Kevin Harrington Creator on

      Thanks Elton, if you haven't already received a reply directly, expect to get one very soon!

    37. Elton Carolus on

      I'll send you a step by step soon. By the way, my camera is always on Manual and that's how I tested it.

    38. Kevin Harrington Creator on

      Thank you all for your valuable feedback. We are still working to ensure that every backer receives their backer reward. For those of you who have contacted us via our survey or directly (, your units have already been shipped.

      Callum, We offer our sincerest apologies for the delays you have experienced! Your unit was shipped on Feb. 8, 2013 via USPS First Class International Post. We'd be happy to provide you a tracking number if you so desire.

      Elton, Please contact us at and we will do our best to help resolve your concerns. We have had some difficulties with the Android app and are working to resolve many of these concerns. The problem you are experiencing may be as simple as placing your camera in Manual, but may also require us to report the error and have it resolved in our software - please contact us directly and provide a detailed step-by-step of how you've set up your camera and Trigger Happy® to help us resolve the issue you've experienced.

      If any of our backers have yet to receive their backer reward, please contact us at and we will track down your package for you or ensure that it is shipped immediately.

      Thank you all for your patience!

    39. Elton Carolus on

      Sigh. Things just keep getting worse.
      Long story short. The cable is not working. Updated the software for Andriod. Connected to my Nikon D90 from my HTC Sensation and pretty much nothing is happening. Except for the "push to shoot" that acts like I'm pressing and releasing the shutter button to focus very quickly.

      In short. The product is not delivering the goods. Been trying on various days to rule out stupidity on my side (since you hinted that we know jack about photography) and no joy.

      So I want a refund... Let me know what I must do to make it happen.

    40. Callum Kerr on

      It's been over a month now and I've still not received my product. You're either just taking the piss, or incapable of running a business... maybe both. I've had enough of this nonsense, and I want my pledge value of $66 refunded to my original payment method. Please message me through the Kickstarted interface with instructions.

    41. Bry on

      I like checking in on this place to get a laugh, it never lets me down. the survey seems to have been a joke. The whole project is pretty much a train wreck. I cannot believe there are people that have waited almost a year an not receive their cable yet! WOW!

      Nice work on your website Frank. You obviously have 100x more cred than the owners of this project. Would love to see you shoot a wedding sometime. You seem like you have a blast doing it. It shows in your work.

    42. Frank Donnino on

      I got a refund. I suggest others do the same. Here is the reason given for my refund.

      "reason - user misinterpreted what was advertised"

      Really? Guess again.

      Here is the info.

      If you are unsatisfied with the product, you may return it for a refund to our Trigger Happy® headquarters:

      Trigger Happy, LLC
      877 E 1200 S #970518
      Orem, UT 84097

      Please include the reason for your return in the package to help our shipping team expedite your return. Typically it may take about 7 business days to process your return and submit a refund for approval.

      The Trigger Happy® Team

    43. Eric Latham on

      Almost an entire year of BS.

    44. Frank Donnino on

      Go to www.MyBaldPhotographer and look at my guarantee to my clients. At least I have some integrity. You have a survey. Either give my my money back or tell me your are going to fix your app for my camera 5D Mark II to do HDR. Yes..did you know HDR can be done at anytime? I didn't know I had restrictions. I expect an answer. Refund or Fix App. It's simple.

    45. Frank Donnino on

      Hey about some dam answers to your backers. You say be courteous? For what? Now I am pissed. You have our money and we have nothing. How the heck do you sleep at night?

    46. Tom Kraus on

      100% right Frank! I had a defective cable delivered that is 180 degrees off, won't secure to the camera and renders the body lens release button useless is not my camera body fault but a design defect that he has never addressed by sending a new cable that will work. For my 10+ email contacts I've received 2 useless replies and nothing after filling out the survey.

    47. Eric Latham on

      Agree 100% with Frank.

    48. Frank Donnino on

      Kevin...what good is a survey (yes I filled that out too) when you are not even taking care of those who have voiced their concerns without a survey. In good faith I helped fund your project. But what was advertised is not what I received. I understand you have problems. But you have to do what is right. Either deliver what you promised with an update to the app or refund my money. I have no hard feelings. But if you don't do the right thing, then you deserve all that you are now getting. That's just the way it is. Considering you only wanted 25k and received more than that, you need to do the right thing.

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