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The world's most advanced camera remote! Trigger a camera with an iOS or Android device. Long exposures, intervalometer, and bramping.

What is Trigger Happy?

Trigger Happy is a patent-pending camera remote to control your DSLR or high-end point-and-shoot camera with an iOS or Android device.

Trigger Happy consists of:

  • Trigger Happy Unit - A cable with a very small, embedded signal processor that connects your camera to your phone.
  • Trigger Happy App - For your smart phone.

See our website for supported devices.

Where can I buy Trigger Happy?

Trigger Happy is available from our website. Buy your Trigger Happy camera remote here. Our Kickstarter backers will receive Trigger Happy before any other customers.

Thank you!

A HUGE thank you to all of our Kickstarter backers! We're shocked by the overwhelming response and thrilled to have the funding we need to create an outstanding product.


"This is awesome, off to order one." - Robert Scoble,

"TriggerHappy is brilliant! Remote tether for your dSLR to iPhone/Android! Bought mine. :)" - Don MacAskill, CEO of SmugMug, Inc.

"Canon people should go nuts because they don't really have a great interval timing solution. And it is an easier menu than the Nikon interval timer I already use with a few extra features." - Scott Jarvie, JarvieDigital

Receive TriggerHappy with a pledge of $50 or more.

You get the TriggerHappy Unit that connects your smart phone to your camera and access to the TriggerHappy App in the Apple App Store and Android Market.

The TriggerHappy App includes:

  • Simple camera trigger
  • Bulb functionality for long exposures.
  • Time-lapse mode. A complete intervalometer. Shoot time lapses with HDR and bramping too. See below.
  • HDR mode. Bracketing is varied by changing the shutter speed.
  • Bramping aka bulb ramping can be used when shooting time-lapses from day to night, etc. It works by changing the exposure over time provide smooth transitions for varying light.

Learn more about these features and more here.

Supported Devices

Information about supported cameras and smart phones is provided here.

Who are we?

The TriggerHappy Team from left to right

Kevin Harrington - The chief geek. His Software Engineering background helps to bring you the TriggerHappy application that runs on iOS and Android devices. Whatever you want in a camera remote, he'll make it happen.

Luke Duffield - Our Mechanical Engineer who ensures that the TriggerHappy Unit is a tough device that will connect with your camera. Luke dedicates his time to overseeing the TriggerHappy manufacturing.

Brett Gottula - The Electrical Engineering genius who has mastered the communication between phones and cameras with the circuit embedded in the TriggerHappy Unit.

Have questions? We have answers.

Visit to get in touch with us or read more about us. You can also find us on Facebook and Google+.


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    Can't spend $50 for the TriggerHappy camera remote? Help make TriggerHappy possible! Give whatever you'd like, and we'll list you as a sponsor on our website.

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    Receive the TriggerHappy camera remote! Get the TriggerHappy Cord and the App for iPhone and Android devices! TriggerHappy will retail for $69.99, so save quite a bit! Add $5 for US shipping, $15 for international shipping. We'll contact you soon so we know what camera adaptor you need.

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    Receive two TriggerHappy camera remote cables, with a cable splitter to control two cameras simultaneously. Add $5 for US shipping, $15 for international shipping.

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    Dibs on the TriggerHappy Cable from our first batch! It will ship in at the end of May. Add $5 for shipping. US shipping only for this pledge. And of course you get access to the App!

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    Receive three TriggerHappy camera remote cables with a cable splitter to control three cameras simultaneously. Add $45 more if you want 4 TriggerHappy Cables, and so on. Add $5 for US shipping, $15 for international shipping.

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