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Questions about PSN credits? Please see our BackerKit FAQ below for answers to some of your burning questions.
Questions about PSN credits? Please see our BackerKit FAQ below for answers to some of your burning questions.
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Fulfillment Update & Gameplay First Look

Posted by Harmonix Music Systems (Creator)

Hey everyone, 

Things have been a little crazy over at Harmonix (in the best possible way). The team is ramping up on reward fulfillment! We’re excited to share that we’ll be using BackerKit to assist us in the fulfillment process. Some of you may have used it for other campaigns you have backed. Once invited via Amplitude, you can manage your pledge and shipping information, provide us with shirt sizes, etc.

We’ll send a separate update with all of the glorious details about BackerKit very soon. Stand by.

In other news, the team has also been busy getting the new Amplitude up and running. Woo! For this very special update, we’d like to invite you to a first look at (early) Amplitude gameplay. Watch Creative Lead Ryan Lesser demo the new game and fill you in on what the team has been up to.

We’ll be in touch about BackerKit and other Amplitude-related items soon. Thanks for being awesome.


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    1. Leon (SHANTAE & MN9 Brought Me) on

      GReeeeat Video Just now seeing it Love the way he explained everything (: I feel " In the Need to know" crowd x] you guys are making a rockin great game cant wait as a huge fan!

    2. Dane Brantley on

      Smart idea to be able to upgrade your pledge during completing your backer kit. TNow we can reach our stretch goals in no time. Nice. You guys are smart. Thnx you. Lets make this happen you guys.

    3. Anthony Smith on

      Has it been said yet if we'll be able top configure the controls?

    4. Carlos "Mr. Resetti" Deleon on

      I love this! I am very excited for the new Amplitude! I am so glad a lot of the original team is heading this up because as it stands now it is definitely staying true to the original gameplay! What can the Amplitude development team and the fans do to ensure an online multiplayer mode will be available with the release? Lastly, how difficult will it be to implement either a remix mode or a composition mode? I think these types of modes would be a big hit and extend gameplay, especially if they can be shared online!

    5. Matt Lohkamp on

      dude I am fucking ecstatic over watching this. I'm really ridiculously excited. I want to play this right now. I *really* want to play this on the PC. holy shit.

    6. contact on

      Sais it on neogaf and asking again here: if you're reading this: PLEASE integrate some of the DnB songs from Frequency. I preferred the rythms found in the frequency songs. If you can only do one, JUNGLE BROTHERS - What's the Five - o?

      Please... Pretty please...

      Thanks for doing this. Can't wait to play this again. Got my boner already

    7. Dane Brantley on

      Hey harmonix, a wager for remix mode would be awesome. Choose any song from amplitude or frequency and ill remix it at any tempo any special effect. If the remix i mix is solid and worth your wild both fun to listen and play to, you'll throw in remix mode in the next amp installment. If not, ill stop mentioning it. Maybe not, hehe but ill stop.

    8. Dane Brantley on

      Oh and another thing. Plz make the levels of higher difficulty super duper extreme uncomprehensible hard. Because the greatest thing achieving in amplitude is beating that hard level. After countless tries we develop some muscle in the fingers giving us a sense of what the next level will be. I love that feeling. And as i saw the gameplay clip when you were choosing the difficulty, just below insane i saw two extra slots of difficulties. Lmao i dk what youre gonna name those difficulties but i hope its what we are all asking for. Fuck!!!! Im goin crazy here. Haha.

    9. Missing avatar

      xzeldax3 on

      Looks really great so far! Someone mentioned tempo changes, and I hope you guys don't use those because IMO, they are cheap ways to create difficulty and I personally dislike them.

    10. Dane Brantley on

      Wow the music got me hyped for whatever else you have in the game. Im blown by your choice of music harmonix. I just wanna remix it so bad. Just as you lowered that song down from your surprise goody bags, im hoping you have a remix mode somewhere in the future in that xmas duffle bag there. Lol. Oh and ryan if you really play like that im gonna slaughter you. Lol. J/k . Nothing funner than a lil competition. I look foward to it. Thnxs guys. Keep up the great work. :)

    11. Fighter X on

      So happy to see development is well underway. That track must be just stage 1 insane difficulty? ;)

    12. Jeremiah Sechrist on

      Please include an option for the old Frequency wrap around tube playfield. Its claustrophobic feel is more engaging and conducive to going for higher scores.

    13. Jeremiah Sechrist on

      Please include an option for the old Frequency wrap around tube playfield. Its claustrophobic feel is more engaging and conducive to going for higher scores.

    14. Mobin Mobeen on

      Lol @ Mazinger Z pictures on that Song Info.
      Grendizer fan here ;)

    15. qazimod on

      Even at this early stage it's looking great - thanks for sharing this :)

    16. Benjamin M. on

      Looks great, music sounds great , any chance of having the Vinyl LP avail for the masses? Hohokum did it :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Iain Sword on

      Holy crap! This looks totally freaking awesome!!! I couldn't help but tap out the patterns as Ryan was playing. Can already tell it's going to feel just like the original - cannot wait to play this game!! Keep up the amazing work guys.

    18. Jean-Luc Pedneault on

      I had to hear that Decode Me song 4 times. It's _that_ awesome.

      Can't wait !!

      We need an Insaner difficulty too :-)

    19. Missing avatar

      Rain Gordon on

      The speed differences are cool! Just wondering, are there gonna be any songs with tempo changes? That could be a really fun challenge! Also, how crazy does the curving of the track get? Any loop-de-loops or corkscrews? Can't wait to see more!

    20. Missing avatar

      Joe Miller on

      Harmonix dudes! Thanks for the update. Things are looking sweet. Please please, if you haven't already you must reach out to The Algorithm and use some of this stuff for late-game content!…