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Questions about PSN credits? Please see our BackerKit FAQ below for answers to some of your burning questions.
Questions about PSN credits? Please see our BackerKit FAQ below for answers to some of your burning questions.
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    1. Alistair Bloodnail Dyson on

      Hey guys, I still haven't received any of my physical rewards yet, not just the vinyl, have all the packages been sent out now?.

    2. Missing avatar

      kyle duley on

      putting my copy up for sale on reddit. r/vinylcollectors

    3. Chris Langer on

      I'd think about selling my copy but it arrived with the outer sleeve beat to shit and with gunk on the disc causing skips.

      More and more pissed that this was +$75 over the tier below it, and we got the equivalent of a $15-20 LP. At that price this really could have done a gatefold 2xLP, put the whole 15 track campaign on it, used some actually decent inners instead of a crappy blank cardstock that leaves paper shavings all over the disc, and still had loads of profit to fund the game.

      But it's on par with the rest of the project. The gameplay was good but the soundtrack lacking. The interface and environments were meh. The art book was an actual pile of trash with little thought put into it. Besides the LP being solid red instead of a swirl or burst pour, all of the backer rewards looked exactly like the preview shots with no further work or thought put into them. And of course, they walked back DLC support so this is all we're getting, essentially killing the game right out of the gate.

      Well done, Harmonix. I thought this would be better than Rock Band 4.

    4. Missing avatar

      kyle duley on

      @Ben Przeslak, keep an eye on

      I'm likely going to be selling my copy, and if I do, it'll be through that website

    5. Michael Irigoyen on

      Cool! Two-thirds of what you promised during your campaign is shipping! Who doesn't love getting only 66% of the soundtrack with no other way to get the rest!

    6. Kolma on

      Wish I could have backed at that level. can't wait to get my other goodies at least!

    7. Missing avatar

      Ben Przeslak on

      I had asked this a LONG time ago, but will it be possible to buy this separately? I was told it would be originally. Is that still true?

    8. PKFC on

      I guess the tie-dye vinyl went out the window. Probably not worth the cost for the colour or the music on it.