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Questions about PSN credits? Please see our BackerKit FAQ below for answers to some of your burning questions.
Questions about PSN credits? Please see our BackerKit FAQ below for answers to some of your burning questions.
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    1. Chris Langer on

      Hahahaha nope and this update in APRIL is the last Harmonix ever said about anything.

    2. Victor Ovalle Jr. on

      So uh, did the physical good ever ship? I will be moving in July

    3. Chris Keosky on

      If we could get a new update that would be awesome.

    4. Missing avatar

      Sara Goldberg on

      Finally got my code today... but I also had two add-on codes. I had to ask for them at the time of the PS4 release, and I'm having to ask for them again now >_>

      so frustrating

    5. Chris Ward on

      I have no idea how to pm on here and my order is locked down for processing. Help me for goodness sake. You've had my money for two years.

    6. Missing avatar

      Andy on

      I received my PS3 code on BackerKit just moments ago (USA). I had not previously contacted Harmonix to ask for an update. Maybe the rest are coming soon!

    7. Missing avatar

      Daan Stapelbroek on

      I'll just continue writing on their Facebook wall and commenting on their posts....

    8. Chris Langer on

      They must have reassigned the Amplitude team and all community-facing people to the super important office painting project. Check out their twitter/facebook, it's coming along very nicely!

    9. Missing avatar

      asimpledroid on

      Hey guys, I posted back on April 11th that I have yet to receive my PS3 code, and we're now at May 18th with no response to my comment, no email, and no code. My email address has always been correct, and there's been nothing in my spam folder. Would be great to be able to play the game I backed and paid for!

    10. maezun on

      Harmonix, April 11: "We're still waiting on Sony Europe codes, but should have them in the next few days."

      It's been over a month! Any chance of an update?


    11. Missing avatar

      Daan Stapelbroek on

      Seems to be getting awfully true Nadine...

    12. Missing avatar

      Nadine on

      Plot twist: They never planned to send out the Europe codes for PS3 ...

    13. Missing avatar

      Daan Stapelbroek on

      I'm afraid that for European accounts the code is still not there...

    14. Nicholas Binney on

      As someone in a previous comment mentioned, my (US)PS3 code was on the backerkit page. I never received an email when it was added.

      Check your BackerKit pages!

    15. skidpro on

      Can someone please explain to me how or where the PS3 (EU) code is for Amplitude? I have checked Backerkit, EU Ps3/PS4 code but doesn't work, I got it on PS4. But not on PS3? is it one code for both machines? as it not the case. I seriously don t understand where the PS3 codes, which emails said would be sent a few weeks ago, have not arrived as well? PLEASE ADVISE THANKS

    16. Missing avatar

      Daan Stapelbroek on

      I'm afraid Dean's solution only works for American PS3/PS4 accounts...

    17. foosatraz on

      I haven't received my code. How do I get it?
      I sent a message directly on Kickstarter, but haven't heard anything.

    18. Dean Federico on

      I made this video for those still lacking a PS3 code but have a PS4 code…

    19. Missing avatar

      Tim Knauf on

      Okay, so an unheralded PS3 code appeared on my BackerKit page. Would've been nice to have an email notification. Still, I'm excited to finally play this thing!

    20. Dean Federico on

      Kenneth Reids Solutions works like a charm. Redeem your PS4 code then go to the Website NOT your PS3 to trigger the PS4 download then trigger your PS3 download.

    21. Dean Federico on

      Still haven't received a code, no response to my tweets, no response to my Messages on Kickstarter....... I'm getting really hurt here guys.

    22. Missing avatar

      Daan Stapelbroek on

      Same here! Still no (Europe PS3) code or any answer to my questions...

    23. Kaeli Sollows on

      Like many others I have not received my NA PS3 code, when will we obtain our codes or even see a reply?

    24. Missing avatar

      Jason Jabar Jackson on

      I still haven't received the PS3 code. Backerkit says that they contacted the project team regarding the code, but haven't receive a response.

    25. Missing avatar

      Erik Hewitt on

      Hi. I didn't get a PS3 code, only the PS4 one.
      And I only have a PS3. :/
      What should I do? >.<

    26. Missing avatar

      Sara Goldberg on

      no new codes... messaged Harmonix on here, messaged backerkit... no replies (yet?).

      @kenneth: I just tried logging into the web store, and even though I entered my code back in January, it has a price listed for the PS3 version, and is telling me my discount code isn't valid... so I'm not sure I understand what you're talking about.

    27. Kenneth Ried on

      If you still cant down load your ps3 version here is the fix. If you got a code on backer kit and redeamed it. Go to the playstation store and if you have entered the code already, you can buy the game there for $0. It will then be added to your download list and you can finally have your game. People are waiting on codes because the person who posted this update didnt know what they were talking about. Its pretty sad that Harmonix couldn't get their shit together and give people the correct information.

    28. Kenneth Ried on

      Still no codes. I want my money back.

    29. D.Glow on

      Still no resolution on this? For shame, Harmonix. Thanks for prioritizing your lame AppleTV game over a Kickstarter you collected in 2014.

      It's said to see what happens when incentive is flipped. If Harmonix only collected our $$$ after the game was completed... well, we wouldn't be complaining on Kickstarter, for one.


    30. Tony Stipanic on

      EU People, check your BackerKit again. I now have the code even though there was no info for that.

    31. maezun on


    32. Alan David Simcik

      Nothing from BackerKit about the PS3 code, but I "bought" the free PS4 version from the store (free because I redeemed the PS4 code way back when), and the PS3 version came along for the ride....

    33. Missing avatar

      Doug Kraemer

      Still waiting on a us ps3 code. I've checked baker kit daily, and sent a message to harmonic, but still nothing.

    34. Chris Billingham on

      So where are those EU PS3 codes? Thanks!

    35. skidpro on

      ok where are the eu ps3 codes????

    36. Missing avatar

      T.J. Lynch on

      Also wanted to chime in saying Backerkit did not send out an email alert at all. The code appears to be there when I logged in on the website, but I had no way of knowing that.

    37. Missing avatar

      Michael Okola on

      Ok I so I actually went into my BackerKit page and the code is there. Never got a notification from them though.

    38. Missing avatar

      Michael Okola on

      I haven't received my PS3 code. I used the trick mentioned by others to get the game anyway via the PS4 version in the store, so at least I have the game. However, it often freezes. Very disappointing...

    39. Missing avatar

      xzeldax3 on

      I think I just screwed myself over. My situation is that I redeemed the PS4 code from Janurary but I only have a PS3. I was looking at the PSN website and saw that the PS3 version asks me to buy the game. The PS4 page said "Free" on it, so I "purchased" it. I was then allowed to download the PS3 version! It worked and I was happy. Then I noticed I didn't have the Kickstarter icon next to my name. I am afraid that even if Harmonix sends me a PS3 code, it won't work since I technically "purchased" the game.

    40. Kenneth Ried on

      Spent 45 minutes on chat with Sony. They say the code that I have is for ps4 only. Harmonix has lied to all of us once again. I am going to file a complain with kickstarter since they seem to be ignoring all of us.

    41. Missing avatar

      Matt Koningsor on

      Hi! I haven't received my ps3 download code and was wondering if all of the codes were sent out already. Thanks!

    42. Mike Tolly on

      I used my supposed PS4 code (before the PS3 codes were put in) and it worked fine to get me the PS3 version. In fact I'm not sure if I got a PS4 version (I don't own a PS4 but might someday), since it says I don't own it on the PSN site.

    43. Missing avatar

      Tim Knauf on

      Hi folks, any update on Sony Europe codes for PS3? Excited to finally play this thing! Soon? Yes? :-)

      (I'm in New Zealand, but I think here and Australia are under—for some reason—Sony Europe's jurisdiction.)

    44. Missing avatar

      Austen Parkin on

      2 days later, I still haven't received my PS3 backer code. We're getting to a week now since these were originally promised.

    45. Tracy Ramone on

      still haven't received my code either. :-(

    46. Missing avatar

      Darby on

      Well, I tried to log into my backer kit - but I get the error that my email cannot be found. I get the email updates, but can't log in. What's the deal?

    47. Lobst on

      Similar situation to other commenters -- I have a PS4 launch-day code and nothing else in BackerKit; the PS3 version is not in my PSN Download List. Hope this is figured out soon!

    48. Kenneth Ried on

      I either want the game I paid for or my money back. I am so far beyond disappointed at this point.

    49. Brian Hoff on

      No PS3 code in my backerkit. Only a launch day code.

    50. Gabriel Marble on

      I have not received my PS3 code either...