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Questions about PSN credits? Please see our BackerKit FAQ below for answers to some of your burning questions.
Questions about PSN credits? Please see our BackerKit FAQ below for answers to some of your burning questions.
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    1. K. Chenier-King on

      with all this talk about physical rewards, I hope the patches are included. was hoping to rock it for when I received my Amplitude pin.

    2. Denise みか Hutchins on

      Oops, nevermind, I fixed it! My browser was the culprit.

    3. Denise みか Hutchins on

      I can't get the Digital Art Book to download from BackerKit :( When the dialog box opens, prompting me to open or save the file (after clicking the download link), it will download normally but then when the file opens, it opens a new blank tab in my browser and prompts me AGAIN to save or open the file. It just keeps doing this over and over, opening endless blank tabs in my browser but never actually loading or displaying the PDF. Please help...

    4. Missing avatar

      Breno V on

      I sent an email asking to change my shipping address for the physical rewards, but no answer yet.

      What should I do about this?

    5. Jo Vara on

      Thank you for the update! ^_^/

    6. Michael Chiasson

      I have a PS3 and mistakenly entered my code - will it work upon release in April or whenever it happens? Thank you so much!

    7. Joey Sundberg on

      Thank you so much! This has been the most depressing and frustrating video game wait ever. I'm glad we're finally getting what PS4 kicked to the backseat finally get its release. Thank you �

    8. Jhonny Ayrout on

      Finally, the PS3 version is coming!!!

    9. Matt Lohkamp on

      man I'd rather see amplitude on pc than rockband - maybe with some of that sweet sweet remix mode?

      remix mode is where all the replayability was for amplitude on ps2, in retrospect.

    10. Mickey Possingham on

      Regarding physical rewards, is there any ability to change address? Backerkit seems to be all locked down

    11. Chris Arnesen on

      Thank goodness on the PS3 version!!! I had almost given up all hope!

    12. Melissa on

      But what if my dream is DLC for Amplitude?

    13. Dale Caffrey on

      Still waiting for my ps4 code. Got an email months ago about the release & what to do if I didn't have a code. Well I still haven't gotten one. Any chance I could actually vet what I said for?

    14. Kolma on

      I can finally have a semi date for my physical rewards!

    15. Daniel Radtke on

      I'd imagine the early access is a bit moot at this point...

      Glad to see it finally released though!

      Maybe Harmonix could make up a disc label for the soundtrack so we could burn it to a disc and have something to put in the PS2 style case?

    16. Jason Dalke on

      @ Matthew, Julie:

      The code you received in late-Dec/early-Jan should be a cross-buy code, meaning you get both the PS4 and PS3 versions with the same code.

      If you didn't previously redeem your code, search for an e-mail with the subject: "New Digital Content for Amplitude on BackerKit"

      PSN code redemption instructions:

    17. Missing avatar

      Andreas Lundgren on

      Much like Maher a few posts down, I received a code that didn't work. Was told there would be an update "soon", have yet to hear anything...

    18. Khoral on

      Wow, 2 great news ! (PS3 is almost ready + RB 4 on PC !!!)

    19. Missing avatar

      Austen Parkin on

      Any news on those of us who couldn't get the $100 tier Kickstarter-exclusive track getting a second chance to get it? You guys didn't decide there WAS a $100 Kickstarter-exclusive track until AFTER the campaign ended, so I feel more than a bit cheated that there's content in my game I won't be able to access, especially since you aren't doing DLC.

    20. Julie Raulerson on

      Good morning. I have a question regarding the version we receive i registered for the ps3 version and was given the gift of a ps4 for christmas. Is there a way to change the version? I would love to play it with the enhanced features and lighted controls. Thank you for your assistance and thank you again for your hard work on this project! Have a wonderful day :)

    21. Matthew Baldo on

      Will you be reposting how to claim? I didn't because I didn't have a PS4.

      Can't wait to play! Thanks for the update!

    22. Tony Sibley on

      Any news on the digital soundtrack?

    23. Mary Anne W on

      SWEET! This is the best news. I knew you guys would come through if everyone would be patient for a bit.

    24. Maher Alkharouf on

      That's good for everyone who have it on their region, my PSN voucher didn't work and when I asked for a refund no one replied.

      Good job.

    25. Missing avatar

      xzeldax3 on

      I love when a Kickstarter campaign works out well! I can't wait to play the game!

    26. Stefan W. on

      What's the... oh. Cool �