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Questions about PSN credits? Please see our BackerKit FAQ below for answers to some of your burning questions.
Questions about PSN credits? Please see our BackerKit FAQ below for answers to some of your burning questions.
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    1. Dane Brantley on




    2. Matt on

      US backer here, just got my code. I went to the Harmonix website and created a ticket on their support page. First response got me the link to download the digital soundtrack, but I replied again asking for the game code and got it when I woke up this morning.

      My advice if you are missing you code is to create a ticket at the website instead of trying to go through Kickstarter. Or perhaps both at the same time. Hope this helps!

    3. misato on

      I also get an invalid code. It is not only in Australia, I am in Spain.
      I paid extra to get the early access but I can't play it :( I understand they are fixing it but they also could comunicate a bit better. I paid 130$ and got nothing for now...

    4. Adam Vincent on

      I did what Gareth Thomas did and worked.

      Thanks Gareth.

    5. Mobin Mobeen on

      I message them and i got a reply.

      "Hi Mobin,

      We’ve become aware of delays in the release of Amplitude in certain countries. This is due to a few submission quirks that we are working on fixing and hope to resolve in the coming days."

      I did just say everyone should be patient and give them time to fix the problem and they are well aware of code not working and trying to solve it.

    6. Joshua Cortes on

      It looks like the Australian codes are definitely not working. I have an early access code that still doesn't work, which is really disappointing. If I had known, I wouldn't have bothered spending the extra.

    7. Missing avatar

      Gareth Thomas on

      I found my code, in the the most awkward way. I had no email, and my backerkit log in wasn't valid, but it should be valid!

      Search your email for harmonix. Find the email 'Please re-confirm your address for Amplitude in the next 48 hours‏'. The link in the email will link you to your backerkit and claim your code. Mine worked (SCEE)

    8. trionic on

      My code has arrived late... And it's invalid. Code error WC-40376-0 (invalid region)

      This is the way you treat your fans? More than a year and half we gave you our money and now, everyone can play the game but us?

    9. Matt on

      Still waiting for my code...anyone know who I can contact about this? No replies from Kickstarter or Harmonix yet.

    10. Edward Ponce on

      Where's my code?� tired of playing the same track off of the demo.

    11. Cheyenne Steepe on

      I haven't received my code at all

    12. trionic on

      I have just received the code! Great! It doesn't work! Great!

    13. Mobin Mobeen on

      Maybe i think we Australian has to wait til this friday then try code again i guess. The code might be delay on PSN. It happened to me once long months ago code won't working even game just come out in Australia So i wait 1 week then it worked normal.

    14. Mobin Mobeen on

      @Strabo I am having same as your problem i got mine (SCEE) codes. It is not working either, yesterday when i bought $50 psn cards from shop and that code didn't even work for 1st time. But it work on tried. I think something is wrong with PSN. Or this code is invalid as it say when i tried to redeem many times.

      I am from Australia just to point out.

    15. Zoe Wrigglesworth on

      Paul Martin, thank you kind sir - I've just done the same and the code is indeed there!

    16. trionic on

      Spaniard here? Should I have received my code? It would be funny to pay for the game 18 months ago to get the game later than no bakers

    17. Kris Butler on

      Just for laughs... I'm also getting "The Prepaid Card code you entered is incorrect or is no longer valid"... in Australia... game is live on the store...

      Shows as "SCEE - Launch Day - Game + Icon" - will try again tomorrow but I have a feeling this isn't going to work... Also FYI, I didn't receive any notification about the key, thankfully people on here pointed me in the right direction :)

    18. Christopher Owen on

      It’s live in the Australian store now but unsurprisingly my code still doesn’t work. Frustrating to say the least.

    19. Sam Mellor

      Got my code! But not working yet.

      For those below in a similar situation I noticed the actual game is not yet live in the store (I'm in Australia), so I'm guessing it won't actually appear until Sony Australia hit the update button.

    20. Strabo on

      Got a code yesterday (SCEE), didn't work. No biggie I thought, PSN might not be updated yet. Doesn't work today either. Is this a known problem? I haven't found any communication by Harmoix about it, but several others that have the same issue, unable to redeem the code.

    21. Insane Ian on

      I haven't gotten my code, it says my "reward was delivered" but I never got anything. I can't even login to Backerkit to check anything for some reason...this sucks. I'd really like to play the game I paid for.

    22. Paul Martin on

      I just went to Backerkit, recovered my survey, and the Download game code was sitting there in my download credits folder. I hope that helps some people. Thanks!

    23. Alexis Turner on

      Tried to search for the game on PSN on PS3, but no results. Searched online, and it only shows PS4. Went ahead and "purchased" the free demo, plus entered my code on the PS3, which also says PS4. Neither one are showing up anywhere. This sucks.

    24. Paul Martin on

      When are the codes being sent? Haven't received mine. Thanks!

    25. Adam Michel on

      No code for me yet :(

    26. Pierre-Luc Chenard on

      No code for me either! :(

    27. Missing avatar

      Justin Hutton on

      Haven't received my code yet either... or any info about my extras

    28. Zoe Wrigglesworth on

      I haven't received my code yet despite being elegible for early access - when will they be being sent out?

    29. Matt on

      I was a $100 backer and never received my early access codes. I only today received codes to claim roughly $20 for my PSN account. Please advise or correct me if I am mistaken.

    30. Jeremy Hatajlo on

      Still haven't received my code.

    31. Andrionni Ribo on

      Just got my PS3/PS4 code. When is the PS3 aspect of the code available? Not upgrading to a PS4 and not what I signed up for.

    32. Tomyi on

      a little delay for europe: (it comes out tomorrow)

      (Out: 06/01/16)

    33. trionic on

      Has everyone received his code? :-(

    34. Steven Kelling on

      Is there any chance we can still get an online mode?

    35. David Anderson Bell III on

      Hey David Y, it looks like its a crossbuy code? I just got my PS4 recently, and was able to just redeem the code from backerkit: its in my download queue now!

    36. David Cole on

      And of course I don't get to play cause my PS4 won't turn on. It's turning out to be such a "nice" day already.

    37. Steven Kelling on

      I just got my code and I'm downloading the game now.

    38. David Cole on

      I just received my code 5 minutes ago, so it should be fairly soon. I'm more wondering when the digital soundtrack will be released.

    39. Ben Harvey on

      So release day... Wondering when I'll recieved my code, anyone know?

    40. Missing avatar

      David Y on

      Can I switch from a PS3 code to a PS4 code? In the time it's taken for this game to come out, I've since upgraded to current gen.

    41. Alexander Baboshko on

      Hi, I donated $ 40 but did not receive early access

    42. Missing avatar

      Howbie doobie on

      Be patient they are working on it!

    43. Missing avatar

      Bjorn Thorbjornsen on

      EU early access code still not working for me. It's been almost 2 weeks now, still nothing from Harmonix beyond "be patient, we're working on it".

    44. Missing avatar

      Howbie doobie on

      This game is shit. You guys suck!

    45. Tomyi on

      Happy New Year @ all :)

    46. Missing avatar

      Jack Slater on

      I gave $40 but never received my early access code.

    47. Missing avatar

      John C Petrucci on

      I have a PS3 and confirmed that I specified that in the survey, yet I was given a PS4 code.

    48. Missing avatar

      Anton on

      I pledged 110$ and still no Code received... I hope there will be some kind of Support soon

    49. NoThru22 on

      Has no one from Harmonix said anything? This is really disingenuous.

    50. Toby J Hixson on

      Small update on the $35 tier , after raging I decided to check my backerkit again. Something HAS changed
      10 $2 PSN Credit (US Backers only)
      1 Amplitude Cross-Buy Code (PS3/PS4)
      1 Harmonix DLC Package
      1 SCEA - Launch Day - Game + Icon

      It's still stupid that they were giving early access codes for people that watched the twitch stream. That had NOTHING to do with the game being funded