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Questions about PSN credits? Please see our BackerKit FAQ below for answers to some of your burning questions.
Questions about PSN credits? Please see our BackerKit FAQ below for answers to some of your burning questions.
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    1. Tomyi on

      Thank you Harmonix for this great game ! :) I want "The Amplitude PlayStation 4 Dynamic Theme" too...I hope I can buy it sometimes in the PlayStation-Store...

      Merry christmas @ all ! ;)

    2. Gale Anderson on

      Could we get an update on the PS3 version? Some of us old Neanderthals still don't have a PS4 but would still like that early access. o___o

    3. Christian Klaproth on

      Only two more days to wait for Amplitude... I'm so excited! Are there any updates on how to download the game / get the voucher / receive the game code? Any update on the physical rewards?

    4. Missing avatar

      marc on

      "Kickstarter supporters who backed at the $40 tier or higher do not have to wait until January 5th to get their hands on Amplitude. Those backers will receive the game two weeks earlier, on December 23rd.

      We’ll have more information on how you’ll receive your codes closer to that date. Stay tuned to our Kickstarter updates for more information!"

      Any word on how this is going to work yet, Harmonix? Thanks in advance!

    5. Kolma on

      Ended up buying the theme, a bronze card, and the patch from ebay. (yes I know this is the same patch as in the backerkit, but I only had enough money at the time to get the extra shirt)

      Can't wait till the 23rd! Give us some more updates please!

    6. Patrick Chang on

      @itsAMe I'm not disagreeing with you, I too am sadden we didn't get the game earlier but we should all be grateful this even happened.
      Also frustrated that people get the themes and card and play the game before the backers. Like those people who went to PSX wouldn't have had any of those if it wasn't for us. :/

    7. Si Brindley on

      +1 request for an update about PS3 version, please.

    8. Ian

      What are the chances that us faithful backers could get that theme as a freebie for having faith in your project ;)

    9. Missing avatar

      ItsAMe on

      @Patrick Chang

      Yes, I did read the tier, but still. We are backers of this game, so we should get the game earlier than everybody else, not just the tiers above $40. People who visit the PlayStation Experience 2015 and play the game we funded on the Harmonix booth get a free Dynamic theme for the PS4. Do backers get this free theme? No.
      I know that I only backed the game, but because of that I find it disappointing that I get the game the same day as everybody else and can't get free stuff that other people can get, even if they haven't backed the game.

      I'm looking forward to this release, but I'm still disappointed.

    10. Black Koshinomi on

      Im so hyped ! And harmonix you guys sending are codes by email or through the psn ^.^

    11. Toby J Hixson on

      So... I did the early bird $40 (paid $35) do I get it early as well? Also I'm pretty sure all US backers get codes for both ps3 and ps4, but I was asked twice which I would be playing it on mostly, but now I own a PS4, I hope nothing is affected by my previous PS3 choices.

    12. Patrick Chang on

      @itsame did you not read the description of each tier? They were as clear as one could be. Try being a little more grateful this amazing game got remade, BY US.

      Also us backers get screwed with themes? -__-

    13. Missing avatar

      Brittany Yoder on

      I'm joining the PS3 chorus. It would be nice to know what's going on with that.

    14. Missing avatar

      dmatsuo on

      I've done some backtracking regarding the updates. By the way, I'm a backer for the US$ 40,00 tier and I'm a PS3 owner. When I first backed this project, I was interested in the PS3 version. In Update #19 we had a PS3 development promising. In Update #27 it seems the development team started going sideways to the PS4 platform. Finally, in Update #38, we have a release date for the PS4 only. Am I right here? Is this what we should expect?

    15. Fighter X on

      Fantastic news! I too hope the rest of us can download that awesome looking theme. Thank you hmx.

    16. Jonathan Kent on

      Really hope there's some alternative way to get that theme! It looks really cool.

    17. Missing avatar

      jonlackey on

      Still waiting on PS3 as well Harmonix!

    18. Igraine Caldow on

      Excellent news about the release date, I'm hyped as hell.
      Is there any way to get the exclusive theme apart from going to PSX? I did play at EGX about a year ago if that counts :D
      Otherwise, as a UK backer I feel kind of left out, what with the free PSN vouchers we don't get and then this...
      Personally I think EVERY backer should get the theme regardless. Not just some randoms at 1 specific event.

    19. Kolma on

      Any updates on the backerkits? will they be shipped in time for the game? Also any where to get us backers those themes? :(

    20. BJ Tomiko

      @ItsAMe, if not for all of us backers this game wouldn't even exist. They weren't going to make it unless this Kickstarter succeeded. And this project barely reached its goal, so you should be happy that you helped get this game made.

    21. Missing avatar

      ItsAMe on

      I think it sucks that $20 backers get the game on the same date as everybody else in this world (and one cent more expansive). So what was the reason for me to be a backer of this game, if I can't play it before everybody else?

    22. Amanda Gentzel

      Nice! Glad to hear it's come along so well! Any update on the PS3 version?

    23. Missing avatar

      Sara Goldberg on

      Is there any news about the PS3 version?

    24. Tyler Lamb on

      Might want to fix the date at the end, should be January 5th, 2016 not 2015 :)

    25. Christopher Coffey on

      I'd also like to get access to that dynamic theme. Hopefully it becomes available outside of PSX

    26. Missing avatar

      Jacob Bravard on

      Good news what about PS3?

    27. Michael Hare on

      What about us peasants with a PS3?

    28. Jason Dalke on

      I'm pretty sure backers will receive one code for the game, which will redeem both PS4 and PS3 versions.

      "Cross-Buy" means you buy the game once, and receive versions for multiple different PlayStation systems. Not all games do it, but according to the Kickstarter campaign page, Amplitude will:

      "GET THE GAME - Get a Cross-Buy code of the full game for PlayStation®4/PlayStation®3 at launch!"

    29. Jenny Porada on

      Please provide a PS3 update!

    30. Jeff Engel on

      Great news and can't wait, but have a couple questions. When do physical rewards get mailed out? For instance, T-shirts, prints, and the PS2 case? Also, can I still change the size of T-shirt I get from M to L? Thanks!

    31. Rob Fink on

      Omg. I hope the theme comes out for public release on the PlayStation network.


    32. Missing avatar

      Amanda Dash on

      I got the PS3 version because at the time I didn't have a PS4. Any idea if it's possible to get the PS4 code instead of the PS3?

    33. Tomyi on

      I can't wait to play this great game ! :)

    34. Jed Kronfeld on

      What happened to the Anamanaguchi track?

    35. Liam Potter on

      Awesome news! What is happening with the physical backer items?

    36. BJ Tomiko

      I usually hate asking the same question as multiple other people, but in an effort to show how many people are wondering about this glaring omission from this update...


    37. Jason Dalke on
      ^ July 31 update

      "...we won’t be able to complete and ship the game until the end of this year on PS4 (with the PS3 version coming shortly thereafter)."

      "...the PS4 version will become available in January. (We’ll follow up with the exact dates in December and January for PS4 as soon as we have them. PS3 will follow shortly behind.)"

    38. James D White on

      So PS3 that same day too?

    39. Stephen Jonke on

      Woohoo! Can't wait!

    40. John Sherman on

      Woo, that's awesome.

    41. Abilash Pulicken

      Great news! Is there a preliminary trophy list that we can look at?

    42. Missing avatar

      james sturgeon on

      Are the release dates the same for the EUR region?

    43. Missing avatar

      Darby on

      To echo some other sentiments - what is the time frame for PS3 release? Excited that it's coming out in general of course, but news on the other version would be nice.

    44. Missing avatar

      Darkhawk on

      Seriously though PS3.

    45. Jeremy Robert Medina on

      But PS3?


      harmonix i am so sad please tell me about ps3

    46. Missing avatar

      Joe Martinez on

      Dumb question: If I backed this game, I don't have to pay for it when it releases right?

    47. Freen in Green on

      Just wondering, what happened to the song senate? Were any of these choices made/influenced by them?

      Either way, I can't wait to play it on the 23'rd!

    48. Kevin Becker on

      Congrats! I realize the PS3 version is coming after the PS4 version, but a little more info on the timeframe of the PS3 release would be appreciated! Thanks!

    49. Missing avatar

      FAE on

      Excited about the final soundtrack! Really can't wait to play Crypteque in Amplitude. It's my favorite song on the Crypt of the Necrodancer OST.

      I'm really bummed out though that the dynamic theme is Playstation Experience exclusive. :( I would love a dynamic theme for the game for my PS4. I'd definitely pay for it. I live in Europe, so actually attending is not in the cards for me.

    50. David Anderson Bell III on

      Uh yeah, what about PS3?

      It's great you're launching, of course... But why not update about PS3, as well?

      To expend some polite snark: it's a backer update, not a press release.