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A rhythm-action music game for PlayStation®4 & PlayStation®3 based on Amplitude™, the 2003 cult classic by Harmonix!
Questions about PSN credits? Please see our BackerKit FAQ below for answers to some of your burning questions.
Questions about PSN credits? Please see our BackerKit FAQ below for answers to some of your burning questions.
14,112 backers pledged $844,127 to help bring this project to life.

Happening Now: Amplitude AMA on /r/PS4!


Update: Our AMA is now over! Thanks for all your questions! We're winding down as our office closes for the day. A lot of questions came up multiple times, so search through the responses if your question wasn't answered. See ya later! 

Hey backers! 

Right now the Amplitude team is taking your Amplitude questions and answering them live over on the PS4 subreddit

The Amplitude team taking your questions includes:

  • Ryan Lesser - Creative Lead
  • Pete Maguire - Audio Lead
  • Roger Hanna - Lead Engineer
  • DeVron Warner - Development Lead / Producer
  • Nick Mudry - Product Manager
  • Josh Harrison - Community Manager
  • Criss Burki - Associate Community Manager
  • Cian Rice - Associate Community Manager
  • Matt Kristek - User Researcher

Head on over to right now to ask us your questions about the game! 


Status Update: Amplitude Code Information


Hello Backers!

Amplitude launched last Tuesday, January 5th in North America, and Wednesday January 6th in most of Europe, with more countries to come in the very near future.

We are currently aware of a handful of issues backers are having redeeming their codes. Instead of handling those responses one by one (as we have been up until now), we’ve created a quick FAQ on the code issues.

I haven't received my code!

If you haven't received your code, please log into the BackerKit website at If BackerKit fails to find your account, entire your email in the "lost your survey" box and click "get my survey." 

You will receive an email with instructions on how to access your BackerKit account. 

If you are still having issues, please send us a Kickstarter message and we’ll sort you out. 

I redeemed my code on PlayStation 3 and do not see the game, help!

The team is still hard at work finishing development on the PS3 version of Amplitude, it will be released in the coming months.

I’m in North America and received an invalid code!

If you’re in North America and your code doesn’t work, please message us and we’ll get it resolved.

I’m in Europe, received a code and it doesn’t work!

If you are in Europe and your code doesn’t work, this is due to a few issues we have encountered in the submission process.

We are currently working with Sony Europe to resolve these code issues and hope to have an update for you on this early next week.

But Amplitude is available in my country’s store, and my code still doesn’t work!

This issue is related to the same submission issues we mentioned above. We are working with Sony Europe on getting your backer codes activated as soon as possible.

In what countries is Amplitude currently dealing with code/store issues?

The following countries are the countries we are currently looking to resolve code/store issues:
  • Australia*
  • New Zealand*
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland

*live in store but codes are currently inactive

I have another issue with my code that isn’t talked about here

If you are experiencing any other issues with your codes or backer rewards that aren’t talked about here, please send us a message on Kickstarter.

We appreciate your patience as we work through these code issues. We’ll keep you in the loop as we continue to resolve code issues.

Thank you!

Amplitude Early Access Backer Launch and FreQ Mode Revealed!


Hey backers!

Wednesday is Amplitude’s early access backer launch, and we’re super excited about it! Since we’re launching so soon, we figured we’d give you a rundown of everything in the game, including a few things we haven’t talked about yet.

Let’s dive into our last update before backer launch!

FreQ Mode & Super Difficulty

The secret is out! The last two features we have to announce for Amplitude are FreQ mode and Super difficulty.

Hardcore fans will remember the tunnel from Frequency, and it is back in Amplitude. Once you have completed the campaign, you will unlock FreQ mode. FreQ mode allows you to take any song in the game and wrap the tracks into the Frequency tunnel!

Pete, Audio Lead on Amplitude, wrote a blog post over on the PlayStation blog talking about FreQ mode. Click here to read it on the PlayStation blog! 

FreQ Mode!
FreQ Mode!

Super difficulty is a new difficulty mode in the game. It uses the same gem patterns as Expert difficulty, but has a few differences to make it tougher. In Super difficulty, you do not recover energy. Additionally, tracks regenerate much quicker for continuous play, and the only power up available is multiply. You can unlock Super difficulty by completing the entire 15 song campaign on Expert.


Now that we’ve finally revealed everything there is to know about Amplitude, we can finally talk about trophies. To start off, we’d like to say yes, there is a platinum trophy for Amplitude! Take a look at the list of the trophies in Amplitude below: 

  • Pathway Restored: Complete a song in any mode.
  • Emergency Care: Restore a broken streak using Cleanse or Flow.
  • Accelerated Response: Clear two consecutive sequences on opposite sides. 
  • Aggressive Tendencies: Clear two consecutive sequences and use Eject, Disrupt, or Cleanse against an opponent in between.
  • Group Therapy: Score 4000+ on a song as a team.
  • Overachiever: Get 100% sequences cleared on a song.
  • Imperturbable: Keep your streak and earn 100+ points through Disrupt.
  • Golden Child: Get a triple gold bar rating on three different songs.
  • Synesthete: Complete Dalatecht on any difficulty in Campaign mode.
  • Comprehensive Treatment: Complete a full 15-song Campaign on Intermediate difficulty or above. 
  • Total Awareness: Unlock all songs.
  • Aggregate Results: Get more than 45000 points on the overall leaderboard.
  • Super FreQ Out: Complete a song in FreQ mode on Super difficulty.
  • Luminary: Get a triple bar rating on all songs.
  • Fluid Intelligence: Complete a 15-song campaign on Expert difficulty or above without failing, retrying, or quitting.
  • Closure: Complete all songs on Super difficulty.
  • Superhuman: Collect all other trophies. 

Control Schemes

Amplitude features a handful of control schemes. For the most part, Amplitude plays just like you remember. However, there are few changes we’ve made to improve the experience.

The most notable change we have made to the default controls is Streak Seeking. Instead of moving from track to track one by one, Streak Seeking allows you to immediately move to the next available track to maintain your streak.

Check out the new default control scheme in the screenshot below:

Early Access Instructions

Many of you are probably wondering exactly when and where you will receive your codes for Amplitude.

On Wednesday, around 11AM ET, an email will be sent to the email address associated with your Kickstarter/BackerKit account. Inside it will be a link to your BackerKit account, with your game code listed on that page.

Keep in mind, only those who pledged at $40 or higher will be receiving early access. Those who backed at $100 will also receive an exclusive beat blaster, Twista, and exclusive track, Do Not Retreat. Everyone else will receive access when the game launches on January 5th! 

Let's Play!

Kinda Funny got their hands on Amplitude and recorded a let’s play of the game! Give it a watch below:

See you Wednesday, FreQs! 

That’s everything. We’ve revealed everything there is for Amplitude. We’re super excited to get the game in your hands this Wednesday if you’re an early access backer, and January 5th for everyone else.

See you on the leaderboards!


Amplitude Blasts onto PlayStation®4 on January 5th, PSX 2015 Details, and more!


Hey backers!

We’re excited to announce that the PlayStation®4 version of Amplitude will release on January 5th, 2016 via the PlayStation®Store for $19.99.

To celebrate the announcement, we have a brand new trailer for Amplitude. Check it out:

Final Soundtrack Reveal

With a soundtrack of over 30 songs, Amplitude includes music from exciting artists such as Darren Korb (Transistor), C418 (Minecraft), Insomniac Games, and Freezepop, as well as songs from Kickstarter backers, and music crafted by Harmonix’s talented in-house composers.

The entire Amplitude soundtrack is as follows:

  • "All The Time" - C418
  • "Assault on Psychofortress" - Single White Infidel
  • "Astrosight" - Inter:sect Ft. Noelle LeBlanc & Naoko Takamoto
  • "Break for Me" - James Landino Ft. Noelle LeBlanc
  • "Concept" - Symbion Project
  • "Crazy Ride" - Insomniac Games
  • "Crypteque (1-2)" - Danny Baranowsky
  • "Crystal" - George & Jonathan
  • "Dalatecht" - Harmonix
  • "Decode Me" - Inter:sect Ft. Noelle LeBlanc & Naoko Takamoto
  • "Digital Paralysis" - Harmonix
  • "Do Not Retreat" - Komputer Kontroller
  • "Dreamer" - Harmonix
  • "Energize" - Harmonix
  • "Entomophobia" - M-Cue
  • "Force Quit" - Jim Guthrie
  • "Human Love" - Harmonix
  • "I.C.U." - Harmonix
  • "Impossible" - Darren Korb
  • "Lights" - Wolfgun
  • "Magpie" - Harmonix
  • "Muze (Amplitude Remix)" - Ingrid Lukas, Remix by Patrik Zosso and Nik Bärtsch
  • "Perfect Brain" - Harmonix
  • "Phantoms" - Freezepop
  • "Recession" - Jeff Allen Ft. Noelle LeBlanc & Naoko Takamoto
  • "Red Giant" - Kodomo
  • "Supraspatial" - Jeff Allen Ft. Naoko Takamoto
  • "Synthesized" - Symbion Project
  • "Unfinished Business" - Shiohito Taki & Junichi Kamiunten
  • "Wayfarer" - Harmonix
  • "Wetware" - Harmonix

Backer Early Access Starts December 23rd!

Kickstarter supporters who backed at the $40 tier or higher do not have to wait until January 5th to get their hands on Amplitude. Those backers will receive the game two weeks earlier, on December 23rd.

We’ll have more information on how you’ll receive your codes closer to that date. Stay tuned to our Kickstarter updates for more information!

Amplitude at PlayStation®Experience 2015!

PlayStation® fans attending PSX will be among the first to play Amplitude. Those who play the game at the booth will receive an exclusive dynamic theme for their PlayStation®4 and an Amplitude trading card. The first 100 winners each day will receive a rare foil version of the card!

Previews of both the theme and the trading cards are below:

The Amplitude PlayStation 4 Dynamic Theme
The Amplitude PlayStation 4 Dynamic Theme
Amplitude trading cards, available exclusively at PSX!
Amplitude trading cards, available exclusively at PSX!

What's next! 

That’s all for now! If you’re attending PSX, be sure to swing by the booth and play Amplitude to receive your exclusive trading card and theme!

Don’t forget, Amplitude will be available for the PlayStation®4 on January 5th, 2016! Early access backers will get access on December 23rd.

Once we’re back from PSX, expect an update recapping all the action from the show and some other bits of information about Amplitude you’ll want to know!

Backer Track and Beat Blaster Revealed!


Hey Backers!

When we ran our Kickstarter, there was a reward tier for backers who pledged at $100 or higher to receive an exclusive Beat Blaster and track in Amplitude. Today, we’re revealing what the backer exclusive beat blaster looks like, and sharing gameplay of the track just for these backers!

If you’re not in this tier, we also have a small piece of news regarding a fan favorite track returning to Amplitude. You don’t want to miss it!

Without further ado, let’s jump into it!

Do Not Retreat: The Backer Exclusive Track!

Hardcore Amplitude fans will recognize Komputer Kontroller from the original Amplitude. Komputer Kontroller is back with a brand new song, Do Not Retreat, in Amplitude that will be available only for our backers!

The Song Senate voted between Do Not Retreat and Synthesized to be the backer exclusive track. They decided to let Synthesized, a classic track from the original game, be available for everyone. Do Not Retreat will be a special treat for backers only!

You can catch a preview of Do Not Retreat in the video below:

We’ll have a preview of Synthesized coming in a future update, so stay tuned for that!

Twista: The Backer Exclusive Blaster!

In addition to a song, there’s also an exclusive Beat Blaster just for backers in the game. Its “code name” is Twista, and it looks great in Kickstarter green!

Take a look at these screenshots of the blaster in-game: 

Twista, as seen on the campaign screen.
Twista, as seen on the campaign screen.
An in-game screenshot of the backer blaster in action!
An in-game screenshot of the backer blaster in action!
Early concept art of Twista.
Early concept art of Twista.

That’s All, FreQs!

That’s all we have for this week. We’ll have a lot more to share soon as we gear up to give backers early access to Amplitude in December, and release for everyone in January. We still have plenty more to announce!

Stay tuned! 

- HMXMudry