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A rhythm-action music game for PlayStation®4 & PlayStation®3 based on Amplitude™, the 2003 cult classic by Harmonix!
Questions about PSN credits? Please see our BackerKit FAQ below for answers to some of your burning questions.
Questions about PSN credits? Please see our BackerKit FAQ below for answers to some of your burning questions.
14,112 backers pledged $844,127 to help bring this project to life.

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Backer Track and Beat Blaster Revealed!


Hey Backers!

When we ran our Kickstarter, there was a reward tier for backers who pledged at $100 or higher to receive an exclusive Beat Blaster and track in Amplitude. Today, we’re revealing what the backer exclusive beat blaster looks like, and sharing gameplay of the track just for these backers!

If you’re not in this tier, we also have a small piece of news regarding a fan favorite track returning to Amplitude. You don’t want to miss it!

Without further ado, let’s jump into it!

Do Not Retreat: The Backer Exclusive Track!

Hardcore Amplitude fans will recognize Komputer Kontroller from the original Amplitude. Komputer Kontroller is back with a brand new song, Do Not Retreat, in Amplitude that will be available only for our backers!

The Song Senate voted between Do Not Retreat and Synthesized to be the backer exclusive track. They decided to let Synthesized, a classic track from the original game, be available for everyone. Do Not Retreat will be a special treat for backers only!

You can catch a preview of Do Not Retreat in the video below:

We’ll have a preview of Synthesized coming in a future update, so stay tuned for that!

Twista: The Backer Exclusive Blaster!

In addition to a song, there’s also an exclusive Beat Blaster just for backers in the game. Its “code name” is Twista, and it looks great in Kickstarter green!

Take a look at these screenshots of the blaster in-game: 

Twista, as seen on the campaign screen.
Twista, as seen on the campaign screen.
An in-game screenshot of the backer blaster in action!
An in-game screenshot of the backer blaster in action!
Early concept art of Twista.
Early concept art of Twista.

That’s All, FreQs!

That’s all we have for this week. We’ll have a lot more to share soon as we gear up to give backers early access to Amplitude in December, and release for everyone in January. We still have plenty more to announce!

Stay tuned! 

- HMXMudry

Visual Polish & Physical Rewards Update!


Hey backers!

It’s been a while since we’ve last chatted, and a lot has happened in Amplitude land. We’ve been working hard on polishing up the game and getting it ready to release to backers later this winter. We also have news to share regarding an Amplitude track in Rock Band 4!

Let’s dive into some cool changes and updates that have made it into the game since we last showed it off!

New Track Effects!

Two of the newest additions we’ve made in our latest visual polish pass includes new track surface and brand new track destruction. We had really nice concepts of these from way back when and now have the tech to pull it off!

Check out the track surface and destruction in this quick video clip:

Play Amplitude Music in Rock Band 4!

Are you looking to get a taste of what’s to come from Amplitude? If so, all Rock Band 4 owners are in for a treat! Recession, a track on Amplitude’s soundtrack, is playable in Rock Band 4! We know playing the song in Rock Band 4 isn’t enough for some of you, so we’ve put together a preview video of the track in Amplitude below:

Have you played Recession in Rock Band 4 yet? Let us know your high scores in the comments!

Physical Rewards Are In Production!

As of this update, all physical rewards are in production. We know the next thing you’re wondering is when you’ll receive your rewards, and we will have accurate information for you by the time the game launches in January. Items like t-shirts, patches, and posters will arrive much sooner than other items like the vinyl which will have a much longer production timeline.

For those wondering about digital rewards, like the soundtrack and digital art book, you can expect those to arrive when you receive your game codes.

We will have updated information on when you can exactly expect your rewards to arrive soon! 

Thanks for reading!

That’s all we have for today! We’ll definitely have more to share soon about some upcoming events, new song reveals, and much more. As a reminder, Amplitude is coming out soon! Early access backers can expect to be playing the game in December, and everyone else will be able to play the game when it launches in January!

Chat soon!

- HMXMudry

An Update On Amplitude


Greetings, beloved backers!  

This is Alex Rigopulos, writing to you through a cartoon speech bubble. Ryan and I are eager to fill you all in on a number big developments in Amplitude Land. 

As the game came together this year, it became apparent to all of us that it was shaping up to be something really special. The gameplay is as fun and addictive as ever, the HD visuals are gorgeous and hypnotic, and the soundtrack is killer.

The game is fulfilling all of our hopes and ambitions for it, and at a certain point, we made a major call: We’ve decided to double down, increase the project budget, and make the new Amplitude bigger and better than the scope of game we originally pitched to you all last year.

I will now hand the mic over to Cartoon Ryan, who will tell you some more details.

Hey there…

Although we had originally promised about 16 songs total, we have decided to cram as much awesome music into Amplitude as possible. We now upped the total count to 30 songs! If you are a backer at the appropriate tiers, you will also get a 31st song too, voted on by the Song Senate—our group of backers that chipped in at the Song Senate tier. (Side note: In a display of true Amplitude community good will, the Song Senate decided to keep the “most wanted” song in the main game soundtrack, instead of keeping it all to themselves. THANKS, SONG SENATE!)

You guys may also recall that early in the dev cycle, we decided to add a concept album wrapper to the otherwise vanilla solo mode. This is all new for Amplitude and we think it adds a bit more depth and interest to the game and the songs themselves. The core campaign now includes 16 all-original songs, written in-house by our amazing musicians. You have heard some of these tracks in past posts and at the conventions… songs like “Decode Me” and “Wetware”.

In addition to the basic play modes that were promised originally, and the single path/single environment in which they would be presented, we decided to expand both of those dimensions by adding 2 more playable environments, unique path topology per song, and more play modes. We are now shipping a solo campaign, solo free play, 2-4 player “free-for-all”, and an all-new team play mode (1v3, 2v2).

Over the course of the project, we created the original nanoblaster and the backerblaster, and also made 3 additional nanoblasters for players to choose from in solo and multi play. (v0.9 Chubs is my personal fave, displacing v1.1 Raven)

We have added leaderboards, allowing players to compete asynchronously against each other online for score, both per-song and across the whole game.

Oh! One last thing: There is a new, still-to-be-announced way to play the game that will change the way you think about Amplitude’s 6-lane track. More on that at a later date! Now back to Alex.

Thanks, Cartoon Ryan. So that’s all of the good news. Now for the bad news that comes along with it: It’s impossible for us to finish all of these extra songs, environments, features and modes on the same schedule. Our previous target for shipping the game was this summer. Now that we’ve committed to this expanded scope, though, we won’t be able to complete and ship the game until the end of this year on PS4 (with the PS3 version coming shortly thereafter).

Kickstarter backers who paid for the “early access” reward will be able to play the PS4 version in December, prior to the holiday break. For everyone else, the PS4 version will become available in January. (We’ll follow up with the exact dates in December and January for PS4 as soon as we have them. PS3 will follow shortly behind.)

We know that this schedule slip will be a disappointment to many of you. (Frankly, it’s disappointing to us as well, as we’re all dying to play the finished game…) However, our judgment was that our highest priority is to deliver the best game we possibly can to our fans—the definitive version of Amplitude. We want to over-deliver for our biggest supporters, and that’s simply going to require some extra time.

Some of you might wonder—will this delay mean that synchronous online multiplayer will be added? I’m sorry to say, it will not, as that is impossible within our budget means for this game, even with the expanded budget. However, our hope is that this release of Amplitude will be successful enough to justify a sequel or feature expansion pack that could include this. In the meantime, the newly added leaderboard system will enable plenty of heated asynchronous online competition!

Finally, I should add that the physical rewards are beginning production, and we’ll have more news on those in the coming weeks.

From the whole Amplitude team, thank you for your continued support and patience. We think that when you see the finished product at the end of this year, you’ll agree that the wait as been worth it!

Amplitude E3 Recap


Hey everyone!

E3 is finally behind us! Not only did we have some big news to announce, but Amplitude was also on the show floor in the Sony booth for attendees to play. We even got a few shoutouts on stage during the PlayStation Press Conference! Missed out on the show? Check out our E3 recap below!

New Songs & Artists

Just before E3 started, we revealed new songs that will be featured on the Amplitude soundtrack! These songs are from external artists contributing to Amplitude, and we’re excited and honored to have their music playable in the game.

The artists include C418, Danny Baranowsky (Crypt of the NecroDancer), Freezepop, Kodomo, Symbion Project and more! You can find the full list of external artists over on the Harmonix Blog:

We also released a gameplay video of from Danny Baranowsky’s track, “Crypteque (1-2)”, from Crypt of the NecroDancer. You can watch that here:

Sony Press Conference

If you paid close attention during the PlayStation E3 press briefing, you might have seen Amplitude in a few of Sony’s sizzle reels! Annette was in the audience and snapped this great photo of Amplitude being shown on stage too!

Show Floor Highlights

During the three days that the show floor was open, tons of attendees stopped by to check out Amplitude! We even had the pleasure of playing with hardcore fans like the group in this video, who came to check out the game and shared their memories of the PS2 version of Amplitude with us!

We have a ton of photos from the show floor, taken both by us and our awesome fans to share as well! Check them out below:

E3 attendees playing Amplitude!
E3 attendees playing Amplitude!
Lawrence from Funhaus checking out Amplitude!
Lawrence from Funhaus checking out Amplitude!

Amplitude Live Stream

The Monday after E3, we streamed the build of Amplitude we brought to the show on the Harmonix Twitch channel. Mitch, the environment artist on Amplitude, and myself, ran through two of the new songs we revealed before E3 and took requests from the viewers!

If you missed the stream, don’t worry! We have the entire stream archived on our YouTube channel here: 

That's A Wrap!

E3 was huge for Amplitude. We’re excited that so many attendees came out to play the game and share their memories with us! The news we shared at E3 is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we have left to share, so stay tuned for even more announcements!

- HMXMudry

Amplitude At E3: New Songs Revealed!


Hey everyone,

The team has been hard at work putting together an amazing build for E3! Annette and DeVron will be rocking out at the Sony booth in the LA Convention Center for three straight days of Amplitude goodness next week. Stay tuned to our social accounts for the latest updates from the show floor.

In the spirit of E3, we thought it would be great to reveal some news on our soundtrack to our amazing backers and fans!

You may recall our announcement of external artists contributing to the Amplitude soundtrack a while back. We’re honored to have their music playable in our game!

  • C418 – All The Time
  • Danny Baranowsky – Crypteque (1-2)
  • Darren Korb – Impossible
  • Freezepop – Phantoms
  • George & Jonathan – Crystal
  • Jim Guthrie – Force Quit
  • Kodomo – Red Giant
  • Symbion Project – Concept

If you’re going to E3, you can swing on by the Sony booth and play the latest build of Amplitude with two of the new tracks: “Crypteque (1-2)” and “Red Giant”! Other playable tracks at E3 include “Astrosight”, “Decode Me”, “ICU”, “Perfect Brain”, “Phantoms”, “Wetware”, and “Recession”.

Now, it wouldn’t be a track reveal without a gameplay video! Check out this snippet from “Crypteque (1-2)” below:

If you’re unable attend E3, don’t worry! Later this month we’re streaming Amplitude on Twitch! We’ll have more details as the show gets closer, but until then, click here to follow us on Twitch to know when we go live!

The soundtrack features more than 20 tracks so stay tuned for more song announcements in the future. We hope you’re excited for all the new artists appearing in Amplitude! Who is your favorite addition? Let us know in the comments or over on Twitter!

- HMXMudry