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A rhythm-action music game for PlayStation®4 & PlayStation®3 based on Amplitude™, the 2003 cult classic by Harmonix!
Questions about PSN credits? Please see our BackerKit FAQ below for answers to some of your burning questions.
Questions about PSN credits? Please see our BackerKit FAQ below for answers to some of your burning questions.
14,112 backers pledged $844,127 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Kane on

      When do we get the Ps2 case rewards?

    2. Missing avatar

      Luke J Scott on

      I haven't received any of the rewards for this in the UK. Remember downloading the game but never heard anything since

    3. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      I'm from Europe and I didn't receive any code that works with PS3. Unfortunately the "buy PS4 version" trick also doesn't work, because the PS4 version doesn't show up for free in the store.
      I wrote a message to Harmonix, like they proposed in their support forum.
      I hope all european backers soon receive their codes.

    4. Jonathan Edwards on

      Haven't received any of my backer items, have gone back through backerkit to reconfirm my address again. Let's see what happens...

    5. Missing avatar

      Raisin Bizzle on

      I can't speak to all of the apparent issues with not getting rewards or codes or lack of response from harmonix. But I just wanted to say (in case anyone from harmonix ever sees this) that I've been playing this game for a year and still freaking love it. Sure I wish the tracks were more varied (and plentiful) but it plays great and the songs that are included I think are very well done. I hope there is another amplitude again, but if not I'm happy enough with the game we got.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jason Gambuto on

      Ok Marcus. I sent a message through backer kit. We'll see where it leads. I couldn't even get into backer kit for a while as they had some issue with my login. I'm doubtful but at this point what do I have to lose.

    7. Marcus Reed on

      A lot of people have been saying they never received their backer items. Honestly I was worried until I check with backerkit and sent them an email regarding this and I got my items less than a week after I did. My suggestion, try all means of contact before blaming Harmonix for "lack of communication".

    8. Missing avatar

      Kerry Johnson on

      Hey, I never received my physical items for the $70 tier. Who should I speak to about that?

    9. Missing avatar

      Robert Taylor on

      I backed at the $125 level and haven't seen a thing. I filled out the survey forever ago. Should I just cut my losses or what?

    10. Missing avatar

      Abdulaziz AlS on

      I also backed for $125 and haven't yet received physical rewards.

    11. Dan Barbier on

      I backed at the $125 level, I filled out my backer survey months ago, and I have never received a single reward. Am I the only one?

    12. Mark Woulfe on

      how do they send the codes? I've got nothing :(

    13. Missing avatar

      Jason Gambuto on

      So It's been months and I still haven't gotten the patch I ordered. Guessing I'm pretty much hosed on that at this point. =/

    14. Missing avatar

      Marco on

      Thank you, I thought I was the only one.
      I am so extremely disappointed with this I won't ever buy an Harmonix product.

      What really makes me sad and angry is that Amplitude was one of my favourite games and you wasted 1 of my 2 dreams (the other is FF7 universe exact as the original + expanded storyline, we will see). What I expected was not so big. I knew it could not deliver such an experience as Amplitude did, but you guys just win in doing the worst.

      - Songs? forget them
      - Genres? Yes come on give me some more useless trend electronic music. Surely we will remember them in the future, and .. to even go
      - Game modes? Ahhhhhh . Damn . I even was going to accept graphic bugs or even low poly, but the game is not fun at all. Alone is simply alone. Together with friends is simply insulting. Yes you can play 2-3 songs but nobody will even remember 2 days after what they played. We will never talk in future about 'how fun' we had or 'the tracks we loved' because there are none.
      - Menus? Yes please give us some minimalist non-gaming menus to let us feel more schematic. Oh wait, you are not developing a web site for a health company! Then fail.
      - Developers? Forgive or forget? you choose.

      I cannot accept this. I am not sad to have spent 30 dollars. It's simply 30 dollars, who cares?
      But you guys have no perspective. You had the opportunity to make a ladder-online playing with fun musics and more game spirits (DAMN THOSE MENUS!!) - and you would still be earning for long time so much money.
      You could have made a new trend.
      And what did you do? Oh yes! you used multiplayer as an excuse to gain more profit in backing, but you surely are not so forward-thinking because that was your personal weapon and you bartered success for few starting money.

      Just think Amplitude 1 same game and same songs + opportunity to share your mix online or play in the ladder. Or even tournaments! Ahh.. forget them, I will just wire my ps2.

      After all it's your fault, but the problem is that you could certainly do much better not only for us but for your reputation. You probably deserve what you gave us.
      I am a professional developer myself (gaming, web, mobile, 3d, ..) so I understand the process and I can certainly say I would have never released this game in that state.

      Objective vote: 4/10
      Subjective vote: 1/10

      I know truth hurts, but I think we all should amend for what we do (Absolutely no religion intended.)

    15. irononreverse on

      Waiting for my PS3 code as well...

    16. Andre Doil on

      I´m still waiting for my PS3 "crossbuy" code. Wonder if that will ever materialise.

    17. Steven

      You remember when companies stepped up to the plate and actually did the right thing??

    18. Steven

      @Jacob Simms - They're all house bands. Maybe $30k (of the MASSIVE PILE OF CASH WE GAVE THEM) went into the music "licensing." The music we got here was extremely lackluster. A slap in the face to all of us backers, AND to the memory of Frequency/Amplitude.

      We got robbed. Pure and simple. The Harmonix of today, and the Harmonix that developed those two wonderful original games CANNOT BE THE SAME. We all waited this long for GARBAGE. Lesson learned for any future effort crowd funding anything tied to this company. We can't even get a response out of them. By far the worst project I've ever experienced. I know I won't ever play this game again. In fact, I should delete it from my PS4. I don't need the space, but what's the point?

      This is not Amplitude. This is a poor copy that was completely ruined by whats left of Harmonix. Did they even honestly believe we would EVER be pleased by this pile? Theor silence is deafening, and I believe accurately answers this crucial question. You live and you learn.


    19. Missing avatar

      Kevin Bracey on

      If you are still waiting for PS3 Europe codes, it appears they now have them, despite no announcement. Your 8-month wait may be up.

      I got an apparently working PS3 code today after contacting via Kickstarter message and Harmonix's own website support portal.

    20. Missing avatar

      Howbie doobie on

      Crap game, crap soundtrack, but most of all crap PR. Very disappointed.

    21. Chase P on

      I wish the visual effects during story mode's Wayfarer could be toggled on and off like Freq mode in settings. I'd like to play other songs with it on too...

    22. Jeremy on

      No word in my emails on my physical items. Are they still being shipped out? Or has everything gone out and I'm just unlucky.

    23. Chris Langer on

      ....did the SCEE people really get ignored here?

    24. Missing avatar

      Watson Tong on

      I still have not received the cross buy code for PS4. Instead, I seem to have two PS3 codes (Amplitude PS3 - Game + Icon - SCEA ) and (5/2016 PS3 Game + Icon) in my backerkit.

      I redeemed the (Amplitude PS3 - Game + Icon - SCEA), but not the other.

      Secondly, I do not see my listed name under the credits. Watson Tong 汤越华 . Even though the game did not meet the expectations of the former self, I'd still like my name included as part of the community that helped to see this iteration of Amplitude come to fruition.

    25. Missing avatar

      Jason Lay Yee on

      Any progress on the PS3 SCEE codes?

    26. Matthew Jones on

      just got my vinyl today, still waiting on the poster and other physical items like the shirt and patches, luckily I was able to talk to Fan Gamer and have my shirts in different sizes because since the end of this Project I've lost about 70 pounds so a 3XL T-Shirt would be way too big for me now.

    27. Lil'Ruff on

      Yeah the Poster is being shipped separately. The shirt and PS2 case should be bundled, and the vinyl, I am assuming, will be separate as well. The poster is shipped in a poster tube, so I don't see squeezing a game case and t-shirt in there. My case and shirt should be in today and I already have my poster. I didn't spend the extra $$ for the vinyl, but it makes sense to ship them out separately due to different production timings and readiness.

    28. George R. Stewart on

      I got three separate emails (on different days) confirming a shipment for a PS2 case and shirt in one, the vinyl in another, and finally the poster. I hope they aren't shipping those all out separately. I can't imagine that would be a very convenient way to do things... .

    29. Daniel Radtke on

      I got my poster but there appears to be some defects in the print...

      I realize that isn't Harmonix's fault... they didn't do the printing after all... Fan Gamer did....

      Has anyone gotten the PS2 cases yet?

    30. Lil'Ruff on

      I think there are still complications with Sony Europe and the codes... Hopefully everyone can get their game rewards soon :(

    31. Chris Langer on

      Aren't people still waiting to get their PS3 codes?

    32. Missing avatar

      Garrett McCarty on

      I received the poster, where are the rest of my physical items?

    33. Lil'Ruff on

      Just got an email yesterday and my poster has been shipped! The email only said the poster, so hopefully the other items will be included or will be shipping soon!

    34. Jacob Sims on

      Disappointed by how you've handled this kickstarter and the game as a result.
      Kickstarter wise, Both variants of the games have been out for just under 2 months and you are still faffing around with codes for the game for the people for funded the game!
      I ended up purchasing a copy on PS3 in the end, Gratz you have double my money.

      To be greeted by a hollow game, I enjoyed what i played because it is amplitude but you have had over a decade to think of ideas on how to expand Amplitude as title, attempt to have some sort of method to introduce users music into the game or given the user the option to buy more music (really losing out on DLC money). And as a result of lack of innovation you have maybe what 10 more songs more compared to the first title. Bleh.

      And if this turns out to just be the PS3 version and the PS4 version has some form of improvement like that then bravo.

      I do honestly question where $800,000 went into this game, Maybe it was the legal fees for the music or something. But sure as hell don't feel like much.

    35. Daniel Radtke on

      @Daniel Harvey It's a address confirmation... Would you want them to ship your stuff to the wrong address?

    36. Daniel Harvey on

      You're joking, I have to fill out some random survey to receive my physical rewards - was that in the small print when this project was still open? I thought Harmonix was a professional company, not some sort of scammer site that forces a survey on you before you get to what you actually came here for.

    37. Lance on

      This game is just not what I was hoping for when I invested.
      Then more delays because I'm PS3.
      Awful music. Of the first 8 songs I've heard, only Phantoms is good, Decide Me is tolerable.... the rest is just noise.
      I can't imagine myself playing this game again.
      I just want my money back....
      Lesson learned.

    38. Chris Whipple on

      @Chris Heidorn
      I agree, and I too wish we could have more of the songs that were in the game in the soundtrack.

      I also feel like there is entirely too much untapped potential with lacking dlc, why not use some of the rock band connections to get some licensed music available for the game. A rock band sized collection (or dare I say, importing already purchased rock band/unplugged songs into AmpHD, transfer licensing permitting,) would be awesome. Maybe even release classic Freq and Amp dlc packs? I know the game has a good selection it comes with, but with the same songs, it'll be like the original games, where I'll play for a week straight and then forget about it for 6 months. Rockband, we played that game 4 or 5 times a week for a few years, because we had so many songs and new ones were being added all the time. The only reason we stopped was the playstation we had at the time stopped working.

      I'm sure there are a few thousand backers who would enjoy having an ever expanding collection in this game.

    39. Blake Ulmer on

      For anyone else having weirdness with the fangamer survey, it turns out firefox 45.1.0 on centos 7 doesn't play nice with the forms (at least, for me). Chrome worked fine.

    40. Chris Heidorn

      Wow, so many malicious comments here.

      I'll start with saying, hey guys. You got a game to market as and independent game company. Good job. Congrats. Not an easy task, especially with all the baggage.

      The new Amp may be Amplitude Lite, but I got my money's worth out of it, so I'm fine with it, was just nice to have some new content after all these years.

      My question is, are there plans to release the remaining HMX tracks from the soundtrack to backers? Two of my favorite songs, ICU and Magpie weren't included in the distributed soundtrack.

    41. Blake Ulmer on

      I find the maliciousness in many of these comments hilarious. It's "not successful" if one person doesn't like the

      Just to balance out the negativity, I really like the soundtrack. It's a more electric feel, more in line with frequency than amplitude. For me personally, that's better. Others don't like it, that's fine. I'm hoping to see an update concerning DLC one of these days.

      In other news, this fangamer address survey for rewards is kind of a UI mess. How does the State/Province/County section work? All three seem to be required, and there is no N/A option. If I live in the US, and select my state, what do I do with the obviously Canadian Province/County dropdowns?

    42. Marlon Venancio on

      I particularly liked many songs in the game, but I can't deny that the original amplitude was better. It's so unfortunate that this game will never get an online mode...

    43. Steven

      Thanks for very little, Harmonix. You guys have really gone downhill. The game is boring. The music sucks. We used to skip over the house band tracks with the original Amplitude/Frequency, so you decide to re-release the entire game with ENTIRELY mediocre songs. I can honestly say I've played the game twice, and that will likely be the extent of play it will receive. You resurrected an absolutely incredible game, and completely butchered it for its biggest, most dedicated fans.

      This, on top of the absolutely ridiculous handling of the Kickstarter campaign. So bad that your latest crowd funder is being handled outside of Kickstarter. I wonder why? So you can dupe a whole other group of fans? I wanted this to work out so bad. That unfortunately was not physically possible for you. The next time yoy contemplate doing this to a classic property, step back and consider whether or not you can honestly make it successful. If you can't, DON'T.

    44. Chris Langer on

      They are pointedly and blatantly ignoring us. Report the campaing for post-funding issues (bottom of the Campaign tab).

      You want behind the scenes pics? They're posting plenty of the office painting.

    45. Chris Whipple on

      So are the physical rewards off then? It's been awhile since that last chance update, and my address hasn't been updated on backerkit. I know it's hard to run a successful kickstarter, but I'd at least like to know whats going on in the process. I mean, half the reason I backed was getting to see behind the scenes! Give us pics of whats going on! A picture of boxes filling up some room in your offices or something would say 1000 words to us backers I'm sure!

    46. D.Glow on

      Received a backerkit email with my PS3 download + icon code. At long last. Thank you, Harmonix... finally.

    47. Craig Evans on

      Still have not received any physical rewards...any idea when we are supposed to receive them?

    48. Missing avatar

      Aron M. Bott on

      So.. I've already used the PSN/PS4 purchase trick to get my PS3 version in earlyApril, played and beat it, and NOW I have an email from Backerkit stating that my code has been added. o.O

    49. Lil'Ruff on

      With regards to physical rewards, I do know on my backerkit, the status still shows as "Ready To Ship".

      Anyone know if our Euro friends received their codes for the PS3 version yet?

    50. Missing avatar

      Karl Leon on

      I wonder if they sent my physical rewards to someone else's house its been so long...

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