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Fun underwear that high-fives you for having ovaries and serves as a friendly reminder to others!
Fun underwear that high-fives you for having ovaries and serves as a friendly reminder to others!
Fun underwear that high-fives you for having ovaries and serves as a friendly reminder to others!
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    1. Ariel Howard on

      I have not received an order or a response its been over 2 years now I paid money for this I would like a refund or my order

    2. Ariel Howard on

      I was never sent a survey or my order can this be corrected please?

    3. Emma Heib on

      I haven't received anything! If I don't get news soon I want my money back it's been almost a year!!

    4. Tiffany Beck on

      I still have not received my period panties either :(
      I responded to the email as requested and still have not heard anything?? Can anyone help??

    5. Lauren on

      I haven't received the panties yet either... I emailed the headquarters and still haven't gotten a response.

    6. Andréanne Guillemette on

      Have received nothing.. ):

    7. Molly Luna Iris on

      Help! I paid for 70$ worth of panties on the original Kickstarter back in April and still haven't received them. Can somebody please help??

    8. Amy L. on

      These were so cute! Thanks so much and good luck, I hope they take off!!!

    9. Maire Malinovski on

      I sent email, fiew of weeks ago, with the same problem- have´nt received my panties. And week ago i received mine. They are great, better than i hoped. Who cares about long waiting :-) Thanks! from Estonia.

    10. Andi Young on

      I never received my panties. Can someone help me, there?

    11. Missing avatar

      Leslie Clubb on

      I got a cat T instead of a dog T...
      Can someone contact me?

    12. Just Steph on

      Got mine in MN and I love them! Thanks!!!!

    13. Tanja on

      Hi, i also waiting in Germany... didn´t got any panties till now... i sended a message through kickstarter and an email. thanks

    14. Harebrained Inc. 4-time creator on

      I think we've contacted everyone who said they haven't received their package yet, but I would STRONGLY encourage anyone who is still waiting to get in touch with us directly, either by sending us a message through kickstarter or an email- inquiries(((at)))harebrained design(((dot)))com, rather than commenting, as we don't read these as readily as we read emails. Thanks!

    15. Missing avatar

      sarah hamilton on

      Still waiting and ordered in March.... paid and no underwear have arrived even after contacting the makers.

    16. Brown Burly Pig on

      Hello. I am located in sydney. I am still not getting my order. My girlfriend has been asking where are her pairs. Could you please provide more detail on this matter?

    17. Kiawa Warford on

      The panties are inferior. The black lining does not cover enough of the panties. The color of the images fades after a single wash and they get blood stained. Why make panties specifically for menstrual periods that cannot perform appropriately?

    18. Missing avatar

      Sian Wiley on

      I'm in London and have not received anything either! It would be nice to be informed about what is happening with the shipping at least!

    19. Kris Lapensée on

      I still have not received mine in Canada. Now I have moved and I fear that I won't end up getting them at all. What kind of shipping company is this that takes several weeks (months) to get a package over one border???

    20. Yin Yin Leong

      I'm in Asia and have not received mine either. Was telling my cousins I got their Christmas presents early and they are still not here yet?

    21. Stephanie C.

      Is the next set going to be kickstarted, or will they be available at storenvy?

    22. Mary McAuliffe on

      I'm still waiting in Australia for my package too. The last update said to not worry but just wondering when I should start wondering because I don't want to miss out.

    23. Tamihana on

      Still waiting on that order, I'm in NZ so I figured I'd probably be waiting awhile. But it's been a couple months since the announced shipping day, gettin' pretty frustrated moving towards worried.

    24. Diana Prymack on

      I'm also getting no love up here in Canada. No period panties yet. I'm especially frustrated as they would come in handy at this very moment...

    25. Penguwin

      Waiting on my order as well... Any updates on the issue with Tee Fury?

    26. Laura Adam on

      Still not received my order.... :(

    27. Kelly Chettle on

      Still waiting for mine in Cambridge, Ontario Canada.

    28. Jennifer Dame on

      Hi, It's been two weeks since your last e-mail about the shipping problems with TeeFury. Have they gotten back to you about this issue? I also haven't received mine, and despite being told not to, I am beginning to worry.

    29. Rosa on

      I still haven't received mine, should I start to worry ??

    30. Missing avatar

      Luniana on

      Received mine in the mail today in Alberta! They look fantastic! Thanks guys!

    31. Missing avatar

      Astrid Bernadotte on

      Diane George - here's a link to someone Instagram with the card of designs
      thekayls's photo

    32. Missing avatar

      Astrid Bernadotte on

      I got my panties and shirt today! They fit perfectly. I agree that a little more black fabric in the butt area but otherwise great. I have no idea how the washing will be for me but hopefully it'll be well. Cramp stamps look fun as well but I'll be too afraid to use them. Thank you for making these!
      I'll defiantly buy the new designs when they come out :)
      /Astrid, Belgium

    33. Missing avatar

      Marie Fontana on

      I STILL haven't gotten them. What kind of shipping service is this? You may want to switch because it should not take a month to shop anything in the US. Also, I was going to email my concerns but can't find the email? Can you post it or contact me directly?

    34. Missing avatar

      chew on

      I still haven't receive mine. I'm in Toronto

    35. Missing avatar

      Jody Barnes on

      FINALLY got mine and they are fan-DAMN-tastic! Fit great and are so comfy.

    36. Diane George on

      I got mine. .. AWESOME fits perfect and Im tiny with no booty... smalls work great.
      Graphics are bright and vibrant. I totally love them. But everyone keeps talking about new designs but I didn't get a brochure or information to notify me about new designs.
      Where can i go to view the new designs...

    37. Missing avatar

      sara crane on

      Bought mine as a gift - giftee said the same as Catlyn- the black fabric needs to be extended throughout the panty. She also had trouble with considerable fading on the front panel ONLY after just one wash in cold, no dryer (Beaver design only) - even some dye loss on the inside of her Black Milk pants. Yikes!

    38. Missing avatar

      Abby Asher on

      Still waiting for mine in Northern Nevada... I moved but I have a forwarding address with USPS so I'm not sure if there is some kind of issue there. Hoping they didn't get lost!

    39. Akire on

      Worth the wait! I've had my Period Panties for over a month now and they are fantastic! Love the graphics and style of the undies- they cover my whole butt! What a concept! :P I wear a size 6 in women's pants and measure 33" upper hip and 36" at the fullest part of my booty and the Medium fits great. Thank you!!!

    40. Missing avatar

      Catlyn Keenan on

      Got mine and I LOVE them. The graphics are bright and sassy and the sizing is perfect. First wash went fine - no fading or shrinking.

      My only suggestion - I thought (assumed?) that the entire interior of the panty would be black, not just the crotch and front. For those of us who sleep on our backs there can be a ...drainage...issue. I stained the butt. Because the outside is a dark background it's no biggie but one of the selling points is a dark interior lining. Maybe consider for future iterations :)

    41. Erica JS on

      I can't wait to order a whole set. I love mine. Thank you!

    42. Rosa on

      Hi just wondering if mine have been shipped?? I'm in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

    43. Miluette on

      I got mine just in the nick of time, and I gotta say, they rule. I wish I had been able to get two -- they look and fit amazingly, and they're just really good undies even for the off-period. Few pairs I've ever owned have been up to snuff -- so thank you for this!

      For the record, people have been concerned about size. I got a small and the fit is snug, but initially it does look bigger than some of my other undies for whatever reasons. The snugness doesn't contribute to any discomfort and serves to keep things in place, which is especially why I like mine! Still looks ideal after the first wash, too!

    44. Missing avatar

      Kristina Botting on

      I got the panties, they look and feel amazing!

    45. Jasmin Thrace on

      Anxiously waiting on Long Island, NY! $70+ is a lot to spend without any updates for reasons behind late shipping :(

    46. Heather Walkden on

      The sizing and colour of mine was fine even after a wash and a tumble dry.... Only one problem, the postage to the UK was off and I have had to pay another £12 on top of the $40 I paid for them. Safe to say they seemed a bit overpriced when it all adds up.
      Great product, just a shame that they were late, under franked and missing the "cramp stamps"

    47. Jayson Collier on

      Have you shipped to APOs yet?

    48. Missing avatar

      Kimieri on

      Still waiting in Rochester, NY. I read that there was some error in the addresses...?

    49. The Joltess on

      I got mine yesterday (Ontario, Canada) and I think they look huge only because they are made up on way more fabric compared to the dental floss of panties we are used to buying.minusually buy mediums normally and got the larges here because my butt was an inbetween size on the chart and they fit great.

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