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$3,314 pledged of $4,500 goal
$3,314 pledged of $4,500 goal

Read the comic, get a shirt!

I’m going to be honest and admit that I should have made this post a week ago when the comic launched. Everyone reading this message, all 64 of you who were willing to donate funds to support two guys looking to make an unknown comic a reality, are our original and most awesome fans.

So it is with a humble heart that I apologize for not letting you all know sooner about the comic launch! Many of you didn’t realize that even though we did not reach our goal back in February, Angelo and I continued on making Hardcore Luchador and released the first 9 pages of the ongoing epic on our website last Saturday.

So, if you haven’t already done so, stop everything you’re doing and go check the comic out and leave us your feedback!


We also want to share about the t-shirt pre-order that we have going on, how you can still support our comic, and the rhyme and reason behind the pre-order.

We always wanted to have merchandise for sale as a part of the whole comic website package. A goal  to build revenue from working on the comic, if you will. With the funds we would have raised from Kickstarter, we we’re planning to stock the store with a few items to start out with while the comic picked up steam and its fan base grew.

So without the raised funds, a new but small-scale plan was laid out. We would have a t-shirt pre-order to raise the funds needed to order a small run of 50 shirts. If we sold 24 preorders, we would have enough to order the full run and be stocked up for the beginning of our venture.

If you would still like to make a pledge and support our comic, preordering a shirt would help us tremendously.

Also, as a way of saying thanks for ordering a t-shirt, we’re going to include some free goodies with each order.

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