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$3,314 pledged of $4,500 goal
$3,314 pledged of $4,500 goal

Our Dearest Thanks

We love you all. Plain and simple. Though we didn't reach our goal, we still have an amazing group of friends, family and new fans that believe in us and wanted us to succeed in launching Hardcore Luchador.

Together, you all had a total pledge amount of $3,314 (just a reminder that nobody's credit cards were charged)! It's humbling. We're so thankful to have all of you and your support.

What's Next?

We still plan to release the comic in weekly installments for FREE on our website, hardcoreluchador.com, which will begin on May 5th. It's also Free Comic Book Day, so we'll have something planned for that as well (but more on that later).

Right now, we're working on getting the website up. It'll have a blog for getting updates on our progress. For now, we'll post updates to this Kickstarter blog until it's ready.

What About Funds?

While we could still use some funds to help us launch and stock our store for opening day, nothing is expected from anybody. Again we love you all. Thanks for you support! Some of our backers have already told us that they still want to give their pledge. While that's amazing in itself, we really want to do things right and still reward you guys for helping us out.

The problem is, we can't offer the same rewards without having the guaranteed funds that the goal amount would have offered.

Since there were quite a few backers who chose no reward, we can do this for now: if you still would like to donate, but have no expectation of anything in return, then feel free to donate through the PayPal link we've provided below.

If we raise enough funds, we'll put together a new list of reward tiers (as close as we can to the originals ) so that everyone can get a reward for helping us out.


Again, thank you a million times for everybody's support. We're making this comic because we love to create (as well as luchadores) and we want to share our story with everybody.

Oh and if you're not yet a fan on facebook, we invite you to come hang out with us on our page https://www.facebook.com/hardcoreluchador

Con muchas gracias,
Chris & Angelo


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