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HARDCORE INDIE will be a 90 minute documentary about the making of two hard core horror movies in Tulsa. Read more

Tulsa, OK Film & Video
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This project was successfully funded on April 14, 2011.

HARDCORE INDIE will be a 90 minute documentary about the making of two hard core horror movies in Tulsa.

Tulsa, OK Film & Video
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About this project


HARDCORE INDIE will be a 90 minute documentary about the making of two hardcore horror movies that will be shot in Tulsa this summer. SCREEN & CRAWL are two original horror-thriller movies from two visionary film-makers.

One film-maker is from Scotland (UK) The other is from Tulsa (USA) They want to come together to pool their talents, resources, and projects. Their ultimate goal is to use these movies to kickstart an independent film studio in the US.

David Baker (Scotland), Oklahoma Ward (Tulsa) and Nicole Alonso (Jersey) met online a year ago and immediately clicked. Now-with a shared vision and passion for genre films, they are joining forces to make their dreams a reality with SCREEN AND CRAWL

HARDCORE INDIE will be the behind-the-scenes Full length Documentary of the whole process from start to finish. This documentary is not just about film-making, but it focuses on the universal theme of people working hard together to make their dreams a reality.


Oklahoma and Nicole recently left LA to come to Oklahoma's parents. They had a studio built in the back yard for the set of "CRAWL" The film is funded and they are currently building the set themselves. You can see the 24/7 LIVE VIDEO FEED


David Baker has tried to make "SCREEN" several times in the past, but he could never get the right deal, or producing partners that would be right for the film. He put the film on back burner for years.


This is where the power of social media kicked in. It helped bring these kindred spirits together. HARDCORE INDIE could be a classic documentary that captures how this partnership began between these film-makers. Which could lead to a potential studio.


Your kickstarter donations will fund the HARDCORE INDIE documentary. Which in turn, also kickstarts the birth of this whole partnership.

David Baker will fly out to Tulsa and live with Oklahoma and Nicole the whole summer. They will help him to get SCREEN made with their locations, contacts, and resources. (crew, kit, cast, muscle cars)  David will also act in Oklahoma's film CRAWL

SCHEDULE (If this kickstarter campaign is funded)

  • David prepares and travels to Tulsa (15 April to 30th)
  • SCREEN pre-production (May)
  • CRAWL pre-productiion (May)
  • CRAWL shoot (June-July)
  • SCREEN shoots (July-August)
  • CRAWL & SCREEN post (August-Sept-Oct)
  • CRAWL-SCREEN release (TBC)
  • HARDCORE INDIE post & release 2012


We have great perks on the opposite side of the page. Some of them are DOUBLE perks for the price of the one, because you are funding a team.

We are offering a unique insight into two filmmakers lives as they try to kickstart the birth of an independent studio. We also see the people that fund us as long term supporters, so you will always get exclusive access to many other opportunties all through this ambitious journey.

In effect, supporters of this campaign will help to ignite the spark to this whole partnership. We are confident we could help kickstart a new breed of indie filmmaking. Help us make the term "indie" mean something special again.


We will also shoot a flip camcorder online web series documentary to chart this whole journey. This will start the day after the end of the campaign. (If successful)

This web series will be exclusive private video diaries for kickstarter funders. We will show you behind the scenes videos of this whole journey.

Most of the content won't appear in the "Hardcore Indie" 90 minute documentary. This is fresh extra content. This means that funders can watch this whole process on video as it happens too.

The theme of these videos will also be very accessible, so that a universal audience can watch them. These videos will show all the ups and downs as this filmmaking team try to turn their dream into a reality.

The video series will be posted at least 5 days a week for the next year. You can watch it daily via this password protected blog at the HARDCORE INDIE website here. THESE VIDEOS WILL ONLY EVER BE AVAILBLE TO FUNDERS!

We are sharing all the ups and downs of our lives, so we only want to share this transparent content with people that believe in us. That way they can see where their hard earned funding support is going.


We will also have a private channel that is exclusively for other filmmakers. We will chart the projects from beginning to end in preproduction, post, and marketing and distribution. We will give tips about our process every step of the way.

These videos could be much more informative than film-making dvds, books, and courses. This content will be invaluable, simply because its coming from film-makers that are dealing with all the challenges of trying to produce and monetise from their work today. As it happens!


Our first projects will be a hybrid distribution model (Industry and direct to market distribution) We have a plan for inventive marketing campaigns for both movies.

  • Promotion portable drive-in screening event tour
  • Diy outdoor drive-in screenings
  • Real drive-in screenings
  • Spin off web video content that promotes main movies
  • Industry marketing

Community building is at the heart of each campaign. We will chart all the ups and downs of this in the web series and HARDCORE INDIE. HARDCORE INDIE will also have a multi platform release. Funders will get access to the first private online screen via the website VOD platform.


The long term goal is build a global community with the studio, so we can completely get direct to our market after we make our work. People who support us will always get opportunties to be interactively involved with our projects.

This ethos will be communicated in "HARDCORE INDIE" If you want to be part of something that could be the birth of something special, please support our campaign.



CRAWL is funded. They might need to raise a few $ in production or post, but the majority of the funding is there, so the film is shooting in June for 100%.

SCREEN can be made very cheaply. Funds will be released if David gets to Tulsa and  shows he is pulling it together. Pre-selling this documentary HARDCORE INDIE (Which is like a movie itself) helps make the movie happen too.

It gets David based in Tulsa for the whole summer. Oklahoma has access to the locations, props, crew, kit for no cost. SCREEN will be made for 100%.

Whatever happens, we can get SCREEN made between July-August. In the worst case scenario, HARDCORE INDIE might end up beginnng the Oscar winner! However, we are VERY confident we have three great features.


Your kickstarter pledge will not be taken off your credit card unless we meet our total funding goal for HARDCORE INDIE by the end date. If we don't reach the target by that deadline, we don't get any of the funds. 

Every $ raised helps. If you can't donate, please promote this project to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, everywhere. We have great movies, we are hard workers, and we believe this will really be a special partnership. But we can't do it without your support.

Thank you for reading this pitch. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us on the links below. 



"Hardcore Indie" website

"Screen" website

Personal website

Previous film website (Writer, director, producer, actor)

David's Twitter

David's Facebook


"Hardcore Indie" website

"Crawl" website

Personal website

Previous project website

Oklahoma's Twitter

Nicole's twitter


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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    Your name as a backer on the "hardcore indie" website. You will also have a web link

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    Your name in the rolling credits of "HARDCORE INDIE" documentary. Under title "Thank you to Kickstarter supporters".

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    Access to private video channel of film-making tips. We share exclusive content on how we make these movies, market, distribute.

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    All the above. You can appear in "HARDCORE INDIE" via your camcorder. Check the website for details.

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    All the above. DVD copy of “HARDCORE INDIE” Signed by David Baker, Oklahoma Ward, and Nikki Alonso. Also, full access to private behind the scenes web doc series (5 days a week) (1 year access) (5 min videos)

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    All the above. Special funders edition DVD of "SCREEN" & "CRAWL" Signed by David, Oklahoma, & Nicole. Plus "SCREEN" soundtrack (Download or CD) Plus, 1st funders VOD preview of "HARDCORE INDIE" from website

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    All the above. Special funders blu ray edition of "SCREEN" & "CRAWL" with hours of extras in each blu ray discs. Also, limited edition posters of "SCREEN" & "CRAWL" All signed by filmmakers, main cast of both films. Also, multimedia ebook charting the journey on "HARDCORE INDIE". Will also be available for ipad.

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    All the above. Goody bag of merchandise of "HARDCORE INDIE" "SCREEN" & "CRAWL" T- shirts, stickers, caps, signed stills. Plus, your social media or website link placed into the "HARDCORE INDIE" itunes app (Iphone & Ipad)

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    All the above. Live stream private film-making chat with David Baker, Oklahoma Ward, Nicole Alonso on the set of "CRAWL" (1 hour per person) You skype. We will also record on video on set, then send you the video.

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    All the above. "Executive Producer" credit in "HARDCORE INDIE". Will also be placed on IMDB.

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    All the above. Meet the filmmakers in Tulsa for a lunch, chat. Visit the set of "CRAWL" "SCREEN" or meet up with us on tour while we continue to shoot documentary (Does not include flight, accommodation) You can appear in the documentary as we ask you why you became a backer

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