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Our kitchen equipment is worn down from years of hard use at farmers' markets. We are replacing our equipment for our dream kitchen!

Building Our Dream Kitchen Together

The kitchen is at the heart of every family. It sustains us. It nourishes us. It is where we connect with each other. It is where we build community. 

At Hapa we are the same. 

We gather to cook and to share our passion for good food with good intentions. Our food reflects our respect for ingredients, our diverse heritage, our travel experiences, and our passion to feed people good food. Over the past couple of years, we have worked our equipment hard through extensive use at our Hapa Ramen stand at the farmers market, at pop-ups, and at our commercial kitchen in the Mission. Construction has now started at our upcoming restaurant Hapa at 1527 Fillmore, and we can hardly believe that our dream that we’ve been working toward for the past couple of years is within our grasp. We are turning to our extended family and community of fans to help us build and outfit our dream kitchen so that we may continue to cook you fun, tasty food with good intentions. Anything that you could contribute would be wonderful. Every bit helps! Thank you, and please know we would be nothing without your support.

"Thank You" to Our Fans

We also wanted to take a moment to say “thank you” to all of our passionate fans. We’ve been humbled by so many amazing posts, videos, tweets, and more from our wonderful fans. As another way to say “thank you” we will be having a Hapa Community Video Contest. Everyone can submit a video (or a link to a video) to us about their experience eating Hapa food via social media by Monday, July 30th. The Hapa crew will vote (and likely argue) over our favorite and we will post it here a day before our Kickstarter closes. The Hapa crew will also cook a free private 4-person meal for the fan behind our favorite video.

Don't Know the Hapa Family Yet?

We are lucky that social media enables us to reach people that aren’t living in San Francisco and we understand that you may not know us. We are fortunate to be surrounded by amazing people within the Hapa extended family. In case we haven’t met yet, we wanted to provide you with some moments to get to know us. Please keep coming back to this kickstarter page and through a few videos, we’ll show you who we, the Hapa family, are.

Now....for more about Hapa and our extended family.....

Again, please keep checking back for more videos from Hapa and our extended family!

What Happens if We Exceed our Goal?

If we exceed our goal and reach 150%, Richie has promised to wear this stunning outfit during a service. 

It would provide a memorable photo op and is a way for us to say “Thank you so much!” for everyone’s support. If we exceed our goal and reach 200%, then the entire Hapa crew will wear unique costumes in the Kickstarter community’s honor for an entire service. 

Thank you again for all of your support!

July 31, 2012 Update: Community

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

We've exceeded our goal.

When we found out, we were speechless. We were overwhelmed. We laughed. We cried.

We know that without you, this would not have been possible.

Over the last 15 days, we've received so much support from our extended Hapa family and community that we couldn't pick just one video for the Hapa Community Video Contest. As we saw the videos come in, there was no way we could pick a favorite. As you have already seen, we ended up posting them. There were many "winners".

We think you can understand why we couldn't pick just one.

As we reach the close of our kickstarter, we wanted to share a video from Omar, a regular customer

and share a link to a post and video from Nopalize

We are amazed and humbled by your support. Again, thank you. We look forward to seeing you at Hapa on Fillmore soon.



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