Mini Museum

by Hans Fex

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    1. Rom on

      Awesome update Hans. Excited!

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      Tom Chantler on

      Hans, this is brilliant. I can hardly wait. I honestly don't think I've been this excited about anything for a very long time. No pressure ;-)

    3. Stevo on

      I'm very curious what the 'gratitude' specimen is. I'm hoping it's a legit specimen - but even if it isn't I'm still excited to receive the museum.

    4. Nine

      Wow awesome, this will be a masterpiece of its own. Thank you for your continued effort and dedication to make this project so perfect.

    5. Rom on

      Gratitude Specimen:

      Your beard will be on every Mini Museum? :D

    6. Jarin Udom

      I'm throwing out a guess that "Gratitude" is a piece of microfiche with all the backer names on it :)

    7. CJ Siano on

      Thanks for the update. Looking forward to my Museum as well as all the other information you plan to share.

      Thanks for the details on the Mummy Wrap. Was wondering how that old material would take the cutting process.

      This has been - hands down - the BEST Kickstarter project I've been a part of.

      Thank you for making the effort to keep us all informed.

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      Lauren L Corbin on

      Your stories and adventures are just as exciting as our museum piece. Glad to meet the team of supporters. Hope we see photos of everyone. It truly is an amazing undertaking.

    9. UpstartThunder on

      Wow so so so happy about this!

    10. Chad on

      Absolutely impressive

    11. Michael Steer on

      I am crazy excited about this :)

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      Paul Boudreau on

      All I can say is "Wow!"

    13. orejuela on

      Best update ever!

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      Markus Armstrong on

      You've really done it, Hans!!! Bravo!!!! I am sooooo excited!

    15. Øyvind Selbek on

      This Project has been one long thrill ride from start to present day. Amazing work, and the attention to detail you put into this is truly amazing to see. Keep up the good work, Hans! Can't wait to touch the final product.

    16. Keith Jackson

      So beautiful! Well done!

    17. Bruno Desclee on

      Great update ! Thanks a lot ! Wow, the mini museum is soooooo beautiful ! :-)

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      Amisha Patel on

      ahhhhh so exciting!!

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      Nathaniel Salgueiro on

      Can't wait. They look amazing. You could almost make a second companion book from all your updates. They certainly have been entertaining, interesting and informative reads!

    20. Ian Hennes on

      Finding it hard to contain my excitement. can't wait!

    21. Brynn Metheney on

      How exciting, they are looking gorgeous!! :D

    22. Missing avatar

      Vincent feng on

      Are the dimensions still 5in tall 4in wide

    23. MDS on

      Hans!! You Still in DongGuang?
      I can't image you are so close to me, i work so close to you ,please let me know if you still here for share a dinner with you ;)

    24. James Closs on

      Lookin' good y'all.

    25. Missing avatar

      Aaron Christopher on

      Much needed update! Thank you Hans!! Looks great! :)

    26. Jarrah on

      Good idea with the beard. Suspicious luggage and beards don't mix well.

    27. James Nguyen

      I've really enjoyed reading your updates and this was easily the best one. You have done everything right so far and it has been amazing following your progress. My hat goes off to you. Can't wait to see the final product and marvel not just at the specimens inside, but the beauty of the museum itself (for it too has now a really interesting story to tell!).

    28. Paul Johnson on

      This must be a model Kickstarter project. The vicarious, yet palpable excitement in being a party to the fulfillment of one man's lifetime dream - the amazingly informative updates, and the ups and downs of a production run that exceeded, by more than an order of magnitude, all initial expectations - thank-you Hans (and, of course, your team) for sharing, but most of all thank-you for believing,,,

    29. Missing avatar

      Paul Radek on

      I get anxiously excited when I see updates for the Mini Museum. The regular communications have a wonderful build up for the completion of these historically significant artifacts. Even as I type this, I have butterflies in my stomach, and don't know how I will react when I see the museum in-person. Thanks to Hans and his team for undertaking such an extraordinary task.

    30. WhyIsThisOpen on

      @Jarin Udom - Microfiche was my guess as well.

    31. dajebriza

      So glad I backed. The journey alone has been worth the price of admission. The fact that i get one of these spectacular and unique museums at the end is just pure icing on the cake! Thanks, Hans!

    32. Zoe Martin

      This would have to be the best, most informative Kickstarter project I have backed. Cannot wait until I can hold a mini museum in my hands and show all my friends and family.
      Hans if/when you make another Kickstarter project I'll be backing even if it's just for the informative updates haha

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      Andreas Sachse on

      Fantastic update, Hans. You are pure awesomeness!!

    34. Stéphanie Colle on

      Thank you Hans for another spectacular and fascinating update. As some have commented before, the journey alone makes backing this project worth every penny.

    35. Missing avatar

      Cos_ on

      Ooooohhhhhh. Yeah!

    36. Ben "w_lf" Reichstein on

      It looks amazing! I cannot wait to hold it in my hands :)

    37. Michael on

      So excited! Great update. :)

    38. Todd Weimer on

      Thanks Felix, so exciting to share in this journey with you and really looking forward to getting my mini-museum :)

    39. Joey Newton on

      I'm good at this game. Looking forward to having a bit of your beard in resin!

    40. Missing avatar

      Tina Brandt on

      PLEASE. PLEASE. I would happily pay for a bound copy of all of your amazing updates from start to finish. The time and attention that you have given to every detail of this project has been a wonder to behold. Thank you for your incredible dedication to something that will live on for generations of wonder and excitement :)