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$949,787 pledged of $200,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

$949,787 pledged of $200,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Hans Fex 3-time creator
      3 days ago

      Hello, everyone! I just wanted to take a moment to share NOVA's campaign for "Beyond the Elements".

      I backed this project when it was first announced on Kickstarter, and again when they relaunched with a lower funding goal. This campaign ends in 14 days and it's not quite to 50% in funding. Today, the campaign sent out a great update encouraging everyone to say #ThankYouScience.

      Personally, I find this very inspiring and the mission to help people fall in love with science couldn't be closer to our hearts here at Mini Museum. So I decided to say #ThankYouScience by asking you to take a look at this great campaign.

      I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

    2. Hans Fex 3-time creator
      3 days ago

      Thank you, @Leonardo!

    3. Leonardo Corbucci 3 days ago

      This is really great! I wish you guys will build actually a huge "Mini" Museum here in Los Angels to remind people the importance of remember our origins and milestones! Good job guys! Keep it up friends ;)

    4. Hans Fex 3-time creator
      5 days ago

      Hello, everyone! Looks like it will be a few more days before we have all of our technical things worked out for the livestream, so I've gone ahead and posted a new product update which includes details on the Mini Museum Touch, the Mosasaur Tooth reward, and the Tucson gem Show. This update also includes the details about the Mosasaur Jaw specimen in the Large and Touch Mini Museums: Thank you!

      @Justin Tobin That's a great idea. I will check into this and see what a small run might cost. Andrea will likely contact MM2 backers by email to gauge interest to see if we can get enough for a cost-effective print run.

    5. Missing avatar

      Justin Tobin 6 days ago

      Hans, I don't know if the demand is there to justify this, but any chance of a reprint of the second edition companion guide as hardbound that we can buy as an add-on in backerkit? I know I would love to have a hardbound version of the MM2 companion guide so my MM1, 2 and 3 all match.

    6. Missing avatar

      b33M! 6 days ago

      Yeah :)

    7. Hans Fex 3-time creator
      6 days ago

      Hello, @Joe S.! Yes, indeed! We've been working on a possible live update to do in conjunction. It might take a few more days than expected as we're trying to work out multiple cameras (including our digital microscope).

    8. Missing avatar

      Joe S. 6 days ago

      Update soon?

    9. Hans Fex 3-time creator
      on February 20

      @Garett Ross - Helper Stephanie here! What you want to do is pledge for the Large Mini Museum tier, and then the Mosasaur tooth will be available as an add-on when you fill out your backer survey at the conclusion of the Kickstarter. That's it! Hope that helps. :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Garett Ross on February 20

      It is possible to pledge for the large edition of the museum and the mosasaur tooth?

    11. \[T]/ SOLAIRE \[T]/ on February 20

      @hans fex

      Big congratulations! An awesome idea, and execution of that idea. Im sad that I missed the first edition, but managed to get the second and now the third. And Im definately going to get every edition here after :)

    12. Hans Fex 3-time creator
      on February 18

      @Albert Wong - Helper Stephanie here! Yes, the companion guide is identical for all tiers that include the guide, and they will be hardbound for this edition. :D

    13. Missing avatar

      Albert Wong on February 18

      Hi! Is the companion guide for the large museum at the $309 hardbound and identical to the one offered with the large + touch tier! Love your work! Have the first and second museums. THIS is what represents the best of kickstarter.

    14. Hans Fex 3-time creator
      on February 18

      Three years ago today (2/18) we launched the Kickstarter for the First Edition of the Mini Museum!

      Today over 10,000 Mini Museums have been sent to more than 70 countries around the world. We are all so very grateful for the opportunity to share the love of science and history with all of you.

      Thank you all so very much for making this amazing journey possible!!

    15. Hans Fex 3-time creator
      on February 17

      Hello, everyone! I'm thinking about doing a livestream update next week using the Kickstarter Live functionality. We could talk about a million things (or even a few billion years) but what would you like to see in a live update (or several)?

      @Kobe The teeth vary in size but are roughly 1"-1 1/2" (2.5-3.8cm). I'll have pictures of them up very soon, but you can also see similar teeth embedded in the jaw of the Mosasaur specimen image on the main project page.

      @MichaelKaufman I love that idea. We haven't embedded a full slice in testing but I'm sure it would look amazing. A larger specimen like this might be something to consider for future museums, but I already have something special planned for the display of this item. :)

      @Justin The Samurai slice is a cool specimen to handle (very, very carefully - quite sharp!) and study directly.

    16. Kobe Vervoort on February 17

      How big is a Mosasaur tooth?

    17. Hans Fex 3-time creator
      on February 17

      @Leodavinci - Helper Stephanie here! The Mosasaur teeth will be packaged similarly to the Touch version (albeit, a smaller Riker case). They will look a lot like the Neanderthal Hand Axe add-on that was available for Mini Museum 2, which you can see here:

    18. Leodavinci on February 17

      very interesting concept, wish I was there to back earlier campaigns... looking forward to get my hands on my first mini museum in May. Was wondering if there will be any "touch" versions of the addons like teeth... so it will be more safe in the hands of children

    19. Missing avatar

      justin owen on February 16

      There is no chance for that to happen. Plus the 1" sword piece would be better as separate item one can handle.

    20. Michael Kaufman
      on February 16

      Is there any chance that the backers who got the Samurai edition could get a taller museum with the cross-section embedded in the bottom? That would be so much cooler than getting it separately.

      To other people who backed the Samurai edition: Is this something you would like too, or is it just me?

    21. Hans Fex 3-time creator
      on February 16

      @Nicholas.L - Helper Stephanie here! The Large Mini Museums are 1-per-pledge, but if there is enough stock left over at the conclusion of the Kickstarter, there will be a chance to add more on to your pledge in the backer survey. There will absolutely be enough stock of the teeth for add-ons! Keep an eye out for Hans' update with more information, soon.

      Please feel free to reach out to us at if you want to talk more about the specifics of your pledge! (We don't like to air everyone's personal pledge info out here in the public comments, of course, but we're happy to discuss specifics over email or Kickstarter message!)

    22. Nicholas.L on February 16

      hi hans.
      How should i manage my pledge if i need 2 sets of large MM?
      And if i also need a tooth as an add-on, can you make sure there will be enough stock after the project funded and the tooth will come with the MM? TKS!

    23. Hans Fex 3-time creator
      on February 15

      Hello, everyone! I hope you are well! I just added another tier of Mosasaur teeth delivering in June. This reward will be also available as an add-on after the campaign for those of you backing a Mini Museum. More details in the next project update coming (coming early next week).

      P.S. If we miss your question or you have something you’d like to ask us privately, please do not hesitate to reach out to Jamie, Andrea, and Stephanie are waiting for your emails, and happy to help!

    24. Missing avatar

      Stephan Henne on February 10

      @Andrew; Thanks very much.

    25. Andrew Hurwitz
      on February 10

      @Stephan, you will have to move your pledge back to the Large MM and add the Mosasaur tooth later after the project has funded using Backerkit. Right now there is no way to combine the two.

    26. Missing avatar

      Stephan Henne on February 10

      Hi Hans,
      I have a great Problem. I was an Early Bird MM Large Baker. Today I add an Mosasaur Tooth an now my Early Bird MM Large is no more exist. Please Help me.......

    27. Missing avatar

      Gaurav Chugh on February 10

      Thanks Cang Ling Yee! Very helpful!

    28. Andrew Hurwitz
      on February 10

      @Riccardo, they pop up on auction sites from time to time so keep a look out. :)

    29. Riccardo on February 10

      @Hans yeah! i upgrade my pledge! Ty
      but I'm sad.... that the first and second editions are sold out, cant find worldwide ;(

    30. Hans Fex 3-time creator
      on February 10

      Hi, folks! Helper Jamie here!

      @Riccardo Hans will have a picture of the Third Edition Touch very soon. But there are a number of great shorts of the sold-out Second Edition in our shop if you'd like to get an idea of what it looks like!

      @Jeremy Balcombe There is a chart of the specimens in each edition on the project page. You can also see the chart on our website at under "Explore the Collection" (p.s. h/t @b33M!)

      @Gaurav Chugh Great question and @Cang Ling Yee is correct (thank you!)

      @Ong Lih Tar Yes, @Todd is right. You should change your pledge to a Large MM and then you'll be able to add on a Mosasaur tooth during the post-campaign process.

    31. Riccardo on February 10

      Can we Have A few photos of the "Touch Edition?

    32. Missing avatar

      b33M! on February 10

      @Jeremy: Look at the description of the campaign. There is a list of all specimens...

    33. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Balcombe on February 10

      Hi, what specimens are in the small mini-museum?

    34. Cang Ling Yee
      on February 10

      @Gaurav, if your total pledge is over 400 SGD CIF, you will get taxed. The mini museum team will give an exact invoice valuation to your package and they cannot/ will not under declare the amount you paid

    35. Missing avatar

      Gaurav Chugh on February 10

      Hi will this product be shipped from the US? I am wondering about the custom duty and taxes when shipped internationally. am located in Singapore. Any SG backers here?? Thanks.

    36. Missing avatar

      Todd on February 9

      You should pledge for the Mini Museum and then do the tooth as an add on

    37. Missing avatar

      Ong Lih Tar
      on February 9

      Hi, i have ordered the tooth, how do i add the large MM3?

    38. Hans Fex 3-time creator
      on February 9

      @Chris Chen - Helper Stephanie here! You are correct, it is a whole tooth. :)

    39. Chris Chen
      on February 9

      @Creator. A quick clarification - the $18 tier - Mosasaur tooth will be a complete tooth, not a slice of the tooth?

    40. Hans Fex 3-time creator
      on February 9

      Helper Stephanie here again, to answer a few more of your questions!

      @Gaurav Chugh - Yes, the production date and shipping date is the only difference between the different $299 Large tiers. :)

      @Garett Ross - Even I don’t know all the surprises that Hans has up his sleeve, but I do know that he has some planned! However, I believe that a mystery specimen in the acrylic is NOT the particular flavor of surprise this time around. Keep an eye on the updates, though!


      If we miss your question or you have something you’d like to ask us privately, please do not hesitate to reach out to Jamie, Andrea, and I are waiting for your emails, and happy to help!

    41. Andrew Hurwitz
      on February 9

      @Bastage Child, pretty sure its hair plugs. :P

    42. Bastidge Child on February 9

      Can we swap Jobs' rags for Trump's wig?

    43. Missing avatar

      on February 9

      Question for canadian backers who backed the first two. Did you guys have to pay any customs fee and if so, how much?

    44. Missing avatar

      on February 8

      I have to wonder if people read the book "Yogananda," if their view of him would change. Or even their lives!

    45. Missing avatar

      Garett Ross on February 8

      I noticed that the MM1 had a mystery specimen. Idk if this has already been asked but will the MM3 have any additional specimens based on money raised. Or if there will be a mystery specimen?

    46. Missing avatar

      Gaurav Chugh on February 8

      Hi so the only difference between the 299 pledges for the large version is shipping date, right? Thanks.

    47. Experiencing Life to the Fullest-Da Wolf
      on February 8

      Joe S. - that was a politically correct way of saying my thoughts on including the jerk in the mix. Best to refer to the person who shall remain unnamed.

    48. Madcotto on February 8

      Andrew Hurwitz my MM1 has never been off main display since I got it. This will be no different shame ill be missing MM2

    49. Al Lew
      on February 8

      @Joe S.
      Then the "touch" MM pledge level is perfect for you, you can add or remove specimens to your desire! The extra regular MM can be a gift or sold off.

    50. Missing avatar

      Todd on February 8

      Joe, despite those opinions many people like me see him as an incredibly impactful innovator. If you visit any decent museum you will see clothing or uniforms from the people that changed the world, you may not always like them but they still had a major impact on the world.

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