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Bark, sniff, and lick your way through the apocalypse to save the hoomans you love!
Bark, sniff, and lick your way through the apocalypse to save the hoomans you love!
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New Year’s Doggolutions: Animal Shelter Gift Basket, International Shipping, Custom Dogs, and Token Stands!

Posted by Make Big Things (Creator)

Happy new year, hoomans! Brian here.

We’re so happy to see your continued photos and play reports. It’s great to see so many people (and pups!) playing and enjoying the game. Keep tagging us @makebigthings or share using the #gooddogbadzombie hashtag. It really is a delight!

What’s left for the project

  •  Gift basket for the One Tail at a Time rescue shelter: This is in progress and close to being done! More info below!
  •  International Shipping: We are working incredibly hard to get EU and international games sent to you!  We began the process well before the holidays, but because of all the back-and-forth involved in communicating with warehouses, VAT tax representatives, our manufacturer, and our shippers, we weren’t able to get all our representatives on the same page before they all left for their holiday breaks. Now that our representatives are all back, I am coordinating with them daily to get a clear sense of timelines. 
  •  Custom Dogs: We have picked our work back up on making your custom dogs! We’ll be sharing an update soon detailing the process of their creation!
  •  1 and 5 Player Variants: These are in development! We’re working on fine tuning mechanics and will post to our website and here when these play variants are ready.

With that...OTAT!

One Tail at a Time gift basket!

We made a promise to use a portion of funds raised from the campaign to purchase a basket of gifts, treats, toys, and resources for the One Tail at a Time dog rescue shelter in Chicago. We talked with OTAT about what items would be most helpful for their shelter this year, and with that, supplies have been ordered and the gift basket will soon be on its way!

Here’s Lupin unboxing some of the shipments, only slightly sad he doesn’t get to eat all those treats, but mostly very happy to share them with doggos in need.  

All this...for me?
All this...for me?

Thanks to all of your support, this was made pawsible! We’ll be sure to share pictures and a video after we’ve dropped off the basket! 

Custom dog tool

We launched this tool right before the holidays, which means we know it’s possible folks missed it, so we just wanted to drop a reminder! The custom dog tool, which you can use to print out your own homemade version of the custom dogs, is available now. Give it a whirl! And share pictures of your cards with us on social media—we love seeing them! 

Image via Pixabay
Image via Pixabay

Unlikely Ally stands

We’ve heard some of you that you’d like stands for Unlikely Allies! We designed the components expecting people to swap out tokens as needed, but we also understand the preference for keeping every dog in a stand.

We’re placing an order for extra card stands that we will ship out free of charge! If you’d like a set, please fill out this form by Friday, January 18th. (If you've already requested card stands from us - no need to fill out the form! You're all set.) The stands that we can supply will have a shorter height to make our shipping affordable, but have no trouble holding our tokens. (These shorter stands will also be the ones that we include with custom dogs.) 

We expect it to around a month to receive and process these stands after we've placed the order. If you’d prefer stands that are available now, you can order these from Gamecrafter, which are similar to the taller model in the base game.   

Hero dogs in action!

Again, thanks so much for your support. We’ve loved seeing your pictures of the game in action, and hearing about how you’ve enjoyed playing the game has meant the world! Feel free to tag us the next time you post the game (Twitter and Instagram: @makebigthings and Facebook: @Make Big Things) and use the hashtag #gooddogbadzombie 



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    1. Make Big Things 5-time creator on

      @David Sims Yes, that's the hope right now! I spent a couple weeks working on making sure we could find the right balance between affordability in shipping and safety of the custom dogs while including the stands - both the custom dog stands and expansion stands. I feel 90% confident right now that the expansion stands can also be included with the custom dog shipments together, but I just want to triple check with the post office about that and do one last test mailing before I say for sure!


    2. David Sims

      Would you be able to send the expansion stands with the custom dogs?

    3. Make Big Things 5-time creator on

      @Grew W Thank you! You rock, too!

    4. Make Big Things 5-time creator on

      @Reyom: Thank you!! We think our backers are the best!

      @Mel Mah: Great! Thank you for troubleshooting that.

    5. Mel Mah on

      Good to go! Thanks!

    6. Missing avatar


      You guys are absolutely the best.

    7. Make Big Things 5-time creator on

      @Mel Mah Yeah sorry about that - it should be fixed now! Feel free to give it another whirl!

    8. Mel Mah on

      There's a bit of an issue with the form for Postal Codes - it says it must be a Number but I can't put any letters.