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Bark, sniff, and lick your way through the apocalypse to save the hoomans you love!
Bark, sniff, and lick your way through the apocalypse to save the hoomans you love!
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Bonus Custom Dog Card Creator Is Live!

Posted by Make Big Things (Creator)

Hey hoomans! Brian here.

We’ve got exciting news. The bonus custom dog tool we previously announced is finally live!

As a reminder: This does not replace the custom dog cards $75 and above backers will be receiving. This is a fun bonus thing we wanted to offer to all of our wonderful backers! The custom dogs you are receiving will have illustrated backgrounds, photo-filtered dogs, and will be printed on high-quality stock.

This online tool will let anyone design and print their own custom dog card. We recommend using this online tool on a desktop/laptop rather than a mobile/tablet device. In addition, if many people are accessing the tool at once, there’s a possibility it will slow down our website a bit. So if you can’t access it right away, just give it a little time and then try again!

Without further ado, you can access the bonus custom dog tool here:

You’ll see a blank dog card that looks like this: 

You can customize every aspect of your dog card!
You can customize every aspect of your dog card!

When you upload your picture and fill the information out, you’ll be able to download and print out something that looks like this!

Dr. Fluffy is ready to join the pack! Dog image from Pixabay.
Dr. Fluffy is ready to join the pack! Dog image from Pixabay.

Our initial testing of the tool has gone well, but we’re expecting you’ll find some bugs we missed. If you do run into any issues, the best way to get that to us is emailing us: Please don’t post bugs to the comments section of Kickstarter, as these comments quickly get buried and there’s no easy way to track them. We will do our best to respond to any issues as quickly as possible, but our replies might be somewhat delayed due to the holidays.

We hope you have fun with this and enjoy playing the game as your doggos! Thanks for everything!

Have any shipping issues? Send us an email! 

We are thrilled that the games are being delivered to your homes. We poured so much love and time into every step of the process for this game: from creating the mechanics to playtesting, production, and now getting it into your paws. It’s been so rewarding to see your pictures on social media of people receiving and playing their games. We love seeing your play reports and experiences so keep them coming! Thank you!

We’ve also had some folks have shipping issues with their order. That’s definitely to be expected when you ship out thousands of packages all at once. If there’s anything we can help you with, the best way to be in touch with us is by email: This allows us to track our responses to your message and keep messages organized in one place.

We will do everything we can to solve any issues with your shipment. Our replies might be slightly delayed during this holiday week—we greatly appreciate your patience and support!

Thank you all for being the best canine rescue party a hooman could hope for!

Warm regards,


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    1. Make Big Things 5-time creator on

      @David - So glad you were able to get the dogs under the tree in time!!

      @Julie - Wow, we are so sorry to hear about your losses. That sounds so difficult. We're glad the custom dog tool can help you carry on their memories. <3

    2. Julie West on

      I love this! I lost 3 of my puppers recently (July, August and December) so, I plan on making one for each.

    3. Make Big Things 5-time creator on

      @Ricardo - All of our shippers have gone home for the holidays! We’ll have an update when we check in with them after Christmas week! :)


    4. Ricardo Walther

      Sounds and looks cool and Crazy :) are there and news for german/international backers?

    5. David Schirduan on

      Custom Dog creator is amazing, and works like a charm! I was able to add all of my family's pets in time for Christmas!

      Thank you so much!!!