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$63,364 pledged of $35,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

$63,364 pledged of $35,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Make Big Things 5-time creator 31 minutes ago

      @Will Miller - Hi Will, so good to see you here! Thanks for joining in! :D

    2. Will Miller about 6 hours ago

      Wow, go Make Big Things! Former Owl and Raven compatriots! Can’t wait to play!!

    3. Lexi M.
      about 19 hours ago

      Whoops never mind my question, saw you already answered it below. Thank you!

    4. Lexi M.
      about 19 hours ago

      Convoluted question here, but say I got the pack of dogs pledge, and then got another copy of the game, would it be possible to get an add on where I could get that pack of dogs reprinted for the second game too? I know I could print them myself but it would bug me to have them in a different paper.

    5. Lora Friedenthal 1 day ago

      Are any of the dogs a Scottie?

    6. Nick 2 days ago

      500 more to two more dogs. Two more dogs. Two more dogs!

    7. Missing avatar

      Kristen Rismiller 2 days ago

      Awesome!!! Thank you so much!
      I’m excited to add another dog to the pack! I have 5 dogs to add, that would be perfect!!! 💕🐶

    8. Make Big Things 5-time creator 2 days ago

      @Kristen We can absolutely put your two nieces on the same card to be rescued together :) We'll make sure that process is clear once we send out the custom set surveys!

      @David Thank you for backing! We're so happy to have the chance to help out OTaT! Here are the answers to your questions:
      1) We're happy to put any animals on the custom dog cards, as long as you're okay seeing them sniff, bark, and generally act doggish during the game!
      2) Here's our current plan for customization: We'll be providing a set of powers for you to choose from for both the dogs and the hoomans. You'll be able to decide what power you'd like to give to each of your characters, and you'll also have the option to rename those powers - for example, you could rename Lupin's "Snuggle" power to "Nuzzle."

      Finally, we've begun the process of working with BackerKit to make it possible for people to add extra custom dogs to their game after the Kickstarter finishes. So there should be space for every pup that wants to join the pack :)

      Let me know if there's anything else I can help with, and thank you again!


    9. Missing avatar

      David B. Rosengard 2 days ago

      As someone who enjoys games, digs zombie stories, and is fortunate enough to share my life with a dog rescued by One Tail at a Time's sister organization in Portland, I am extremely excited to be backing! (And good on you for getting some needed gear to OTaT!)

      A few questions:
      (1) I understand the Play as Your Pack reward tier comes with 4 custom dogs and 12 custom hoomans, as well as the Unlikely Allies expansion which offers a cat, goat, pig, and parrot as playable characters. …So, given that, would it be possible to treat the 4 custom dogs as ‘custom players’ and submit, say, 2 custom dogs, a custom cat, and a custom goat?

      (2) Am I correct in reading the Play as Your Pack tier as allowing for the 12 custom hoomans to both have custom names *and* custom powers? Just wanted to clarify if the custom powers was just for the 4 dogs or for both groups…

      Obligatory +1 for having an option to add-on additional custom dogs to the Game as Your Dog or Play as Your Pack tiers.

    10. Missing avatar

      Kristen Rismiller 2 days ago

      I just pledged at the $150 level. I have a lot of people to add to the game. My nieces are ages 2 and 4. Would it be possible for them to be combined into 1 hooman card?

    11. Carissa Marie
      2 days ago

      Awesome! Sounds great!

    12. Brian Van Slyke Collaborator 3 days ago

      @Carissa Marie That's actually a (unreleased) stretch goal of ours! We're hoping to do both 1 player version and higher than 4 players as part of the stretch goals. Thanks for asking :)

    13. Carissa Marie
      3 days ago

      Any chance the number of players will go up from 4?

    14. Make Big Things 5-time creator 3 days ago

      @Nick - Arroooooo! We can't wait! It's hard to say no to more good dogs. :D

    15. Nick 3 days ago

      Less than 2K awat from the expanded energy deck! Woof Woof!

    16. Make Big Things 5-time creator 4 days ago

      @Kevin Thank you for helping to playtest the game! We'd appreciate receiving your feedback through our website:

      And those are excellent zombie suggestions! Thank you again :)


    17. Missing avatar

      Kevin Ray 4 days ago

      I played the beta test version a couple times this weekend and enjoyed it (once I finished with the scissors). But I noticed the playtesting is over, so I wanted to ask where I should send my feedback?

      P.S. there should be the following additional zombie standees:
      Parcel delivery guy
      Cat lover
      Animal control

      I like to think the suit zombies are a nod to the random suit zombie from The Walking Dead :)

    18. Tim Carter
      4 days ago

      Ember: Devourer of Treats, Destroyer of Toys, Protector of Sidewalks, Warmer of Laps, can't wait to join in the fun. Zombies won't stand a chance against her.
      Fun concept for the game, and awesome that I can get my dog in there. Hopefully I can convince some of her friends to join as well!

    19. Nick 4 days ago

      Awesome, thank you! I just changed my pledge to the $300 level. We will definitely be adding a minimum of 2 copies of the custom set.

      Good luck on a successful campaign!

    20. Make Big Things 5-time creator 4 days ago

      @Nick Hi Nick - We're going to work with BackerKit to make that possible as an add-on after the campaign ends. We're still working on crunching the numbers for the price, but it will be substantially cheaper to get extra copies of a custom set.

      Thanks for commenting!


    21. Nick 4 days ago

      Thinking of backing at the $300 level, but had a question. Can I get multiple copies of the game with the custom dogs and hoomans?

    22. Make Big Things 5-time creator 4 days ago

      @April Thank you so much for backing, and happy birthday!! I'll send you a message shortly after the Kickstarter ends about getting all your dogs and friends into the game. We'll make sure the whole pack sticks together! :)

      @Hound of Tandalos: We are honored! Thank you!

    23. April Yvonne 4 days ago

      SO PUMPED. Is the 12 hoomans and 4 dog cards firm or can additional custom cards be added? I got a pack of friends to pitch in to the $300 level for my birthday but a couple people/dogs are left out :(

    24. Hound of Tindalos
      5 days ago

      Woof woof! LOVE this campaign! I shall spread the word to my fellow canine lovers.

    25. Shanna Broussard
      5 days ago

      Sounds good to me. Thanks :)

    26. Brian Van Slyke Collaborator 5 days ago

      @Shanna Broussard - Thanks for the support!

      For the 4 dogs: It can be whoever you want! But if you make them a different species, just note they will be doing entirely dog things: like barking, sniffing, howling, etc. If you’re down with that, it’s fine by us!

      And for the 12 hoomans: If you want to rescue your cat, that’s fine too! Just note that the cat will go in the Hooman deck, and as it is moving across the board, it will be symbolized by a hooman token. (You don’t find out the name + power of who you rescued until they are brought back to Central Bark.) Again, if you’re okay with that, it’s fine by us!

    27. Shanna Broussard
      5 days ago

      If we pledge 150$ does it have to be 4 dogs and 12 humans or can other pets be substituted. For example i have a cat that thinks he's a dog and a cat that's a premadonna and would be perfect to need rescuing.

    28. Make Big Things 5-time creator 5 days ago

      @Stormy McKnight - Haha, thank you Stormy! Welcome aboard! And we're so close to that goal too. :D

    29. Stormy McKnight 5 days ago

      Honestly, I was halfway to supporting this game from the name alone. The art (super cute!), the fact that the game is cooperative, and discovering I could have my own pups in it had me clicking the pledge button so fast I scared my cat. Can't wait!

    30. Make Big Things 5-time creator 6 days ago

      @Matthew DeBarger - That's a good question! If we unlock those two extra stretch goal dogs, those dogs get added to the four dogs that are currently part of the base game. The $150 level lets you add four custom dogs in addition to the dogs included in the base game. We currently don't have plans to increase that number of custom dogs, but we're investigating what it would be like to let folks add additional dogs using a pledge manager after the campaign ends! Hope that helps!

    31. Missing avatar

      Matthew DeBarger
      7 days ago

      With the extra dogs stretch, would the expensive pack with 4 custom dogs become 6 custom dogs? It would solve our problem of which dogs to choose :)

    32. Brent Figiel on March 16

      I am extremely here for a game that lets me play as my little furry buddy Brick. Neat idea!

    33. Make Big Things 5-time creator on March 16

      It's no small amount, but we are CRUISING towards that $35K goal this week! Thank you everyone for your backing and sharing!

      We're going to be announcing our first stretch goal soon. We're excited to share it with you and to keep pushing towards that goal. Stay tuned! :)


    34. Make Big Things 5-time creator on March 16

      @Shaun Haugh - Thanks for joining in, Shaun! We can't wait to add your past & present pups to the game and to see what abilities you choose for them. :)

      As for the hoomans, there's time to figure that out!

    35. Missing avatar

      Shaun Haugh on March 16

      What a fantastic idea for a game. I just had to jump on the "add a pack of dogs" level. What better way to immortalize my best friends past and present. (All dogs. I have no idea what hoomans to use.) Thank you and keep up the great work!

    36. Make Big Things 5-time creator on March 15

      @Thomas "Greedy" is a great special ability! We'll be sending out a survey once the campaign finishes that will let you set up your dog's character sheet. I think your pug team is going to look great!

      @Marc Thanks for posting your thoughts! We're talking internally about setting up a structure for this kind of add-on, but we're still researching the best options. As soon as we have an answer, we'll post a backer update and make our decision clear on the main page.


    37. Missing avatar

      Thomas Pooley on March 15

      @Make Big Things - in response to your update, could my two Pugs’ ability be: Greedy. They can sniff out a snack anywhere. Add two energy (or something similar - not sure on the rules yet!)

    38. Missing avatar

      Marc Longoria
      on March 15

      @creator, I’d like to plus one Fernando on his request for a one dog add on to the $75 level. Many of us out here have two dogs and need to only add one extra dog. It’s not worth it to double the pledge to $150 and not have two more dogs to add, and I’m not necessarily interested in adding the human names. All the other dog owners with three or more dogs can move up to that level.

      Thx. Here’s hoping!

    39. Brian Van Slyke Collaborator on March 14

      @Alexander Bell Haha, same! The first time Evan showed it to me, I was like "I don't know about that..." But then I realized I was laughing way too hard to say no to it.

    40. Missing avatar

      Alexander Bell on March 14

      That Feral Track cracks me up every time I see it - can't wait for this excellent game

    41. Make Big Things 5-time creator on March 14

      @Fernando We're going to design the core box to hold both expansions as well as a set of custom doggos, no stretch goal needed! Gotta keep the dog pack together :)

    42. Fernando Montes on March 14

      Just a question/suggestion. Is it possible to have a stretch goal for a insert that holds both expansions in the core box? We travel a lot and it is easier to carry one box. Thanks

    43. Make Big Things 5-time creator on March 14

      @Victoria Griesdoorn - Welcome aboard, Victoria! We're thrilled to share in the adventure with you, whether it's working with you to create your custom dogs or making our way into your own copy of Good Dog, Bad Zombie! :)

      Thanks for joining us in helping those beloved canine warriors fight the good fight!

    44. Victoria Griesdoorn on March 14

      So excited to own this game. Was going to buy 3 additional copies to give as gifts but once I saw the rewards I got selfish. Now I get to play with all 4 dogs in my life and my 9-person human family! Three human spots left... maybe I'll ask for the 3 creators to be included in my game! ;)

    45. Make Big Things 5-time creator on March 14

      @Linda Thank you for backing! I can't wait to see your 4 doggos! :)

      @Michael Thank you so much! You made our whole team smile :D

    46. Missing avatar

      Linda Ayala on March 14

      Super excited!! I have four doggos at home so I cannot wait to see them in our game!! Plus having one of our doggos in every copy is amazing! Can't wait :)

    47. Michael Reynolds
      on March 14

      Dogs and zombies in a tabletop game?!? Sold!!!!!! Adding my own doggo to the game as a playable character?!? Super sold!!!!!! This looks amazing.

    48. Make Big Things 5-time creator on March 14

      @Thomas Pooley and @Peter Callander - We're in the process of putting together a full gameplay video, and we'll be adding more information on the included expansions and the other backer rewards in our updates! It's good to hear the interest in those :)

      @Michael In the game's text, you'll find that a lot of the dogs are having a blast running around the zombies. It takes more than a zombie apocalypse to stop dogs from having fun!

      @Kiki Flutterby Thanks for visiting us at PAX! We can't wait to have Kayla join the fight :D

      @Ryan Orr Thank you for backing! We're so happy to be giving back to the dogs that give so much to us :)


    49. Ryan Orr
      on March 14

      I’m excited I have two new puppies that I’d love to feature on a card. 75 dollar level for me and I’m really happy to see you are supporting a shelter that in itself made me pledge.

    50. Make Big Things 5-time creator on March 14

      @Tony Vecchio - Yes! All of the current planned stretch goals are included as part of the base game.

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