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A 2-player tabletop game about balancing day-to-day responsibilities around life with migraines.
A 2-player tabletop game about balancing day-to-day responsibilities around life with migraines.
A 2-player tabletop game about balancing day-to-day responsibilities around life with migraines.
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    1. Make Big Things 5-time creator on

      @ Mindy Tuan: Thank you so much, Mindy! I love the spoon theory story and I think it's a great metaphor. I'm so glad you've found value in the game. :)

    2. Mindy Tuan on

      Hello! I am very moved by how your game mechanics have highlighted to me how migraines can disrupt the life of a person -> I was reminded again when I came across this article. The lady describes her story about how it feels like to be sick with Lupus to her friend using a resource scarcity concept, which she terms the spoon theory. Wanted to share it with you here: Thank you again for bringing this game out into the world! :D

    3. Make Big Things 5-time creator on

      @ Phillip Bailey: Glad it arrived safely, Phillip! Thanks again for backing the game!

    4. Phillip Bailey

      haver just opened my set, it arrived this morning here in the UK.

    5. Make Big Things 5-time creator on

      @ Joe Sewell: Thank you, Joe! Hope you enjoy the game. We'd love to do variations in the future and encourage you to try your own hacks and alternative versions as well! :)

    6. Joe Sewell

      My set arrived today. Very nice looking. Well done, Evan & Hannah and friends! I wonder if you could do something similar with other conditions, such as chronic stress?

    7. Make Big Things 5-time creator on

      @ Hervé Rosset: Of course, Hervé! What a nice thought. I will be emailing out a backer survey before we ship the games. On the survey you can write in the name of your friend. :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Hervé Rosset on

      Thank you for creating such a game! A friend of mine suffer migraines since she is 13 (she is now 42). We often discuss how it is difficult to planify something, she's never sure to be able to go to a fixed rendez-vous. When we discover this game we just say "Wow!!". Shall I have a small request? Is is said in one of the kickstarter mail we receive that the name of contributors will be writen in the rulebook. Could it be possible to replace my name by the one of my friend?

    9. Lisa Benson on

      A great idea for a game. Looking forward to playing.

    10. Katie Hays on

      12 year chronic migraine sufferer. Proud to pledge. Thank you for this.

    11. Make Big Things 5-time creator on

      @ Jacob Lefton: I'd love to join in that conversation! It fits right in with my game design goals and my "being a human" goals. Really looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Yay!

    12. Missing avatar

      Jacob Lefton on

      Hey Hannah, this is a really cool concept, and I'm super excited to play! A few weeks back I instigated a game design chat at The Roost about Impact Games -- it's a field that's growing in the digital gaming industry, and I definitely think there are some tabletop games that could fit the description as well. For myself, I'm looking at how we can implement games in a peacebuilding context -- instead of a game to raise awareness in a comfortable (read: western) audience of an issue (say, 'war is bad'), we are trying to imagine games that can actively work with populations in conflict to give them tools to resolve issues. I'd love to talk with you more about that, given how this game addresses real life challenges.

    13. Make Big Things 5-time creator on

      @ Anne Quin-harkin: Thanks Anne! So great to have you on board! I'm glad you liked the Godzilla lamp. :D

    14. Anne Quin-harkin on

      I'm so excited about this! I don't think anyone can truly understand what a time suck migraine is - for me, it's not just about the pain, it's about not being able to function. Simple things, like driving to work become impossible when migraine makes you dizzy. Or, doing your laundry, when you've used all your energy just to make it through work. You never know when migraine will hit, so I am constantly having to break plans. I am very lucky to have understanding friends, but a relationship seems impossible at the moment. BTW - love the Godzilla lamp!

    15. Make Big Things 5-time creator on

      @ Janet Jones: Thanks so much, Janet! It's great to have you on board. Looking forward to sharing the game with you in the coming months!

    16. Janet Jones on

      I only learned of your project Hannah this morning through a email from Kerrie Smyres. I'm glad I received it and pledged immediately to support your cause. I've suffered from chronic migraine over 39 years. I've been unable to work since I was would be great if this game and other great ideas to increase public awareness about migraine disease reached the general population ... Not just we who suffer..I see you've reached your goal! Congratulations Hannah!

    17. Make Big Things 5-time creator on

      @ Lines: We're hard at work on the video for the next backer update! It's great when people share comments and questions here. We read them all! :)

    18. Lines on

      It's too quiet here :-(

    19. Phil Nicholls on

      Hi Hannah,

      Trying to spread the message over at Tales of a GM:…

      Now that the project is funded, it is time to push for the first stretch goal.

      Best of luck

    20. Make Big Things 5-time creator on

      @ Amy: Thanks so much, Amy! I hope this game can be a really positive too for migraineurs, their supporters, and for folks who don't quite get it but are willing to listen. :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Amy on

      Just wanted to say good luck. I'm a chronic migraine sufferer...have been since my teens. I've just come out of a period of nearly two months of almost back to back migraines - possibly the worst migraine period I've had in a while (although, when not on my preventer medication, I'll spend nearly half the month with a migraine, off & on...longest I've gone previously was 11 days straight). Despite all this, I *still* get people wondering why I can't just pop a couple of paracetamol & get on with my day. There is quite a lack of understanding in the general population that migraines *aren't* "just a headache." They impact every facet of your life. And when you don't have the actual migraine, you're still dealing with side effects...or potential side effects from prevention medication.

      So I want to say thank you. I know a lot of people will read this project page & possibly not get it, as it's quite different from more mainstream games, both in theme & gameplay. But I see this as a good potential tool to demonstrate to friends & family just how much this condition affects everyday life for a migraine sufferer.

      Good luck with the rest of the campaign & beyond.

    22. Make Big Things 5-time creator on

      @ Lines: 95%, and 17 days to go!

    23. Lines on

      We're getting there! This will fund :-)

    24. James D'Amato

      @ MikeT @ Yoki Erdtman Sorry about that Kat and I are used to gaming as performance. For 14 Days we found the questions helped us get to know our characters so we added to every day of the game. I know we spent a longer time playing in those character's lives and world than your typical 14 Days player might.

      I hope we didn't skew your perception of the game. It can be way more streamlined if you want it to be. We also had the beta version. I'm sure there will be other various improvements on the version we played for the show.

      I think it was a great game and a really cool way of helping folks understand migraines.

    25. Yoki Erdtman on

      Ah yes, thanks for the clarification Hannah, now I recall you discussing this on the podcast. So it really depends on how long you want the game to run, or how deep into the rolepaying aspects you want to go. I like having various ways to play the game.

    26. Make Big Things 5-time creator on

      @ Yoki Erdtman: I believe the rule they adjusted was asking a question every day instead of just on migraine days. In the current game you do a quick run through of your day on non-migraine days and there's a special list of questions for migraine days.

    27. Yoki Erdtman on

      I enjoyed the first part of The One Shot podcast about 14 Days, and am looking forward to the second episode. I listened to the entire episode, but failed to notice that they changed a rule, would you please enlighten me to what was tweaked for the show?

    28. Missing avatar


      I can't wait to back this launch with more than money. It's such a well-conceived premise with far reaching applications. Humor, empathy, and cooperation are rarely enjoyed in the world of Migraines or any sufferer of chronic pain. 14 DAYS may prove the gateway game of communication.

    29. Make Big Things 5-time creator on

      @ Joshua Lohrman: Thanks for backing! Hurrah for more boardgame-RPG hybrids!

      Expect a gameplay video soon and backer updates with prototype components. I don't think we'll be releasing the completed rulebook before the end of the campaign, but we will be updating with a detailed breakdown of the mechanics (very soon)!

    30. Joshua Lohrman

      Just backed for the game. I'm excited to try this out. The topic interests me greatly as I know several people that struggle with anxiety and occasional migraines. It would be amazing if this game would help me empathize with them better. On top of that, I'd just like to see more melding of roleplaying and boardgames.

      I'd love to see a component spread and gameplay video as soon as possible. Do you have plans to release the Rulebook before the end date?

    31. Make Big Things 5-time creator on

      @ Tina: Thank you! If we can find a way to increase player numbers while maintaining all the best parts of the game we'll certainly do it! :)

    32. Missing avatar

      Tina on

      Turning dealing with migraines into an RPG is a clever idea. I think it would be awesome to have a way to play with more than 2 players. I will happily donate some more after I'm paid. Good luck! :)

    33. Make Big Things 5-time creator on

      @ MikeT: Thanks for your input! The game length can vary based on how deeply the players decide to get into the storytelling. The One Shot crew added more storytelling to the game by changing one of the rules, as they mention. The rules are designed to be flexible enough to accommodate different players, including those who aren't as into storytelling.

      We're going to go deeper into the ruleset in an upcoming update. We're looking into setting up a gameplay video as well, though it requires some fancy camerawork! Thanks for your great questions. They should all be answered more completely in upcoming updates.

    34. MikeT on

      I'm on the fence. The description says the game lasts an hour, yet the only play through provided, the podcast, lasts 1 hour and 40 minutes. The podcast starts character descriptions at 5 minutes and first turn at 12 minutes. It might help if the kickstarter page displayed the character cards to look at what the podcast chose. The little part of the podcast I listened to makes it seem like this game is half story telling. Is that true? Will people who suck at story telling not like this game much? I'd much rather see a 45 minute game play than to actually listen to the hour and a half podcast staying confused as to what the players are doing on the cards and calendar and how much they are 'filling in' chatter-wise. I like the unique theme.

    35. James Sander-Cederlof

      I like the idea of this game. I've had chronic pain since birth. While not migraines, the pain is certainly something that impacts day to day normal activities. Just getting out of bed can prove to be difficult on days.

    36. Yoki Erdtman on

      I've had migraines since I was a teenager, some 30 years ago, and been disabled by them for the past nine. I now have constant 24/7 migraine pain. Sadly I also suffer from chronic SUNCT Syndrome, and episodic cluster headaches as well. I'm highly intrigued by this game, and glad to offer my support.