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An Art book telling the story of 2nd World War. Cute Deadly Sweet Twisted.
An Art book telling the story of 2nd World War. Cute Deadly Sweet Twisted.
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    1. Giovanni Medina on

      uh...huh...never received mine yet...

    2. Hardy LeBel on

      Sorry I've been slow to add a comment here - I got my package quite some time ago and I loved it! Everybody in my office was amazed by the book and the other materials. And I just noticed the code for my iPad version - thank you for this unexpected surprise! Your fan, Hardy

    3. Hangboy Creator on

      @Fabian Rad! It always good to hear people enjoy the book. Does makes the hard work worth the energy. Would love a review from a German friend on Amazon if you have time!

    4. Missing avatar

      Fabian Nitsche on

      YEAH! The book arrived here in germany! Customs was no big problem. They accepted the gift designation. Great book! It was a pleasure funding you!

    5. Hangboy Creator on

      Thanks Rhys, happy to hear!

    6. Rhys Harrop on

      Book arrived yesterday, but while I was at work and counted retrieve it till today, the WAR HEROES pledge and rewards does not disappoint, this is my first product to receive fro KS but compared to friend other products received this knocks them out of the ballpark.


    7. Eugene Zheng Yong Sheng on

      The huge package arrived today here in Singapore!

    8. Hangboy Creator on

      @Jouni thanks! "shipping all these out must be one huge undertaking" ha you can say that again.

    9. Jouni Lahtinen on

      The book arrived today here in Finland - I know what I'll be doing today then! And it's awesomely huge, shipping all these out must be one huge undertaking.

      Special extra thanks for the good packing; I'm sure there isn't a post office in the world that could damage the contents.

    10. Hangboy Creator on

      @JHG that is great to hear!!

    11. Jan Hendriks de Geweldenaar on

      Book arrived today in the Netherlands.
      It looks fabulous.

    12. Hangboy Creator on

      Thanks thanks! It seems some of you have already receive the rewards. I am doing my best to ship every package out. Thanks again for being patient.

    13. Eiji Anthony on

      Everything was shipped perfectly! I love everything that was included in the Team Leader package! I look forward to seeing you at another con and getting more Hangboy loot! All the best PAO!

    14. Cpt Cronch on

      the book is so amazing! i love it! also, love the epic posters, i need to get them framed. i want to buy a book as a gift for a friend. when and where can i buy additional books?

    15. Suzie Q Sailaway on

      I received my books, posters, postcards, love letter, and t-shirt today! Everything was *extremely* well packaged and very high quality. I couldn't be happier to have backed this project! (The books are *huge* and *heavy* and freaking -amazing-.) You can definitely count on me to back your future endeavors. :) Thanks so much for all the hard work!

    16. Zachary Herberger on

      hey so when are they shipping?!? so excited to get mine!

    17. Missing avatar

      Cegil on

      Hows about an update?

    18. Missing avatar

      Sebastien Millon on

      sooooo happy this project got funded, can't wait to get my stuff!!! congrats Hangboy!!!

    19. Zachary Herberger on

      getting so antsy... i can not go a day without checking this page

    20. Hangboy Creator on

      ha thank you Zach, working on it! hang tight :)

    21. Zachary Herberger on

      Is it possible for you to keep us posted on what you are up to? i am like SUPER excited to get this and id love to hear play by play!

    22. Oliver Janoschek on

      congratulations on getting funded, I am SO stoked to finally lay my eyes upon this book :) can't wait until it arrives at my doorstep :D thanks for making it!

    23. Jonathan Hertman on

      epic bear shirt WOOHOO!!!

    24. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    25. Eiji Anthony on

      U plan on doing anymore conventions this year? We have one in Las Vegas in September, Funny thing is Grant Morrison is having one as well same weekend, ,across the street at the Hard Rock Hotel. I would love to see your art reach more people!

    26. Hangboy Creator on

      Hey looks like you guys won a t-shirt. Thanks again guys!!

    27. Alexandra Ximenez on

      Congrats! You are the first project I've supported on Kickstarter... :) so excited for you! wish yoy the best.

    28. Suzie Q Sailaway on

      Hurray! Congratulations. :D

    29. Eiji Anthony on

      GRATZ PAO!!!! Can't wait for my book!!!!!

    30. Zachary Herberger on

      and then there we shirts

    31. Zachary Herberger on

      hey so my best bud and i did the DOUBLE AGENT. any way for me and him to throw moar money at you to get 2 shirts?

    32. Jonathan Praski on

      Just found it, thanks Tuan Anh Tran! :)

    33. Missing avatar

      roestbrot on

      According to the first update Canada doesn't count as international.

    34. Jonathan Praski on

      Does Canada count as international shipping?

    35. Zachary Herberger on

      it ok if we dont have the shirts. I mean then he has more money for the book, which is why i backed lol

    36. Jonathan Hertman on

      so close to the shirt ARRRRGGG!

    37. Eiji Anthony on

      @ Andrew, that's a great idea. I'm not local but a launch party would be sweet.

    38. Hangboy Creator on

      Thanks again Everybody! it is really the time to finish up the files for the book printer. @Rockbelly sorry no iphone plan at this point,Maybe in the future :) @Andrew That is an interesting idea. How many Venice peeps here?

    39. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Any chance you will have a venice pickup for locals? It could save you some money on shipping and be a cool little launch party!

    40. Senti on

      Congrats can't wait to get my hands on this book

    41. Eiji Anthony on

      WTG everyone! I can't wait for my book! Gratz Pao!

    42. Jonathan Hertman on

      Also, any chance that the app will be on iphone as well?

    43. Jonathan Hertman on

      Woot! Thank you so much! Upped my pledge just now, can't wait to get my hand on all of that awesome art :D

    44. Hangboy Creator on

      You got it. Rockbelly and Rhys :)

    45. Rhys Harrop on

      I agree with Rockbelly I want the postcards too, Im at War Hero even if not Im still excited about the book, hope T-shirt fund pulls through.

    46. Jonathan Hertman on

      Yay, so happy this got funded! this art is amazing!
      @Hangboy was wondering, why is there no WAR HERO + 23 postcards tier? cause I really want the post cards, so I took TEAM LEADER +, but if there was a WAR HERO [+] I would up my pledge in a heart bit! thanks in advance :)

    47. Hangboy Creator on

      Wow! Thanks guys! you are amazing! I am working insanely hard to get the files ready for printing. Thanks again you people are awesome!

    48. Zachary Herberger on

      fantastic! SO EXCITED!

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