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Flavors & toppings from far away lands to local "Made in Doylestown"- HandleBar will be your local unique, healthy frozen yogurt place.

"We are trying to raise $7,000 in exchange of some really great rewards like the exotic goodie basket, mercer tile magnets, free frozen yogurt, fro-yo socials, photo-shoots, opening day party invitations etc. We must reach our $7,000 funding goal before time runs out or no money changes hands(i.e your credit card is not charged till we reach our goal). Read more below." 

P.S: Special tour for the first 75 backers, read below.

Yay!!! Handlebar in Press:

"It’s a humorous look at their very serious desire to succeed." - The Intelligencer/ Phillyburbs

Self-Serve Yogurt "May be" Coming to Doylestown - The Doylestown Patch


HandleBar will be located in the heart of historic downtown Doylestown, PA serving the most extraordinary frozen yogurt with exotic, interesting, healthy, fresh, locally sourced, flavors and toppings. HandleBar will churn out that perfect swirl of cream and tang, sweet and sour frozen yogurt of your favorite flavors and toppings.   

Have you been to a self-serve Frozen Yogurt Place before? No? The Californians and the New Yorkers are already gripped by tribal conflicts of these Chain Frozen Yogurt Stores. It's about time Doylestown get's its first and very own Frozen Yogurt place - HandleBar. The concept is simple - you walk in, grab a cup, fill it up with frozen yogurt of your choice of flavor, add some bling with our unique toppings, weigh and pay. You already know the drill if you have been to a frozen yogurt place before, but what sets us apart are our toppings and flavors. 

A sample image of how one of your self made creations could look like:

Exotic Toppings & Flavors From Far Away Lands

In addition to the traditional favorites (plain vanilla, chocolate, fresh fruit toppings, dry toppings) we will also have a section of exotic toppings and flavors from far away lands which you probably won't get in other chain frozen yogurt places.


Local "Made in Doylestown" Toppings and Flavors:

We love local sustainable businesses, we love Doylestown!  We are talking with the Doylestown Farmers market and the Market at Delaware Valley College so that we can feature as many locally sourced and sustainable products as possible. When people eat local and do business with local companies, they aren’t just supporting their local economy, they’re helping cut down on the depletion of our natural resources. The majority of our nation’s energy consumption comes from the transportation of consumable goods, primarily food.


The Story So Far

We have been working on this project for almost a year now. So far we have secured the place, our awesome architect is done with his drawings, and we are in the process of getting the necessary permits. We have put in almost all our personal savings in HandleBar and but we still need some money for:

- A better airconditioning (the existing airconditioning is almost dysfunctional).

- Store interiors and Kitchen equipment.

- Hiring (we plan to hire very soon, more details on this later)

Keep checking the updates section as we will be posting weekly updates on our progress - after all YOU are an investor.


Whats in for you?! THE REWARDS

We have some exciting rewards for our backers. Check out our rewards section on the right, we have something for everyone.

Wall of fame: All our backers will be apart of the "Wall of fame" collage in our store.

Mercer tile fridge magnet: Henry Mercer, a famous American archeologist from Doylestown, PA was an artifact collector, tile-maker and designer. Mercer is well known for his research and books about ancient tool making, his ceramic tile creations. Mercer's tiles are used in the floors of the PA State Capitol Building in Harrisburg and in many other noteworthy buildings. Other collections of tiles by Mercer can be found at Rockefeller's New York estate, Grauman's Chinese Theater, the casino at Monte Carlo, and the St. Louis Public Library. We will custom make these "Handmade in Doylestown" beautiful mercer tiles into beautiful fridge magnets - a piece of Doylestown Art in your kitchen!

(The above image for reference only)

"Keep Calm and Eat Yogurt" American Apparel Tee:

All $20 backers get this legendary "Made in America" sweatshop free t-shirt.

Exotic flavor basket: Can't make it to our store in Doylestown? No worries....our HandleBar flavors will come to you! We have an assortment of goodies and quick fix dessert mixes made with the exotic flavors and toppings, that we plan to have at HandleBar, for you. (Too bad we can't ship our yogurt :/)

So, here's a video of one of the three quick fix dessert mix recipe you can expect in this bag: (More Video and images coming soon!)

Get Clicked!: A 1.5 hour ($250 value) outdoor photo shoot with our in-house photographer Amey. 

About Amey's photography: "I love to photograph everything, well almost everything. I try to find beauty in simple things and love making simple things beautiful. My photos have often been published in New York Times, on music album covers, calendars, etc. I still consider myself a novice, and consider each shoot as a new learning experience. You can check my work at, may be you will like it :) " - Amey   


"And BTW - our first 75 backers who pledge $30 or more get invited to our launch party at 12 S Main Street. They also get a guided tour of our historic basement, yes basement. The building at 12 S Main Street has a 200 year long and interesting history. It's basement during the World War 2 was once a bakery, a stage coach factory and a couple of other successful businesses in the community. There are many other interesting facts that will be shared during the tour)"

Post a comment or email us at with any questions. Make sure you also follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages. See you at HandleBar (soon)!!!


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    A SPECIAL THANKS! You get a warm and fuzzy feeling for supporting a local business and helping us realize our dream! You also become a part of the "Wall of fame" collage we will hang in our store of all our kickstarter backers. You rock!

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    FREE YOGURT!! FREE YOGURT!! You get one serving of our awesome frozen yogurt - any size, any toppings, any time!

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    WE LOVE DOYLESTOWN, AND SO DO YOU! You will get a neat, artsy custom designed, hand-made "Made in Doylestown" MERCER TILE FRIDGE MAGNET! You know what we are talking about if you are from Doylestown. For the uninitiated, Henry Mercer (1856- 1930) was a famous archeologist, artifact collector and a tile maker from Doylestown. Mercer tiles are used in many noteworthy and historic buildings in PA. [local pickup available at our future store, throw in a extra buck for shipping if you want it shipped, US Only]

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    An American Apparel Tri-Blend "Keep Calm and Eat Yogurt" T-shirt.

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    OOOO EXOTIC! We will MAKE you an assortment of exotic goodies and quick fix dessert mixes. It's a taste of HandleBar's flavors and toppings for all those far away from Doylestown,PA (wish we could ship our yogurt :/ ). These assortments will includes goodies and quick fix dessert mixes made using some of the exotic ingredients and flavors that we plan to have at HandleBar such as a apricot-candied ginger cookie mix, a cardamom-nutmeg-pistachio "shrikhand" (indian dessert using greek yogurt) dessert mix, and a "gulkand" (rose petals) mousse mix + more. [local pickup available at our future store, throw in a few extra bucks for shipping if you want it shipped, US Only]

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    MORE FREE YOGURT! MORE FREE YOGURT! You will get a punch card for 12 free servings of our yogurt. Any size, any toppings, any time + You are also invited to the opening day party at 12 S Main St. Doylestown.

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    BEST OF EVERYTHING!! Free Yogurt + Mercer tile magnet + Bag of Goodies + Party invitation. Free Yogurt. You will get a punch card for 12 free servings of our yogurt. Any size, any toppings, any time. + Mercer tile magnet + Our exotic flavor goodies basket. Yes, you get all of it, YEAH! (local pickup available, throw in a few extra bucks for shipping if you want it shipped, US only)

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    GET CLICKED! Our in-house Photographer (yes, we have one) - will do a professional photo-shoot for you. A 1.5 hour ($250 value) session with Amey. Visit his website to check out his work: (Available only in and around Doylestown, PA and available on appointment basis - 45 mins radius)

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    FROZEN YOGURT SOCIAL! We will host a frozen yogurt social at our store for you and 15 of your friends. An evening full of fun games, friends and unlimited frozen yogurt.

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