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The remaining expansions for Sentinels of the Multiverse are coming to the Video Game! Vengeance, Villains, OblivAeon, and more!
The remaining expansions for Sentinels of the Multiverse are coming to the Video Game! Vengeance, Villains, OblivAeon, and more!
The remaining expansions for Sentinels of the Multiverse are coming to the Video Game! Vengeance, Villains, OblivAeon, and more!
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Variant Reality: Omnitron-U-nlocked!


Thanks to your support, we’ve reached $85k and unlocked the first Stretch Goal! Onwards to avatars, previews, challenges, music, stories, and beyond! 

Stretch Goal #1 - $85k: Skip the QUeUe 

We know how much you love variants, so we worked directly with Greater Than Games to sneak one through the pipeline as fast as we could, especially for this Kickstarter. We are pleased to announce that we have released a digital-first Variant from the series announced by GTG in their OblivAeon campaign: Omnitron-U.

If you open your copy of Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Video Game, you will find Omnitron-U waiting for you.* Yes, RIGHT NOW!

Go ahead, we’ll wait!

* Shattered Timelines expansion required. You may need to quit and restart the game, and iOS/Android players may need to redownload Season Pass 1 or Shattered Timelines DLC to see it.

Long after the self-destruction of Omnitron-X to defeat its progenitor, Unity set about rebuilding her lost friend and ally. Her teammates did not share her sense of optimism, and some even harbored significant concerns about reviving the ultimate evolution of one of their greatest foes. Unity’s supervisor and boss - Dr. Meredith Stinson - was particularly skeptical that her protege’s endeavor was even worthwhile. However, with the remnants of the Omnitron-X chassis and a collection of gadgets and devices plundered from the Omnitron-IV structure, the young technopath was confident that she could rebuild the form and recover the mind of the robot she once called friend.

Omnitron-U is unlockable immediately using the “cheat button” on the New Game screen. You can also unlock it (and an achievement) via a secret story-based challenge, even if you’ve used the cheat button. Warning: this one won’t be easy!

Note: the Game Center achievement will not be available on iOS until the next app update, but if you’ve unlocked Omnitron-U via the story challenge you’ll automatically get the achievement upon launching that update.

Now let's get to $90k, and the Show-Off Stretch Goal!

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    1. Handelabra Games 2-time creator on

      @Harold Tessmann III - All the available add-ons and current bonuses are summarized on the main campaign page. The bonuses (including the mobile avatar) are called out at the very top, and the add-ons have their own detailed section.

      Sharing any link to the campaign on Facebook counts, and retweeting any tweet by @handelabra that contains the link counts.

      You can download all of the free goodies from the main campaign page, so yes, we've already done that.

    2. Missing avatar

      Harold Tessmann III

      Could you give us a summary with the latest details on all the paid add-ons? For example, mobile supporters get an exclusive avatar, not mentioned on the front page. Was there something about a season 2 soundtrack pre-order? Anything exclusive to the Kickstarter?

      How does share detection for Twitter/Facebook work? Presumably I have to click a specific Share button? If I share the key post on my timeline and to the group for the local game convention, does that count as two?

      Will you collect all the free downloadable goodies on a single Web page, once this is all over? That would make it super-handy for when we need to redownload something.

    3. Aldrin on

      I believe from the perspective of the heroes, O-X died early in the timeline before again allying with a younger O-X.

      From O-X's perspective, O-X first returned to a point further along in the timeline to work with the heroes, before returning to further into the past to face Omnitron, which is when O-X died.

      Time shenanigans.

    4. Missing avatar

      Pierre-Yves Lemieux

      The incap side might be the moment just before the card Reset. The text from the card reset comes from freedom annual 30 well passed the moment omnitron x self destructed yet both this card and defensive blast show original O-X. This all may imply that O-X and O-U fused to initiate the said reset while integrating the new memories.

    5. Evil Midnight Lurker

      (Actually, the incap side reminds me of Emiya Shirou stealing his own future powers from Archer...)

    6. Evil Midnight Lurker

      Neat, thanks!

      What's the story with the incap side? Time shenanigans?

    7. Donald "deddragon" Diercks

      My favorite! Excellent choice. Thanks so much, and congratulations on hitting the first stretch goal.

    8. Griffin Robbins on

      @Creator Handelabra Games

      Thanks for the clarification. I just didn't want to feel left out of a goal after recommending the game and the Kickstarter to so many of my friends.

    9. Quintin Lewis on

      @Griffin, you need Shattered Timelines. Omnitron-X is part of Shattered Timelines and you can't get the variant without having the base character. Shattered Timelines is part of Season 1, so if you have Season 1 or just the Shattered Timelines DLC, you can unlock it. Otherwise, you need to obtain Shattered Timelines. It would be similar to getting a physical card for Omnitron-U and not yet owning an Omnitron-X deck.

    10. Bobby Schafer on

      I think it might be (at least partially) out of their hands. Omnitron-U could be the only variant that has been playtested enough to include. It was the earliest stretch goal in Oblivaeon at 40k. The first one that is in the base set came with Visionary, at 90k, and she already has a variant. Past her, you have a few of the Xtreme Prime Wardens that are in the base set, but the prime warden variants haven't been released yet. The only other base set options are the new Freedom Five and Ra variants, which were the absolute last stretch goal.

    11. Handelabra Games 2-time creator on

      @Griffin Robbins - No, as it says in the update, the variant requires the Shattered Timelines expansion (which has Omnitron-X). It's available individually or as part of Season Pass 1. We understand that everyone does not have it (or may be getting it as part of the KS, shortly after the campaign ends) but this was the variant we were able to make available as a digital-first.

    12. Griffin Robbins on

      Oops mis-sent twice while editing. But hopefully Handelabra hears me out on this one.

    13. Griffin Robbins on

      Wait, so you need season pass 1 to get this stretch goal? This is very aggravating for a Kickstarter about Season 2 content.

    14. Griffin Robbins on

      Wait, so you need season pass 1 to get this stretch goal? Seems a aggrivating for a Kickstarter about Season 2 content.

    15. Missing avatar

      Take Walker on

      So cool. :D Weird graphics glitch: If you click the Variant button on Omnitron before unlocking U, the Kickstarter K sticks around on top of his card when you go back to it. May not be all that important.

    16. Estelindis (Siobhán Mooney) on

      I'm really glad that Omnitron-U was the choice! A hero for whom we didn't have a variant already is especially good. I especially like that you still make it possible to get the story achievement even if we unlock immediately. Thanks!