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The remaining expansions for Sentinels of the Multiverse are coming to the Video Game! Vengeance, Villains, OblivAeon, and more!
The remaining expansions for Sentinels of the Multiverse are coming to the Video Game! Vengeance, Villains, OblivAeon, and more!
The remaining expansions for Sentinels of the Multiverse are coming to the Video Game! Vengeance, Villains, OblivAeon, and more!
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Squish Goal #2.5 Unlocked, Music Video Tips & Resources


Well, that didn’t take long! We’re now past $75k funded, which means you’ve unlocked Squish Goal™ #2.5! It’s a three-part reward based directly on your suggestions. Keep up this pace, and we'll be funded this weekend and getting into stretch goals!

Social Goal Rewards Revealed

As promised, here are the rewards that will unlock when we reach the first social goals! These rewards will be unlocked for everyone, not just backers, so you can help support the campaign and get these rewards even if you can't afford to pledge right now. Get your clicking fingers ready!

Location Interlocutor - Unlock a pack of Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Video Game environment wallpapers from Rook City and Infernal Relics.

Just a sampling, 12 wallpapers total.
Just a sampling, 12 wallpapers total.

Flora and Fauna Follower - Unlock a pack of Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Video Game environment wallpapers from Shattered Timelines and Wrath of the Cosmos.

Just a sampling, 12 wallpapers total.
Just a sampling, 12 wallpapers total.

Sentinels of the Multibits - Unlock a free download of the Sentinels of the Multibits audio pack! Includes an MP3 and ringtone of the chiptune version of the Sentinels of the Multiverse Theme song, plus an 8-bit style wallpaper for phone, tablet, and desktop. You can preview part of it in our Anniversary Theme Song Mashup video!

 A quick update on your progress:

Facebook: 464 / 500 (+61 shares) – Share the link on Facebook now!

Twitter: 391 / 500 (+26 retweets) – Retweet the link on Twitter now!

YouTube: 3 / 10 (+1 video) – Make a video using SotM music and send us the link to be counted! You can watch the videos made so far for inspiration.

Mobile Backers (including Add-Ons): 603 / 1000 (+5 backers) – 24 hour discount (500 backers) has been reached! Back at the $5 or $15 levels, Android levels, or add $5.01 onto your pledge to be counted and help extend the discount!

Community Weekly One-Shot

Next week’s One-Shot will be fully determined by your input! We’ve set up a Google Form where you can enter your votes, and we’ll tally them up and get the One-Shot ready on Monday, May 9th. Click here to vote!

Retro Listening Parties

We will schedule Listening Parties for all of the existing soundtracks, ahead of #SentinelsLive streams in the coming months. These will start with a “Mini-Pack Listening Party” around the launch of Mini-Pack 3 that will cover the music from all the Mini-Packs in Season 1.

Making a Music Video

The Sentinels of the Multibits social goal needs you to make videos using the music from the video game. Your video doesn’t have to be super fancy, so we encourage you to give it a try even if it’s your first time making a video! Check out our YouTube playlist of the videos that have been created so far.

We’ve compiled some resources that can help you get started.

You can use any part of the music from the video game in your music video. If you do not yet own the soundtracks, send us a direct message via Kickstarter with your email address and the track you would like to use and we'll get it to you.

Official Artwork
There are all sorts of art resources available from the Greater Than Games downloads page on their website. Aside from the various PDFs and things, there are 2 high resolution artwork packs: 

You are also welcome to take screenshots of the game or cards from the Multiverse and use them in your video. Or use your creativity to make your own images!

Video Creation Software
There are lots of software programs and websites that can help you make a video easily. We’ll suggest some here, but if you know about more, let us know in the comments!

  • Animoto - This website lets you create slideshow videos with music and cool animations. It has a free trial available. 
  • iMovie - Available for iOS or OS X, iMovie has great templates for making trailer length videos and for larger projects too. 
  • Windows Movie Maker - a video creation app from Microsoft that comes free in many versions of Windows. 
  • Search the web for “movie maker online” to find many other options that might work for you!

Heroes work together as a team to defeat villains, and you can work together as a team to make videos! Get together with other fans to combine your different talents and make something great. 

  • There’s a thread on the GTG forums for video collaboration already! 
  • Perhaps someone from the fan art thread would be interested in helping. Be sure to ask permission before using someone’s art.

Submitting Your Video
When you’re ready, upload your video to YouTube and include the link to the Kickstarter campaign in the description. Then send us a message with the link to your video, and watch the views roll in!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ax0r on

      I had an awesome game of real-life Sentinels last weekend and was thinking a similar goal would be cool for a weekly One Shot.

      We had Setback, Cosmic, F6 Zero and Kvothe Adept vs The Chairman in the Final Wasteland. We struggled initially, but started turning it around. We had gotten 4 underbosses in the trash (with one still on the table) to flip the Chairman, when he played Jailbreak, flooding the board. We managed to whittle most of the thugs down that round, so they were either killed or eaten by the environment and removed from game. The villain reshuffled so didn't get to play any more thugs. Then the following round, we managed to manipulate the underboss hp so that every single member of the organisation was removed from the game by the environment in a single round. It was absolutely epic.
      When we won the game, there were 12 villain cards removed from the game by the environment.

    2. Evil Midnight Lurker

      Could you possibly do a version of the Enclave wallpaper with the speech balloon? It really needs someone offscreen yelling "...the ENCLAVE of the ENDLINGS!" for that final Kirby touch. :D

    3. Handelabra Games 2-time creator on

      @BaronVictor - No reason we can't do it again in the future!

    4. Missing avatar

      BaronVictor on

      Ugh, I'm so disappointed this community weekly one-shot isn't being done after Vengeance comes out. I had an idea for Infinitor vs Argent Adept, Freedom Six Bunker and the Naturalist, in Pike, for a green-themed one-shot, but the closest hero to the green theme out currently is Tempest, who is more aqua than green.

    5. Missing avatar

      Justin H on

      @Andrew - You would also be severely hampered by the limited cards, and by the fact that the game just wouldn't function right. Chris Badell has addressed the request from players before about using multiple Legacy decks and explained why it just doesn't work. Popular request though.

    6. Missing avatar

      Stephen Buisson on

      Normally I don't care for wallpapers as a promotional thing, but these ones are genuinely cool. I might use them. Get to work retweeting and sharing on facebook, people!

    7. Andrew Asplund on

      So I realize that the game doesn't support multiple instances of the same character, but I still think a battle with all three Legacies against Iron Legacy is still worth doing (other than the fact that it is disturbingly difficult because no Legacy has ONGOING removal).